Pringle Says Dead Dogs Contract Is Legitimate


With the recent Prime Minister’s appeal to investigate “contracts” entered into by Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle and the National Solid Waste Management Authority, Pringle asserts the contract is legitimate.

“He can investigate all he wants. There’s nothing to investigate. It wasn’t a secret.” said Pringle in response to PM Browne’s call for an investigation.

While wrapping up the 2020 Budget Debate in the Lower House, the prime minister said he looked into a statement made by Pringle during the debate, that he had been contracted to collect dead dogs.

“After he said he had a contract to move dead dogs, the member for St. Mary’s North decided to find out exactly what was going on,” Browne said.

“Who gives a contract to move dead dogs,” he asked.

Browne who is also finance minister said over the last seven years, says Pringle billed solid waste over 1 million dollars for services provided to them.

“And what we found Mr Speaker is during the period of the last seven years or so, the member for All East & St Luke billed Solid Waste 1.4 million dollars to collect dead dogs.”

The prime minister promised to provide the house with the invoices as proof of his claim.

He said in one particular invoice, the opposition leader’s company collected dogs every day for a week.

“There are six days that the members’ truck worked and he was able to pick up dead dogs every day…dogs are just dying around the country everyday.”

“And we all know once we have an issue with a dead dog it is so difficult to get somebody to move the dob unless you pay privately yo get it moved,” he said.

“But here is a situation in which you have a man, the Opposition Leader the honourable Jamal Pringle has had a so called contract and he’s being paid every month, every year, for several years, a total of 1.4 million dollars to pick up dogs from around the country.”

The prime minister called on Joseph to investigate the matter.

“How could a man be paid 1.4 million dollars to collect dead dogs in this country over a period of seven years,” he asked.

Browne did not accuse Pringle of any illegality.

However, Pringle explained that the contract to collect dead animals around Antigua and Barbuda was legitimate saying the contract was established from 2009 and he received $500 daily for the services rendered.

“There’s some areas that the compactor truck could not access. So, with picking up dead dogs and covering a vast amount of Antigua and Barbuda some other places were added so that when there is no dog to pick up, you still actually have work to do for the day.” he explained

Pringle added that, “every time when we are in parliament, they continuously raise issue about I having contracts within government, and how much I’m doing like they issue these contracts. It’s one contract basically. And it’s to pick up dead animals and clean up around the public markets in the morning before St. John’s open.”




  1. The contract is legitimate, yes, but it’s the White Collar Criminal way, of robbing Our treasury, by nefarious and surreptitious means.
    Again, why would the Government issue you Pringle, allegedly, a private citizen at the time the contract was written, and signed; a contract which will do exactly what Government agencies like the CBH/Waste Management has employees, on the PUBLIC PAYROLL, doing the same thing, collecting garbage. It’s akin to screwing the taxpayers from both ends, with 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵.

    These are the ROBBER BARONS who runs the halls of Parliament.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Everything can be explained to the people, on the single condition that you want them to understand.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

      Ah Mi Gud Fren! “Cum Outtah Dat, Cum Bak Innah Dis!”

      2014 was a heady time! It began with a loud Bang of “Entrepreneurial Socialism” which has now morphed silently into a whimper of “Empowerment Capitalism!” Another Nansi Tory of Idealistic and downright Deceptive Philosophy told from Da House De Arabs Built! Even though the landscape is littered with many, from labourers building fences to the high and mighty whaler disguised in the Court of King James Ambassadorial robes, not all who are enjoying the ride in the Trojan Horse have accepted and agreed to live compliant and deceptive lives of bamboozlement, spookism, confusion, and superstition!

      Just as the Minister had decapitated the Top Administration Echelons and extinguished the Board so too could the New Boards have ended many of the contracts which had been executed in the Deep Blue, off Cades Bay, many moonlights ago! Why would a contract last through three Administrations without seeing the Light Of Day! “The Dead Dog Catcher” was kept intact! The “Cooping Strategery” or is it “Co-opting Strategy” and “scheming game, born at the bridge with a band of spades from a selection of the Blue Clubs with dazzling masquerading skills and truly heartless masks were needed to complete this task and cruel mission” (Edgar O Lake: The Devil’s Bridge!) fell flat as the exhausted clowns danced up Scot’s Row and down to Booby Alley! Going from “The Dead Dog Catcher” to now Parliamentarian and Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, just as his ancestors escaped from Enslavement to be free Maroons in the Shekerley Mountains, the so called “Slow Learner” was having none of the “Strategery” laid out for him! Who Bex Now!

