Pringle responds to Weston’s Fish and Fungi comment with a video of his own


PRINGLE: The Minister of Works FAILED to do his work in the constituency of All Saints East and Saint Luke and despises Opposition Leader, The Honorable Jamale Pringle for working in the people’s interest. Imagine that!

This is what Weston had to say.

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  1. Frankly, showing a video created for you a serious problem. If it true that you were on another location working, when you are supposed to be representing people who elected you in Parliament. You failed in your attempt to justify your absence. People elected you to be in Parliament. Do your job. This is a sorry excuse for being absent that day. You should not be paid. You sorry ass should be fired.

    • So what day you of Mariah Browne and he numerous absences even as she’s on island??

      What day you of the neglect of our infrastructure with the current ministers who are on island??

  2. @Colombo:Could you point to one damn thing Weston has done,in his Constituency of St Philip South? The man is as big as the Goodyear Blimp.While you are checking Weston’s record,check that of his CABINET COMRADES also.Tell me if they should not be fired in 2023 for doing absolutely nothing.

  3. It doesn’t not matter which Politicians or Political Party does it. You blind followers must hold them accountable for your actions. Just imagine you blind followers called in absence from work and have the temerity to video tape you were somewhere else. Do you think you would have some difficulty with your employer for misleading him/her? You blind followers vote for people to represent you in Parliament. Do you know you have to pay that same Politician for misleading you? Folks it doesn’t matter your political alignment, you must hold them accountable for poor behavior. Cussing and fuming will not make it better. It’s not about others but said politician want to justify his actions. He should not be paid and sane people that he represents should get rid of his ass. He have a history of poor representation. Time for the people to choose someone else. Me done talk…. Cuss all you want…

    • So Dean Jonas should go also for poorly representing the people of st.goerge’s for 2 terms? From what I see n read Mr Pringle has done more in the short time than Dean Jonas an MP on the government side of the house. You talking about representation in parliament, the people don’t just want representation in parliament but also out of parliament more so in the constituency to which their elected by the people to serve.

    • Your justification of Weston is poor, honestly its not just going to parliament and have debates with one another on issues to see who has the better say .. as the saying goes and still remains “actions speak louder than words” standing up in parliament talking about “suffering” is mockery when this current government has done nothing but suppress hard working individuals who have put their trust in them to lead this country not in words but in actions to make here better than what it has been for many years.

  4. He in Government and that’s not enough. He still calling for Pringle to resign. Do your damn work and stop watching other people. Looking at people business and fuh you a get way. Chuups

  5. Its the way he said” we “ are struggling 🤣🤣They only people struggling are your ppl. Your stomach don’t move an inch Weston. There are people out here losing real pounds choosing between basic needs and necessities. With all do respect “SHUT THE HELL UP”

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