Pringle Says Covid-19 Demonstrates The Value Of Workers (VIDEO)

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle has underscored the importance of work in a message to mark Labour Day today.

He said work brings out the best in us. Below is the video of this full speech.




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  1. First of all, I am happy to see the RIGHTFUL Leader of the Opposition issuing an address. Looking forward to many more. Kick Lovell to the curb like a cheating ex.

    • @WOW

      Do not mention cheating and Ex to Pringle. But then again he has plenty experience in that field……

    • He is the one and only LEADER of the Opposition in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda. Lovell is not. Whether we like him or not, Pringle is the man. He is THE Leader, the only legally recognized Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Thank you for letting us hear from you, sir.

  2. But Kristi, what else did you expect? This is no major accomplishment on Pringle’s part!!! He was the only member of the UPP to win a seat in the last General Elections and by virtue of that was catapulted to the role of Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. The Labour Day Message would have had to come from the official Leader of the Opposition which is Mr. Pringle. If you wish to extend personal Kudos to the young gentleman, assess the contents of his speech; then let the discussion begin.

    • I thought the content of the speech, although very generic, was quite good, and his delivery was also. The only question I still have is “Did he write this?” I hope so, and I’d like to think so.

  3. By the way, Hon. Leader of the Opposition, Mr Pringle, assuming you wrote your own speech, I applaud you for both content and delivery of your address. I have deducted a few marks from your scripted speech for your evident anxiety to conclude the task at hand. Keep trying my son.

  4. Why Darren Matthew Ward don’t stop these interviews on Observer Radio ? This morning We heard the same GARBAGE from Harold Lovell. To be honest these are NOT interviews. These are just bringing Someone on the Radio to vent. Very boring Program. Darren you must be in control of your Program and don’t let your Guests TALK TALK TALK.The Guests have taken over the Program. I believe Harold keep forgetting that UPP is NOT the Government and would never be the Government in Antigua again.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Pringle and thank you for that speech and encouraging words. You used your “th” and “tr” well unlike another speech I listened to on Sunday night.

  6. @ On the Move
    I listened to Darren sometimes in the morning. I believe that He trying His very best to navigate His way between the Political Parties. In other words He is trying to appesr neutral. Darren has a very difficult job. Let’s try and support Him.It is very difficult in Antigua to be a Talk show Host. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

    • I agree. Darren is becoming more and more “fair and balanced” since the last election. He realize that the UPP fulla shit, so he has to tow the line carefully between working for the anti-ABLP radio station and getting the facts from his interviewees. I wonder what his response was to Algernon pulling DNA from the weekly lineup?

  7. We really have short memories in this tribal party politics country. I remember when ALP had their drama from opposition leader Cutie to Robin I wouldn’t stab you in your back my brother in Parliament. On the outside was Party leaders Lester Bird and Gaston Browne fighting for control of the ALP. I am here Smh at the ALP minions trying to create drama in the UPP between Lovell and Pringle……lol.

    • No Mr Knight the ABLP minions is afraid of Mr Lovell so they hyping up Pringle knowing that he is young and and a few sweet words will get to his head and cause him to do something naughty. Then they sit back and say check mate.

      UPP do not know about these kinds of tactics. They spend most of their time in Sunday school.

    • @happy in rusty Armour …. Who coined the Phrase TISSUE PAPER …. sad your memory is not short but very selective ….. Lord how can we forget what was done to Joan Messiah and Richard Lewis

      • @Curious wait Coward in Plastic Armour nah get he cheque from President Trump yet. Remember he done sell us out to the Trump.

    • We don’t have short memories. We remember how you brag about having an AMERICAN passport. You consider yourself American and pledged your mind and soul to Trump, so nobody expects you give two shit about Antigua and Barbuda.

  8. @Hmmmmmm
    That is Politics.You can have INTERNAL and EXTERNAL fights. As for Mr. Knight I do not believe that Anyone from outside the UPP ( WHICH IS MR.KNIGHT PARTY ) is trying to turn Harold against Jamale.Anyone can see that is been demonstrated by D.GISEL Isaac and Harold. The UPP knows that Jamal is limited. The members of UPP should push for Pearl Quinn Williams to lead the UPP to election 2023. They CANNOT go to election 2023 with Harold Lovell.

    • @Patrick
      Whatever you are smoking stop, its negatively affecting your sensible cells. Pearl who?

      Tried one of those before and look what it cost the state. The rag tags will come out and vote too.

  9. @ PATRICK
    I believe the RED KOOLAID have your brain in a twist.UPP is building.Watch for our slate of CANDIDATES shortly.

  10. No wonder ERROL CORT dash way UPP. Peer confusion and bad-cuss coupled with ELITISM and a menopausal heffa as Chairman

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