Pringle disappointed by Throne Speech’s lack of plans to lower cost of living

Jamale Pringle

Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle is not at all satisfied with this year’s Throne Speech, which he considers as lacking substance.

Pringle, the MP for All Saints East and St. Luke, says he was hoping the Government would have outlined some of its plans to revitalize the economy and explain how it will deal with the high cost of living.

While brief mention was made of the persistent water crisis, he notes that there was nothing on how the Administration plans to seriously address it.

The MP says the same thing has been repeated about the water crisis for the past eight years, while residents continue to go without the precious commodity – in some cases for as long as three weeks.

Pringle says he does not subscribe to the theory that inflation has been driven solely by external shocks – such as the supply-chain issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic or the war in the Ukraine that has caused fuel and food prices to skyrocket.

While these might have been factors beyond the control of the Government, the Opposition Leader says, there are mechanisms the Browne Administration has failed to put in place to ease the burden on the people.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, the minister of finance, disagrees with Pringle, saying the Throne Speech was excellent, replete with substance, and well delivered.

Browne, in his signature arrogant way, sought to insult MP Pringle and his colleagues on the Opposition bench by attacking their level of intelligence.

He says that Pringle is still learning and therefore would not have comprehended the depth of the Throne Speech.

Meanwhile, Browne claims that, within a two-year period, the Government was able to recoup 16 percent of the losses caused by the pandemic in 2020.  And by the end of the first quarter of this year, he claims, the Government will be able to completely recover the 20 percent that was lost.

The prime minister is anticipating a positive increase in the size of the economy; so, by the end of 2023, the Government expects to have an economy of about $5 billion – the largest it has ever been in the history of Antigua and Barbuda.

He claims the evidence of the Government’s performance can be seen all over the country, as demonstrated in the cruise sector and the expansion of the cruise facilities.

In response to this assertion, a businesswoman in the tourism tells REAL News she laughed.  “Expansion in the cruise sector for whose benefit?” she asks.  “Maybe for Global Ports, but certainly not for the taxi drivers, vendors and boutique owners in the Quay,” she says. (REAL NEWS)

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  1. the roads, water and inflation will all be rectified after the war ends in Ukraine. 😆
    How come nobody blame that war on covid-19, yet? LOL

  2. Disappointed that Pringle after enough years in Parliament still STRUGGLING to express himself coherently. Not to mention GRAMMAR and COMMON SENSE!

    Upside-down Bible and Upside-down reasoning

    • It is interesting that Serpent, Bowen and Richard Lewis BOYCOTT PRINGLE SWEARING IN CEREMONY focused on Pringle’s grammar, but he/ she has overlooked on his/her syntactical errors.

      Firstly, dependent clauses cannot stand alone. Secondly the use of capital letters are only used with proper nouns.

      Check your own grammar before embarking on the task of correcting others whilst your errors are glaringly obvious.

      • It is wayyyy more interesting that Pringle is a PUBLIC DISGRACE!!! and claim to be “leading” a murderer and 2 rapists.

        Just wait you see what in store for him in the nasty convention coming up soon.

        iShawna gonna have to soothe him from all his crying. Pity she can’t teach him to read.
        Pity he refuse to marry she.

  3. HEADLINE: Pringle Gives Embarrasing Interview at Throne Speech 2023

    Plainly, Pringle just cannot rebut to anything. Please be reminded that all his responses and presentations were done by Giselle. She did not have time to do anything; she should have prepared something just in case. Again, he has embarrassed himself and the interviewer was grilling him and should have been familiar with Pringle’s limitation.

    remedial courses urgently needed!! Reading program at public library might help Pringle. Restraining Order Against Ex and Spin Doctor Quinn can coach him to be speaky-spokey

    MAYDAY! MAYDAY! S.O.S 4 Pringle!!! Leadership Matters! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

    • … and in other important news! @ Sad But True.

      Antigua’s economy continues to nosedive, parents can’t feed their children properly, also struggling to pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads; and all you can focus on is Jamale Pringle’s so-called presentation. Wow!

      I am totally lost for words … no wonder GASSSSSTORN 🥸 ah run tings so easy in Tigua 🇦🇬

  4. As much as Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd a wan political Loser and Liar, at least he min know how fu tark and say subben dat resemble likkle sense jack.

    🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

    • Again, your honour I redirect you and the Antiguan public to my previous comment.

      I rest my case sir … ⚖️

  5. “MASKIZ”




    “…the UPCOMING election that just PASSED”

  6. Larz by now ought to know the Budget and budget debate will give more DETAILS. Anyway before signing up for YEAP, Larz Jamal sPringle can start with HOOKED-ON-PHONICS….

    Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read Level 1 is the first Pre-K level in the complete 8-level Learn to Read series. – Level 1. Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read First Grade is designed to build on the basic phonics skills to help first graders become CONFIDENT READERS. Each reading lesson is designed to take about 20 minutes. Features leveled learning activities and storybooks featuring targeted VOCABULARY. Designed for children ages 6 to 7.

    20 minutes a day is all it takes Larz. invest in yourself BEFORE the leadership convention attacks get worse.


  8. Hon. Pringle fly out to Russia and DEMAND that Putin pulls back his troops off Ukraine! Show dem how it’s done Mr. Pringle!

  9. Pringle come out of Politics, stick to dead animal removal, Event Services and being an arrogant prick who thinks he’s all that…

  10. Was telling hearing Pringle interview when in response to a question re increased GDP, Pringle then stated fiscal increase. Clearly Pringle does not know what GDP nor fiscal means. Then there was his suggestion that growth, since the worst of covid, happened naturally, when you consider there was a major decline. Can he explain why this great natural growth did not happen between 2009 and election 2014? There was only one year, during said period, this country experienced growth and it was 2012 and 2%. This lack of growth occurred due to UPP policies, eg the mandatory tax clarence certificate requirement at the port, which forced a decline in investments. UWI is available, plus there are online courses readily available, Pringle needs to take a class so he can stop embarrassing himself and those he represents.

    • Tenman. Everyone knows Pringle doesn’t have the intellectual dept to comment om economic and financial issues. He just talks. Yet the people re-elected him. So why bother pointing out how illiterate he is. The UPP supporters scraped the bottom of the barrel for candidates, and they went all out to vote for them to get them in office. Thank God, He spared us the worst. The Labour Party won again, that’s what matters.

  11. What’s the obsession with Mr Pringle ??,before you guys keep on encouraging him,it’s always something negative. I can see why Antigua is in the state it’s in…SMFH..U ALL SICK ME!!

  12. A lot of you here are missing the point. Were there any safety nets or proposals on how the government is going to assist the struggling class in our society during all of this inflation? No. We should be concerned about that.

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