      How Sad! “every time when we are in parliament, they continuously raise issue about I having contracts within government, and how much I’m doing like they issue these contracts. It’s one contract basically. And it’s to pick up dead animals and clean up around the public markets in the morning before St. John’s open.” “$500 daily for the services rendered.” A mere pittance you say! How many Persons and Equipment are employed! “Oh Gad!” “Have Mercy Pon Us!

      As the Odd-Fellows ask: “Can the Moles Escape Sorrows’ Furnace!” Hoisted on his own Petard by “The Slow Learner”! Move Along! Nothing Here To See! Have you seen or heard Molefi recently in your neck of the woods!

      “The Afrocentric method seeks to uncover the masks behind the rhetoric of power, privilege, and position in order to establish how principal myths create place. The method enthrones critical reflection that reveals the perception of monolithic power as nothing but the projection of a cadre of adventurers.” – Dr. Molefi Asante: Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

    • Comrade Ras is 100% right. We have government employees who are responsible for collecting garbage in tis country. This stinks to the highest heavens and lowest hell. Stop the nonsense. Tear up the contract.

      • CErmle, just make sure to pay my dues…Labour is my footing believe it or not.
        I go back as far as the Conventions at Dutchmans Bay. My great aunt was the General Secretary for the Eastern District, in the 1950’s to 1970’s, and she would tag me along with her, since, I can remember; even, prior to the split with Walter’s, Hall etc…

        Go well….I will never stop loving, and caring about, Antigua, for all, not just for some!

  2. I think it’s appalling in every sense of the meaning of the word that it’s commonplace to pick up dead dogs on a daily basis like bits of discarded rubbish. These dogs should be cared for not neglected and left to starve to death. What a terrible thing to read. Where is Mr Pringle’s humanity? For the love of God can’t he do something to ease their suffering. I am shocked beyond belief that this man and those who run the government are immune to the suffering of these poor animals all around them.

    • Did you read the story? He is not responsible for the dogs’ deaths. He is allegedly removing the carcasses based on a contract. Let’s deal with the real issue. CBH is responsible for removing deceased animals from the streets of St. John’s and the wider nation. Stray dogs are indeed an issue in Antigua and Barbuda and people are cruel to them, as they are in the UK, Canada and the US, based on the myriad of videos that animal activists post on YouTube showing animal cruelty. Not everyone in Antigua and Barbuda mistreats animals, as a matter of fact many love their animals and take care of them. As a matter of fact, there are individuals who are stealing people’s pets when they get off their leashes or slip out of their collars and shipping them out, never to be seen again, without any consideration for how it affects the families that own said pets, yet no one is speaking about that. It seems that there is a campaign to demonize Antiguans and Barbudans as dog butchers. The issue based on this story is a political one and nothing more. Let’s focus on finding out what happened, why it happened and what will be done to rectify it.

  3. So Jamal Pringle and Richard Lewis have something in common after all. When their constituents approach them for assistance, they claim to not have any money. And now Pringle made millions from picking up dead dogs. wow! Pringle exposed himself accidentally. Stick with picking up dead dogs sonny boy because speaking in Parliament is NOT for you.

    • It is not millions! It is one million plus almost half of a million.

      When you really do the rough draft/maths. It is really in the ballpark of around $500 to $600 per day. Could be a bit more depending on what details you are using, including the areas that the compactor truck could not access which may require additional services.

      The opposition leader was quoted as saying $500 per day. Is that a reasonable price? Maybe yes or maybe not. Does National Solid Waste Management Authority needs to renegotiate the price? Maybe yes or maybe not.

      • His WES would put him in the millionS. He basically said that in parliament.

        CBH needs to investigate to see if “stricknin” was deliberately used to sustain Pringle dead darg contract.

  4. This is disgusting. The Antigua government should be horrified and embarrassed. There are so many great animal rescue groups on the ground in Antigua helping every day. Please support them and actually do something right for a change. Save the animals before they die. There are plenty of resources offered to your government pro-bono to help you yet you turn them away and spend your government resources on this?!

