Pringle says unemployment, hunger, depression increasing


Opposition leader Jamal Pringle has painted a gloomy picture of the state of Antigua and Barbuda in 2020 going into 2021.

He said in his New Year Message that the United Progressive Party offers the best hope for changing things for the better.

Here is the full message:

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  1. IMF Lovell offers the best hope for this country??? Wow! Just when you think you’ve heard it all. What grade of weed does Pringle use?

  2. Pringle what you have said is nothing new and it is nothing out of the ordinary. There is a direct correlation with all three ie unemployment leads to hunger as there is the absence of a disposable income and if there isnt substantive savings to claw back on then obviously it is a challenge to put food on the plate.. Not knowing where the money is going to come from will definitely cause people to become depressed. These are basic economics 101 theoretical constructs. So for once I agree but there isn’t anything novel in such a statement.

    • CErmle I am sure you know better and needs no correction. Anyway, I will correct you nonetheless. There is only one UPP leader and that is Harold Lovell. Jamale Pringle is the leader of the Opposition Party (UPP) in Parliament. Don’t you think there is a fundamental difference between the two positions?

      • Everything is a political drama 🙄 work man want if u na have links dog better than u.look how long me na work and have kids n bills to pay, not even my landlord has care in his heart ..Anna now me a look work not even londel Benjamin people can see and he ha one office a ghetto ..but when election time them reach a man yard..tell Gaston put project out fi man eat food nuff people hungry while he living lavish 🥺

  3. It is better to borrow from IMF at 1.2% than to be borrowing at 6%. That is common sense . I guess to the ABLP minions ,common sense evades them .

    • Whilst your statement is factual as it relates to interest rate you obviously don’t know how the Fund functions and it core purposes.

  4. This Guy Jamale Pringle has been singing from the same Hymn book for the past Three years. He does not use His Brain to assess things properly. Jamale RECITE what HAROLD LOVELL and GISELE ISAAC have written for Him. He would definitely lose His seat in 2021. Lennox Weston lectured Jamale in Parliament recently but He would not learn.One could know what Jamale reply would be to anything publish by ABLP. What a AWFUL Opposition in Parliament. BIGGEST JOKER…Jamale Pringle.


    To answer your question Jamale brand of weed . I do not believe He smokes weed. What I can tell you that Jamale does not use His brain . He relies on HAROLD and GISELE that what making Him look very bad yo the world. Pepople outside Antigua laughing at our OPPOSITION. Very scary.

      • @TRUTH BE TOLD
        It is very MIND BOGGLING the type of Candidates that the UPP attract. Jamale a Teacher.???..You must be kidding. I cannot believe Jamale Pringle is or was a Teacher. For sure it does not show in any of His ORIENTATIONS ,PRESENTATIONS or ARTICULATIONS. (TRUTH TO BE TOLD ) just take an indepth look at the Present Candidates for the UPP…Would you honestly vote for any of the UPP Candidates ???? I believe that CHARLES TABOR would NOT vote for any of these UPP Candidates.

        • PETE I know that you are kidding me. I would vote for everyone on the UPP dream team dubbed the Team to Redeem. All accomplished and men and women of integrity and patriots at heart.

  6. Preachers of Doom and Gloom. First Harold said Straffie and Barnes would be full with bodies. Now Pringle seeing more hunger, depression and unemployment. Well the government did a spendid job this Christmas making sure many were given a food basket and the usual ham and turkey. So no one should have gone hungry over the Christmas. And apart from the government the NGO’s did their part. Even we Rotarians. Mill Reef Club, Jumby Bay Club, you name it. And Barbuda was not forgotten in this spread of good cheers.

  7. JOBIN of course I can answer JB. I am sure JB and yourself are fully aware of the facts of the Bowen case. It was dealt with by the court and Bowen was subsequently vindicated. Does that unfortunate incident means that Bowen lacks integrity?

    • Don’t come with that Charles Tabor. You know damn well the the man in question got off from a legal technicality. You damn well the DPP had the option to put back in the case. You also know damn well the man approched ABLP three times and was rejected because of all his baggage. I do wonder what will he tell the Barthley family who still live in the constituency that he is running in. Charles Tabor you really are bluring the lines between being a lawyer and politician.

  8. @ TABOR
    Tabor are you telling me that Someone went 1735 for murder has INTEGRITY? Tabor you have lost it . Now I can question your integrity . I can say TABOR you do not have INTEGRITY.

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