Pringle calls for urgent attention to be given to the office for the Leader of the Opposition

Jamale Pringle

REAL NEWS – Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle does not have an office from which to work and conduct the people’s business and, again, he has taken this complaint to Parliament.


On Thursday, July 27, MP Pringle – who represents the All Saints East and St. Luke constituency – said he has written repeatedly to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Works about the condition of the building that houses the Opposition Leader’s Office.


He reports that the situation has deteriorated to the point where he is unable to use the premises anymore.


The MP says he has since written to the Department of the Legislature, as instructed by the clerk to Parliament.


Accordingly, a letter was sent, requesting that she follow up from her own office; but, again, he says he is yet to receive a response.


Pringle says it is a disgrace that an elected Member of Parliament –and the Leader of the Opposition, in particular – is expected to operate from such a deplorable structure.


And he adds that the Government is to be blamed for the condition of the building, which is a rented office.


In the meantime, Pringle says he is refusing to accept courtesy calls in that building, because of its unacceptable condition.


He notes that he is dismayed and in disbelief that, after five years, he still needs to raise this issue.


He was interrupted by Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt, who stated that the MP had made his point and had exceeded his five- minute allotted time.


The Speaker then suggested that Pringle find other way to address the matter. Pringle’s complaint came after boasts by St. John’s Rural East MP Maria Bird – the Works minister – who praised the Antigua Labour Party Government for its hard work in maintaining public buildings.


As examples, she cited the John E. St. Luce Conference Centre, the UWI Five Islands campus, and several others – almost all of which were projects of the United Progressive Party.

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  1. And rightfully so, your Honourable Jamale Pringle.

    But as you know, this ABLP government will continue to ride roughshod over parliamentary procedures, especially where the elected opposition is concerned.

    Furthermore, this is due to the fact that over the years the ABLP have been used to an overall majority in the House of Parliament; and they haven’t got a clue on how to deal with opponents that almost turfed them out of office at the last General Election … and this is the backlash.

    Awful set ah people. Nasty as hell too!

    You are right to highlight this DISPARITY, DISCREPANCY and DISSIMILATUDE your Honourable Jamale Pringle.

  2. It’s not the office that need attention. A de EMPTYHEAD DUNCENISS. You can “nice up” de office all you want, DEAD DARG PICK-UP-CORN PRINGLE til need help with READING, GRAMMAR, PRONUNCIATION and SENSE.

    Please Richard Lewis tek him in your lap and teach he likkle sense coz iShorna don’t seem to have time.

    Watta EMPTYHEAD DUNCE “leading” the IMF party!!!

    • @ Smh

      A dunce blew out the brilliant Colin James and the ‘smart’ Gaston Brown BADLY — they NAR EVEN CUM CLOSE.
      That shows this man is loved and lauded by his followers so you can go on and on just like u do Bowen, BUT NO BADDY a badder wid u n Gaston: Antigua is in a dutty stinking state-A DAT U FU STUDY. The amount of hunger and starvation in this country it’s unbelievable.

    • I am not connected to any party. But it is a SHAME and disgrace the way you talk about this young man. How can you all have so much hatred in you all heart? Look at how you class the man because of politics. IT’s people like you why this country in on a downward spiral. You all must stop. LET LOVE Reign. Stop bullying and degrading people. Thank God you can read and write properly.

    • Are you perfect? Have you done all things right?
      You all are cruel, inhuman and bullies. I hope all your children and grandchildren will be able to do better. When you are living in glass house don’t throw stones.

  3. All these guys do is complain. How much would it cost Pringle to fix his own office and make it somewhere he would want to work off out. When Gaston was faced with the same problems he fixed it with his own money.

  4. With all the millions he made from picking up death dogs from the street, what is a couple of thousands to fix your office so that you can receive your people and work in a conducive environment. Too damn stingy

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