      • I agree with you syds.

        They act like the life of an animal is comparable to that of a human being. Look how that Joy Farrell woman behave when Krokuss burned a dead dog. She basically threatened his life.

  5. Jamal Pringle now that you are caught with your pants down…..What the HELL you have to say. You are an HYPOCRITE . You have been accusing the ABLP of wrongdoings without any PROOFS. Now is your time. I am quite sure HAROLD LOVELL , D GISEL ISAAC are laughing Their asses off now that you are caught. I am awaiting patiently to see your invoices . All UPP are a bunch of HYPOCRITES

  6. What an EMBARRASSMENT . Now that you are caught for ripping off the TREASURY for DEAD DOGS . There is no way that you can pickup dead dogs for $500 daily. This is a WHITE COLLAR CRIME. What a SHAME Young Man. Practice what you preach . Very DIFFICULT ??????

  7. I agree with everyone that this is appalling and it really shows what is wrong in Antigua. Which Permanent Secretary would have approved this awful contract. This is part of the bigger picture that is systematically wrong and troublesome in Antigua.

    There are many comrades with inflated contracts doing work for Government at exorbitant prices. There are many politicians that are benefitting from contracts that are not in their names for obvious reasons.

    Nothing will change in out fair land until we address these issues. Pringle is not alone. The Nation is desperately in need, of NON-PARTISAN watch dog groups, that would lobby on behalf of good governance for the People, through such things as , Independent forensic audits for ALL GOVERNMENT Departments, every three(3) years, by Independent well vetted forensic auditing firms. All government jobs MUST be advertised and bid for and the acceptance/denial of such bids must be done by a totally independent firm or body.
    If this is not done, the cycle of feathering our friends nest and partisan political corruption will continue.

    The are many people with legitimate contracts that is simply milking the government and as tax payers, we all must be concerned. Enough is enough and these skullduggery which is causing the hemorrhaging of the Nation’s coffers, must end.

    Wherever and whenever, wrongdoings are found, let the LAW run its course.

  8. This has nothing to do with Pringle. He presents an invoice and nobody question it . This simply shows that if there is now a query or a ploy some body or persons are sleeping at the treasury and solid waste wheel. Not flattered nor surprise.

  9. The Prime Minister should be ashamed this has gone on for so long. That money should be used for spay and neuter programs and public education. The level of animal cruelty on Antigua is embarrassing to the country, even more than this theft. Where exactly are they disposing the dead animals? They need to be disposed of properly. All Antiguans need to start treating their pets humanely, and the strays need to be taken care of. Every day people are dumping puppies, poisoning dogs and keeping dogs chained in yards with no water or shade or shelter from rain. When they tire of their “pets” they set them loose or drive them somewhere and drop them off or even worse. It’s a terrible situation there and it drives tourists AWAY! The fact that picking up dead dogs is even a thing there is an embarrassment. Volunteers work endlessly trying to do something but there are new puppies every day. Every day tourists volunteer to take dogs off that island and find them good homes in the USA and Canada. Without a spay, neuter and release program, there will always be more dead dogs to dispose of. Come on, Antigua! You are better than this! Treat your animals right or DON”T OWN ONE!

  10. Is there a log of the QUANTITY OF DAD DOGS that the Distinguished Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition who won by 10 votes, collected each day? Was somebody putting out poison for these dogs?




  12. @VODKA HD
    I believe the BLUE KOOLAID turn you stupid. Now that Jamal is EXPOSED . What say you ???? All UPP are a bunch of HYPOCRITES. What in darkness must turn to light. I heard D.GISEL ISAAC cursing with one of Her UPP members last evening on the SNAKEPIT. The UPP camp is in the pit on life support. UPP will Not be the OPOSITION next election. They will be voted COMPLETELY out of office. ABLP will win all the seats. UPP DISGRACEFU.

  13. The honorable LO has nothing to be ashamed of IF the contract is legitimate. What are the terms of the contract? Why didn’t the government direct the various ministries/agencies/SC to review all contracts and address them accordingly? Seems as if when someone crosses the PM, he dig deep to find things that will create some sort of embarrassment to that individual even though some of these issues/problems can be reflected as bad oversight on his admin’s part, as if after six years this is now coming to light.


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