Pringle points to moral crisis in Antigua

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

REAL NEWS: Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle took part in Sunday’s National Day of Prayer event, but told the Nation it was “not an occasion for politicians to posture. Rather, it is for those called to the service of Christ to take the lead.”

He said it was “unfortunate that it took the COVID-19 pandemic to bring us to a second Day of Prayer in just about a year’s time,” because “Antigua & Barbuda has been in a moral crisis for some time now.”

While this country describes itself as “a Christian Nation,” Pringle noted that it has not always put God first.

“It would not be true to say that we have always made Him our priority and put him above profits, or popularity, or pleasure.

“In fact, for too many of our citizens and residents, God has been made into a ‘convenience.’ He has been our refuge and help ONLY in the time of trouble,” the Opposition Leader told his parliamentary colleagues and attending clergy.

He said that the Day of Prayer had been called only “because the pandemic has gone on too long, because it has become too expensive to fight, and because it has wrecked our economy.”

However, looking at the situation being faced by the people of St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Pringle said that “our land is already blessed.” And he credited “the prayers of the truly righteous people” for keeping the country safe, thus far.

He exhorted citizens and residents to live in a way to honour God and bless each other, including by seeing to it that the resources of the country are enjoyed by all; by putting country before self enrichment; and by practicing justice.

Pringle ended by praying “that the lessons of this pandemic will not be lost after the crisis has passed … and that every day in Antigua & Barbuda will become, truly, a National Day of Prayer.”

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  1. Excuse me, is the Leader of the Opposition a “Christian”? When he born-again? I hope so. We don’t want lip service. Which church he attend?

  2. He who would have visited houses of ill repute looking at naked women displaying their bodies for a mere token talking about moral. Was he referencing the game we played as children?

  3. You hit the nail squarely on its head. The moral compass of Antigua and Barbuda has been lost. It starts at the head! Time to correct the ills of the society and cast aside those that espouse the denigration of this small island state.

  4. Poor Pringle. He doesn’t even know that in Antigua and Barbuda since the ABLP came to office in 2014 the first Sunday of the year is a National Day of Prayer. I guess it’s because the government has called the day he is not acknowledging it. But he really sound like he is out of touch. This National Day of Prayer was called by the Christian Council and endorsed by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

  5. Who ever wrote your speech did well Pringle becaue you can’t speak or articulate to save your life. Yall can’t speaky spoky like Gaston without the use of notes 🤣

  6. 🤓🤓🥁🤓🥁🥁🥁😄😅😄and with all those illegal, yet legal #WhoreHouses, WHO’RE the ones christian’s that is who will step forth, picket(politician style) these known illegal, yet legal whorehouses, dens of prostitution/run bars(btw there’s a very interesting report out, on the annual death rate operating to alcohol consumption. Some troubling stats), again #Who’re the ones christians that is, who will lobby and picket the politicians to rid the Nation of these types of businesses which according to their “christian values” produces nothing but sinners, and is immoral.

    Yes folks, I can still dream.

    A #National Day Of Prayer is political grandstanding, to pacify the less fortunate, the poor and the oppressed. The #SinglePringle is a grandstander playing the political game where the Church and State are partners in crime, and he’s aiding and abetting, the Church and State in keep the boots of colonialism on the People’s brains.

    Go ahead, assemble the #FiringSquad…one from Adventist, allah, one from Baptist, one from catholic one from Jews, one from Krishna, one from later day, one from Lutheran, one from rasta, one from gangsta, one from CIP, one from china!


    …Another #Realm here I come.
    …for, I’ll be no longer on the run!
    …Run! Run! Running away!
    …Run! Run! Running Away!
    …from, the #truths and #reality’s of today!
    …for, these pseudo leaders are trying to say!
    . .try! Try! Trying to say! Trying to say!
    …dosen’t really make any cents
    …even though, it may appears to be common sense.
    …because, surely if it did many would not be so tense!
    …yes, many will come to religions defense!
    …and, this is fine!
    …for, like age wine which gets better with time
    …so too, has revaltions from the Ominipotense
    …to many, unsuspecting minds.
    …and, as the saying goes
    …wisdom surely knows!
    …it dosen’t make any sense,
    …No Cents! Not even crypto currency!
    …to pour fresh wine!
    …like a #FreshThinkingMind.
    …into old skins! Into old skins!

  7. My friend Ras, Please identify the “legal houses of prostitution” so we can march on them and demand they be shut down. All of the preachers and priests who do not frequent such places need to lead the march. Those who won’t participate are probably CLIENTS and need to be exposed, AND read out of the church.

    • @Kristi…😄😅😄😄🤓🤓could you please follow the #’s to your destinations.

      According to #Bruce, his good friend #Wendy have being missing since COVID came on the scene. The word on the street, she was taking in by Cheryl at #JamDung to recruit for her partner Aszlot to stock the #RumShops on Wapping Lane.
      It’s being reported, that the #Stables have being stocked with several new mares ready to he ridden by any jockey in the Kentucky derby or the Belmont Stakes, or the #Popeshead Street Sweepstakes.

      Follow the #’s, they are a sign to your destination!

      🤓🚦remember, to only cross #CrossStreet at the crosswalks, no #GayWalking on #CornAlley. The streets are too narrow, and it’s a one way in, unlike Gay Street which goes both ways!

  8. Before he starts talking about morals why don’t he and his party fix their lack of morals with that candidate they have running in St Phillips South. SMH.

  9. D .GISEL ISAAC has thrown Pringle under the bus again. It was called a day of PRAYER and PRINGLE showed so much ANGER in his speech. This Guy does not think for HIMSELF. Pringle TOTAL DISGRACE. Pringle should be ASHAMED of Himself.

    • You are so right. And furtherme he doesn’t even know that we have been observing a National Day of Prayers every first Sunday of the year. Sad case is this guy.

  10. We in ALL SAINTS EAST AND ST.LUKES would never vote PRINGLE in 2023. Pringle awful REPRESENTATION. He should shut His mouth. He my blood run cold whenever He speaks. AWFUL

  11. Still no improvement in his GRAMMAR, READING, COMPREHENSION or PRESENTATION skills.

    They really setting you up to fail lil black boy.

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