Pringle Criticizes Gaston Browne Administration for Inaction on Solar Farm Batteries and School Upkeep


REAL NEWS: Had the Gaston Browne Administration been serious about climate change, it would have sought to install batteries on the solar farms across the island, says Jamale Pringle, political leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

More than a year ago, it was confirmed that the solar farms – one of which is located on the compound of the V.C. Bird International Airport – had been set up without the batteries – required for energy storage – being put in place.

With the current high and humid temperatures, Pringle notes, residents have increased their use of electric fans, while other households are installing air-conditioning (a/c) units to beat the heat.

This, he says, is going to end up being very costly to consumers, as the increased use of these electronics will be reflected on their utility bills.

However, he says, the Administration does not seem to be interested in installing batteries in the panels on the solar farms.

Pringle adds that many schools are complaining about the high temperatures.

And if the Browne Administration had been forward thinking, he says, it would already have moved these institutions from fossil fuel to solar power and installed a/c units to combat the heat.

He points out that solar power would also lower the country’s carbon emissions, unlike the use of fossil-fuelled electricity.

Jamaica reportedly has undertaken an initiative similar to what Pringle is suggesting – in about 30 pilot schools.

Meanwhile, Pringle is chastising the Ministry of Education and Minister Daryl Matthew for the condition of many schools at the opening of the school year on September 4.

He says the Ministry failed to carry out any maintenance on the schools over the summer vacation, as students returned to many compounds filled with tall grass.

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  1. UPP call the CONVENTION to get rid of this Guy Pringle. He is not learning. School Children laughing at Pringle. UPP will never win an election with this IDIOT at the helm. He always looks ANGRY in Parliament. What a shame.

    UPP when the Guy Winter will stop fooling UPP with His IDIOTIC polling. Three consecutive elections He promised UPP a win and UPP lost the election. Get rid of Winter with His IDIOTIC pollings.

    I believe ERIC (THE RED ) polling over Winter .At.least Eric polling always win.. UPP has too many IDIOT ss Advisors.

    • @ Jill, “laughing at Pringle” doesn’t pay the bills; Pringle being an “IDIOT” as you put it, doesn’t resolve Antigua’s island-wide water shortages; Pringle being “ANGRY” doesn’t curtail the rise in the high cost of living; and ERIC (THE RED’S) made to measure poll doesn’t make the St Mary’s South by-election a forgone conclusion that Dwayne George is going to win.


      It must be the latter … 😁

      • Brixtonian, the best there is, the best there EVER was, the best of the best on ANR threads.


        🎶🎤Wheel and come again 🎧🎶

  2. Please, Mr Pringle, get over yourself.
    The ALP is not interest in what you have to say about solving the water problem. They think you are a dunce. They just want you to bring back the position from the brains in your party on this issue, because they can’t solve the problem.
    It happened before. It is happening again.

    Mr Pringle, the problem of water is not about getting it, but distributing it. When you go to the committee with them, will you be telling them that if they would not hoard the water to distribute it in their private trucks to the people who should be getting it free and not paying for it, that the situation will be much better?
    What will you be going among them to say?

    You have to learn from the past, Mr Pringle. ALP does not want your involvement. This will not allow them to continue to run their corrupt schemes. They have fooled your party in the past. In fact, every time you join up with them on anything, they have DUPED you. Why can’t you learn to stay away from Gaston and the ALP?

    Does this feed your vanity? If this is a personal thing to improve your standing in the public eye, forget it. It won’t work. they will just play you again.

    ALP is in power. Molwyn said they, not you, are the government. Let them solve the problems of governing the country. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

    Nothing good will come out of this. KEEP OUT!

  3. Its a pity when persons talk without doing research. When I looked to purchase my pv system, recall being told by the company providing the system, that at the current high cost for batteries, the better route would be to get more panels. Pringle seems to forget that in developed countries, governments were/are subsidizing solar to help make it an option for consumers. He also seems unaware that alternative energy sources tend to provide intermittent energy (eg solar only when there is sun) hence need a non alterative energy backup alternative (eg fosis fuel plant). A 2021 article points our battery costs have dropped some 97 in the last 3 decades. However, batteries are still not priced at a level where they can be considered competitive. Its anticipated that in time this will change


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