Pringle Confident UPP Will Win The Next General Election


Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle says the United Progressive Party is serious about forming the next government of Antigua & Baarbuda.

He expressed confidence today that the UPP will return to the governance of the country.

“When you look at how the slate is shaping up [you will see that] all of these individuals are grassroots people,” Pringle said.

“Politics don’t change people — people show their true colour when they get into politics,” he said.

“If I’m a genuine person, there is nothing about politics that can change me from that.”

“By having discussions on a one-on-one basis and in groups, persons are able to get an understanding of an individual rather than just seeing the individual and think that they are [elitist],” he explained.

Regarding his own prospects in the next election, Pringle said based on the feedback on the ground, he is confident of a second term, adding that this time around, the margin of victory “will be more than 10 votes.”


  1. Yes One Single Pringle. UPP has the DREAM TEAM slate and will wipe out the Labour party once and for all.

    P.S. – What is the plural of MASK?

  2. Until UPP change their mindset towards foreigners, y’all will never win another election.. There’s no place in this country for have.. #BornYa


    • @look a trouble
      It is sad that the Labour Party has allowed so many foreigners into Antigua who now think they can determine which party rules Antigua. You non nationals will run back to your country when Antigua no longer suits your purpose but Antiguans have no place to run to. You people should not be allowed to vote. Only people born in Antigua or citizens should be allowed to vote. The Labour Party want you in Antigua to keep them in power so they can continue their enrichment schemes.

    • @Look-A-Trouble… Are you saying that the non-nationals are ones who make the decision who should govern our country for us? So born Antiguans and Barbudans don’t have any say no more? That’s a shame. Well the ABLP can easily buy the non-nationals votes but not most of Antiguans and Barbudans which should tells you something.

  3. Yep Baldwin was confident re 2014, Lovell 2018, and I gather the new idiot in town thinks 2022 is his year. Boss keep picking up dead dogs, probably the scent will remind you of how Baldwinn kept his government assigned cars

  4. Time to teach the ABLP a lesson. They shouldn’t be returned to power for the abuse of the people during this overly extended lockdown.
    Let’s see if the UPP has learned anything about how to run a country and how to treat the people.

  5. Mr. Pringle, even if I don’t agree with you, I do want to compliment you for speaking up and showing some leadership. You ARE the one and only LEADER of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and we need to hear from somebody who is actually elected, not just those in the background who were kicked to the curb and NOT elected. You ae nobody’s puppet or somebody’s lap door or boot licker. You are the man, and we need to hear from you more often.

    UPP cannot win unless they get some real “star” candidates. So far that hasn’t happened. Of course a better leader might help, too. You’ve got too many has-beens and wannabes hanging around, and they are mostly dead weight.

    It will be difficult to unseat Labour. The people are generally pleased with their governance. The PM is a man of principle, with good values. He is an intelligent man with vision. Just face it, the PM is a natural leader, very much in the tradition of V.C. Bird, and those who led the revolution of 1939 against colonialism and the plantocracy. He’s a man of the people, a no nonsense man and a hero to the common people, not liked much by the rich and upper classes. He’s led us during this pandemic in a way that could only be seen as admirable. That’s why the UPP can’t unseat Labour, but there may be a possibility of picking up one or two seats from weaker MPs, but that will be up to the people.
    Thanks again for speaking up Mr. Pringle. Like many here, I respect you for the office you hold as the one and only LEADER of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Best wishes. Remember to always put Antigua first, and party second. Serve your constituents with dignity and fairness, and you will be honoured. Thank you, sir, for your service. Glad to hear you speak up from time to time.

  6. Some how the authorities need to look into this matter seriously…. There is a mad man name Pringle on the loose, whose head definitely needs examining…. I am convince he is experiencing political hallucinations & now speaking out of his head….. The young man needs help along with those who have the same beliefs as him.

  7. The HAG WITH LIPSTICK was also super confident leading up to the 201 and 2018 general elections. As your TREASURY-PAID “Research Officer” she should have taught you that the plural of mask is not MASKSES as you said in parliament yesterday for all the world to hear.

  8. Lol One Single Pringle…..please take several seat and wake up.
    1. You all need a good leader
    2. You all need excellent cadidates- its a show case if u ask me
    3. You all need to know how to run a country and stop playing politics.
    4. You all fired people left, right and center….those people did not forget
    5. You all have no substance to offer
    6. You all just wack!
    The peple who went picketing the other day they didn’t picket for a party remember that so all of a sudden u all feel boost and Lovelle showed up lmao…thinking they were for him a labour supporter said so they were there. People all the them 40s there but you as young as you feel if you want to be called a youth.. Pringle i respect you…ur a brave one!!!

    I cuss the government too i want go party tooo woiiiii, am young 28 but i voting for them All the way on election day and am walking with all my young friends…

  9. Single Jamale Pringle You sound more STUPID than ever. I believe that you are told what to say by the MAN COW. You can NEVER win your seat again so enjoy a FREE ride.
    Antiguans examine the Persons presented so far and honestly tell if They can win election. These Candidates are WORST than 2018. ABLP will win all 17 seats including BARBUDA.

    Jamale Pringle sounds very STUPID in Parliament . He does not understand the issues !!!!!!

  10. Give single Pringle a break, jack. He is still hurting over the sizeable losses his private company is experiencing at this time. Party rentals? Hahaha! No clients. So the stages must remain in storage, the chairs in their lock-up bins, the tents in their containers. That is what is igniting the mind of this unpolished wannabe political who was suddenly thrust into the limelight by default. Hope his hallucinations are caused solely by his personal financial losses (being experienced by the majority of the population) and not on any mind altering substances that desperate men resort to when challenged!!! Meantime, you keep on your maskses!!!!! Lol… What a clown!


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