Pringle protests neglect of his constituency, once again, and calls authorities to pay attention to Follies infrastructure


amale Pringle, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints East and St. Luke, says the Browne Administration continues to neglect his constituency, but is making an urgent call for attention to be paid to the infrastructure at Follies. Click here to join our WhatsApp Group.

Once again, Pringle is complaining that the roads and drains in that community are deplorable, and every move he makes to address the issue and assist residents is being stymied by the government authorities.

Prior to the last election, the MP says, some road works were begun, but they were never finished.  Accordingly, the situation remains the same going into another general election four years after.

Pringle says that in some areas where there are no homes, proper infrastructure has been put in place; and, yet, the people of Follies are still struggling to get proper roads.

He says that other areas in the constituency have been neglected in similar fashion.

Just like residents in other parts of this country, the people of All Saints East and St. Luke are tax payers and deserve better, Pringle says.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader is asking why it is that only government officials are able to access the resources of the State for their development.

He is referring to the water-tank distribution initiative that the Browne Administration has hijacked from the UPP.

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  1. Lemme tell u why you will never see ur goal, it has nothing to do with you being UPP or opposition or whatever. Or ALP bla bla bla

    It’s because end of the day Antigua is NOT a patriotic country.

    The country u serve as a public servant, where as u are aware YOU WORK for the ppl of the nation. They live and have been living in a state of mind where it’s the GOVERNMENTS OBLIGATION because they have been TAXED!! and because of this they fervently believes it’s not their problem.

    For example: That’s why if there’s a hole in the road in front they yard and they know if the hole gets deeper the water line underground will burst and cause problems. Imagine if it was a gas line. A typical Antiguan is gonna complain daily about the hold getting larger and do nothing!!because it’s GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITY!!

    That’s why u always need to have clean up campaigns or such and such campaigns to pull them out to get them to do something. A true patriotic country is proud of their development and does not pocket watch for the better of the infrastructure they live in for the advancement of the country. This mindset is not Antigua

    Idk how u gonna work around that because
    Example: typical government worker who never love answer phone gets his/her paycheck. U realize everything they spend the money on is taxed. And who is in charge of tax?
    So basically they paying ppl to recycle back the money so really and truly they not getting a wage
    So when Gaston or whoever in power say wage increase. It does nothing to them because the money is paying ppl to recycle straight back to them!

    This is just not government
    Imagine all them ppl who work supermarket?
    They literally work for a thank you because the same pay buying back the food to eat!!

    U have to find a way to get them to be patriotic and stop pocket watch and care but that nah go happen cuz government tief. And Government makes way too much money Government is the only Ponzi scheme that’s legal to operate in a country. So unless u gonna talk with money in Antigua u nah go really reach far cuz y’all done stole too much and can’t account

  2. Pringle here is what a KNOWN UPP Supporter wrote about you on Facebook:

    “Hon. Jamale Pringle, Im telling you straight & Ive been saying it for sometime…NUTTEN PASS YOU. YOU BACK EEN YOU TRUCK FOO EBRYTING. YOU GREEDY FOR MONEY AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES…YOU INTO EBRYTING – LIVESTOCK ARMING INCLUDED NOT SO? OR AM I MISTAKEN WITH THAT ONE. And dont tell me nutten bout is you family members & not you. so while George calling out all the ablp ministers…, he should speak with you.”

    In other words…it is ALL ABOUT YOU. You dont give a damn about no constituency. you just like to “BACK EEN YOU TRUCK FOO EBRYTING”. Stop throwing stones from your big ass glass house Jammy.

  3. While you laugh from the back of the classroom, his PAID RESEARCH OFFICER is laughing from within the UPP. De way how dem set him up to look bad is no laughing matter.

  4. It would be interesting to know if this representative, former representatives of his team, Charlesworth Samuel, Chester Hughes and Joann Messiah have given any scholarships, recommended anyone to be a Senator and build any institutions in the constituency he claims his opponents are helping. The sad thing, these same voters repeatedly voted for this misleaders over and over again. Wow if’s fool ah talk, but it’s not fools ah reading. Oops it’s the pot calling the kettle black. Must I say Political baboonery.

    • @colombo Pringle didn’t even choose someone from WITHIN THE CONSTITUENCY as his Research Officer. Gisele Isaac-Arrindell TOLD LOVELL she IS Pringle Research Officer. Gisele can’t even stand him. She vex he’s the face of the party > BAD GRAMMAR, EMPTY EMPTY HEAD, EMBARRASSING SHAME AND DISGRACE TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, especially in PARLIAMENT!!! Grabby grabby and Licky-Licky fu dead darg at the expense of constituency representation and personal development!

  5. Pringle seems to be singing for his supper now. He realizes that he’s on a sinking ship with his UPP ites.


    • Can u atleast spell “GRATEFUL”???? Or is it G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L???? Like the UPP Shadow Minister of Education 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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