Pringle Promises New Bills To Be Introduced In Parliament

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Jamale Pringle, says the UPP will soon be introducing bills into Parliament to address the shortcomings of the law.

“We realised that there are some issues and some things that need to be addressed, that the government is slow or does not seem to care in addressing … the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.” said Pringle.

Although he refrained from disclosing the bills, he shared that they will be introduced within months and it will be historical.

“So, within the coming months, you will see us putting bills to the Parliament for approval. And that will be the first time in the history of politics you will see this happen,” Pringle claimed.

The Member of Parliament for the All Saints East and St Luke constituency is confident that the party can make a meaningful contribution to the legislative agenda.


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  1. You do your stuff Pringle. You is the real leader of UPP, not Lovell. You is the one who was elected. Do your work. You is the man.

  2. So what the plan on getting the Bills passed?

    Doing something symbolically, because you can, to write your name in history, or just for a show to prove what…

    Does it make sense? There must be a reason why it was never done in the pass think about it?

    Antigua is lacking of people in leadership role that do things that is sensible, not necessarily right or wrong but just sensible.

    Now if this historic thing is your first role out and it is totally nonsensical, there is no way I could ever consider supporting a party with this type of dunce initiative while in opposition. What kind of decisions will you make if you are in government….

    I say to you go knock on doors use your efforts wisely capture the fifth form and college students focus on social media to bring home the youth and forget about bringing Bills to the parliament that will never pass in the house.

    If the Bill get passed by a stroke of genius, how will you administer the Bill. LOL

    OMG UPP Pringle had a good outing during the money Bill, it does not all of a sudden make him an expert on all things, this is the very thing we are running from enough of that please.

    Please reign in Pringle and script all his public conversations. This should be the first strategic push for the ailing party and this goes for annoying sounding Tabor as well. UPP need a sound strategy because they are not financially endowed as ABLP.

    From this early stage be responsible with utterances bill confidence say as little as possible but just enough to get the point across. Script ever thing, script every thing please script everything. I am tired of holding my head when Tabor and Pringle open their mouth.

    By the way D Giselle need to calm down and stop sounding so angry and argumentative and bully like. Listen to Mr Lovell and the PRO how they deliver.

    • only now you realize she sound angry, black, bitter and sad? She is the one who needs some “watering down”

    • One negative issue, which keeps plaguing this political party from its inception, in the 1960’s is, it has always been a coalition of various factions, which even though the party has a strong enough ‘grass roots’ base, the party can never seem to find the COHESIVE mechanism, to hold it together, over long periods of time.
      In my opinion, these factions are always fighting in house, thus weakening their position; whereas, the Labour Party tends to hold itself together, by looking out for each other.

  3. Gotta hand it to Pringle. He is proving to be a shrewd leader and negotiator. Evidence of this was when he influenced Vere Cornelius to leave his party and join the UPP.

  4. This is a BIG BIG joke. What the HELL this Guy is trying to prove. Who will pass this DAMN bill. SINGLE PRINGLE is looking for fame. I believe that Harold Lovell and D.Gisel Isaac are His Advisors . BIG JOKE. They should give SINGLE PRINGLE speaking lessons !!!!!!

    • Insiders say the plan is to let him continue embarrassing himself so that his constituents can complain. Then in swoops Harold Lovell to run in that constituency and win that “safe seat” for the UPP.

    • You wrong “Men About Town”. PRINGLE is ADVISING Lovell and D. Gisel Isaac. They his puppets now He’s the official Leader of the Opposition. He’s the one who was elected. The other two are wannabees. They can’t succeed, because the people have kicked them to the curb too many times. PRINGLE is the man, like it or not!

  5. @MELCHISEDEC …I am totally in AGREEMENT with you.

    First let me put it on the table that I supported the UPP in the last election. The manner in which PRINGLE , DAMANI TABOR and D.GISEL ISAAC are conducting Themselves are BIG BIG turn off.

    PRINGLE needs Help and NOone in the UPP is helping this Guy.

    DAMANI TABOR recite the samething OVER OVER and OVER very annoying to listen to Damani tabor.

    D.Gisel Isaac always sounds ANGRY. Not good Public Relations.

    Please UPP I hope You Guys will have meetings and take a CRITICAL view of who is representing the Party in the MEDIA.
    To make a long story short…There is NO WAY We can go into the next ELECTION with this FOOLISHNESS. This is just HARD TALK.Save the UPP PARTY. PLEASE GET RID THESE MEMBERS.

  6. I believe that We can honestly say that SINGLE PRINGLE is the First Member of Parliament without knowing what is going on around Him . This Guy is CLUELESS. Being guided by Harold Lovell and D.Gisel Isaac. FOOLISHNESS.

  7. Pringle, Don’t listen to them. You is the elected representative, and as a member of Parliament it is you responsibility to introduce legislation. Do your job. Lovell and dem jus jealous. You is the real UPP Leader.

    • Lol why you encouraging him to hang himself? The UPP is just messy. The party lacks leadership. Is it still even a party? Maybe it’s one big birthday party or sound clash lol.

  8. I heard D.Gisel Isaac on the Snake Pit with Knight and She was arguing with One of Her Members . If my memory serves me correctly I believe His name is ” CRIFE” hope I spell His name correctly. The argument was awful. Arguing with one of your Members. Very Distasteful.

  9. Will the AYES have it? And can this really happen? The legislators are always the sitting Government,how can an opposition in the Parliament which isn’t a part of the government present a bill in the house ? Could be wrong ,but it sounds a bit off to me..

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