Pringle told he did not have DCA permission to construct public bathroom on Morris Bay Beach


Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle has been asked to cooperate with the government agencies as he seeks to construct a public bathroom on Morris Bay beach.

Last week the MP was issued a stop order.

He took his protest to parliament arguing that it was politically motivated.

However, Prime Minister Gaston Browne says both the Department of the Environment and the Development Control Authority have expressed concern about the project.

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  1. politically motivated or not, follow the proper rules and guidelines and you cant go wrong Mr. Pringle

    • He followed the damn rules. Then they changed those rules on him. Every damn thing in Antigua is political. Could that be one of the many reasons. Why Antigua is at a stand still. While others are forging ahead of Antigua.

  2. Sounds like a good project, Mr. Pringle. Your effort is appreciated. Just follow the rules.

  3. It is so sad that after he got permission from the relevant authorities, Cabinet retroactively changed the rules.
    That is what I call bad-mind on the part of the Cabinet.
    Anyway, God nar sleep.

    • Boy this island full a jumble crab politicians. From Gaston on down! They say he’ll has no fury than a scorn woman. How about a jumble crab Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Deplorables?

  4. Why would they even want to build it that close to the water? Move it to a more reasonable location, get the proper permissions and then build.

  5. If you ask me, the Labour government doesn’t want it built because they don’t want to give Pringle credit. If the location is inappropriate, work together and choose a different location. We know the labour government is void of any positive ideas, and hates to see the opposition with one.

  6. This is a lawmaker breaking the law and that is OK. No Environmental Assessment Study no DCA approval but you start anyway. The hell with the law because you are Pringle, and you are bad. They can’t touch me.

  7. FTOM THE SIDELINE it sounds very much as if you are describing Gaston Browne and many of his Ministers. I would not want to even remind you of the famous breach of the law by Molwyn Joseph years ago at Customs. Please, please FROM THE SIDELINE think before you write.

    • Please give me break. Which law was broken by Sir Molwyn. Just because you made a lot of noise about it doesn’t mean a law was broken. Perhaps a protocol was not adhered to.
      But who was seen without mask the other day in City East while the PM and Melford were taking a tour. Harold Lovell breaking the law in plain site. And tabor I could go on and on about the lawlessness displayed by the UPP members. Like Colin Derrick Assaulting a police officer. And so too did Maginley during Carnival and Brother B at the Airport. Constantly breaking the law. But then again didn’t Baldwin said in Parliament if the tax man come at your door chop them up, nothing wrong with that.

    • @ Charles Tabor

      You are wasting time with the likes of From The Sideline and the rest of the Gaston ass kissing dingleberried lipped surfs. They are being rewarded by world dictator traitor tyrant liar crime boss Gaston Browne to spread propaganda. We the people can see exactly what has happened and what continues to happen here in our nation.

      Only in Antigua can Mole-win Joseph be knighted for lifting a Rolls Royce over the Port fence. This is the bullshit here that needs to stop, the sooner the better and all of them need to be brought to justice not knighted.

      “Browne” paper bag, consistent land grab, competing with local businesses, blatant bribery, human trafficking, sexual aggravated assaults by Elmo Michael and Browne, e-books, Browne junior getting an education grant and becomes a millionaire overnight and the list goes on, All of this while we the people are struggling as they live life high on the hog. How much more do we have to endure with all the current nincompoops in office. All of them need to be brought to justice.

      Nothing but a septic tank gang taking advantage of their positions and completely at our expense. Until people wise up and vote wisely, we will continue being screwed.

  8. FROM THE SIDELINE if you do not know which law was broken when Molwyn Joseph lifted his vintage Mercedes Benz over the Customs fence on a holiday (carnival Monday or Tuesday), ANTIGUAN CITIZEN has given you the answer. FROM THE SIDELINE as I have said before you are so blind and appear so daft because of your allegiance to Gaston and the ALP that one should not waste time on you. ANTIGUAN CITIZEN is so correct. However, we continue to waste time on you and the other ALP apologists and propagandists because we cannot allow your lies and nonsense to go unchallenged. That is my only reason to rebut your utter dunceness.

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