Pringle joins constituents in crying out for water after 10 days of dry pipes in All Saints

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

Jamale Pringle, MP for All Saints East and St. Luke, is joining constituents’ complaints about the lack of pipe-borne water in All Saints for 10 days.

The Antigua Labour Party (ALP) had vowed to improve the distribution of water within 14 days of taking office in 2014. However, nine years later, many say the water situation is even worse.

While the United Progressive Party (UPP) had installed a number of storage tanks to address the problem, the Browne Administration has failed to have them commissioned and put into operation all these years.

Pringle, the Opposition Leader, is asking that this be done now and is suggesting that the tank in Buckleys be commissioned right away.

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  1. promise made. Promise un kept! A true. September wata a few short weeks away. let’s see if as I predicted that it will be another short coming of the Labor Party led by Alphonso.

    Stop working hard and work smarter for the country. Less chatter and more ACTION!!

  2. de dead dog picker upper cant do like Hon. Melford Nicholas and pay a water truck to bring water to his constituency??? C’mon Pringle.

    • Really???? Antiguan citizens and residents now must rely on Ministers to pay water trucks in order to get water a basic necessity? Really? This is how things operate in this economic powerhouse??? Wow….tings worse that we imagined.

    • Pringle when you drive through Swetes I’m sure you see all them pot holes there and on fig tree drive main road

      • And you want Pringle to fix them? That is the government’s job. They can’t even do what elected to do. I am sure Pringle sees them and can’t wait for his party to take over the government to fix them.

  3. Good day my fellow citizens of Antigua & Barbuda,

    Today is Thursday the 18th of August 2022, and there is now only 43 days remaining (I repeat 43 days) until the fruition of Gaston Browne’s promise of nation wide water for everyone in the country.

    Ever since our Prime Minister made this bold statement a few months back, he’s gone very quiet – I wonder why?



  4. I have two houses on rent in the area and the both have water up to my last check with the tenants just this evening. Enough said!

    • @ Just Saying

      You are like sounding brass and tinkling symbal ………YOU ARE NOT JUST A USEFUL IDIOT….YOU ARE AN EMPTY VESSEL.

  5. Instead he call APUA, he looking political mileage. USE YA MONEY FROM W.E.S or your CONTSITUENCY ALLOWANCE and help out the people in your constituency. Your joke not sweet now.

  6. It’s sad that some people don’t know their worth as citizens. Those who suggests that Hon. Pringle buys water for his constituents and use monies from his private business to do things that this Government should be doing for the citizens, you are so very DUMB! Know your worth and what you deserve as tax paying citizens. Tap drink de red koolaid because you eyes gone, gone.

      • You are an idiot. It is the responsibility of the government to provide basic service to its citizens. This include water, roads, electricity, etc. That is the reason why citizens pay taxes. Are you so dense that you don’t understand that? How long now we hear them say that they are going to fix the water problem? IT IS THE GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSIBILITY.

        Useless IDIOT

  7. With all what ppl are saying about POWERHOUSE! let me just say this, I have been in this country years upon years and water has been an issue ever since. UPP come and did nothing to fix this water issue ALP here and still nothing, but yet still every Month AUPA get paid for water services that is not given. So some of you all need to SHUTUP about POWERHOUSE and ALP government cause UPP did nothing to fix the Problem. Everyone of these ministers come in fat up them pockets and move on then run them mouth. Election soon around them ah come out soon soon with all their promises to buy your vote and then sit in office and enjoy themselves. Ministers in Antigua is all about self. continue to collect the rian water God is sending and Shutup!!!

    • Ahh, but what you yourself have failed to mention (deliberately, I might add) @ Upset, is that YOUR Honourable Gaston Browne was the one who mentioned that the 30th of September 2022 would be the completion date!


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