Pringle Calls For Politicans To Be Removed From LIAT’s Board Of Directors


Opposition leader, Jamale Pringle, made a number of suggestions in parliament on Saturday in regards to the restructuring of LIAT; one suggestion was that politicians were to be removed from LIAT’s board of directors

Pringle added that persons trained in aviation should manage the new entity.

He also suggested that the new LIAT should delve more in cargo and consider partnership with companies like Amazon.

“You have avenues such as the cargo which is a critical part of any economy. LIAT must start looking and reaching out to companies, for example, look at Amazon – the leading company that deals with distribution of goods and services – and now use that and use this situation to create a relationship with Amazon…for moving goods from the US throughout the Eastern Caribbean,” he recommended.

“We have to look at creative means if we are going down this road… let us look beyond the movement of people,” said Pringle.

Pringle is also calling for a reduction in flight costs to neighbouring countries.

During his delivery, Pringle expressed that the government should be more transparent with the plan for LIAT saying, “present the plan so people know exactly, because its taxpayers are who are paying and providing these monies that you’re using.”

The Member of Parliament, for All Saints East and St Luke, reprimanded the central government stating that all stakeholders including the Opposition should be apart of the discussion as oppose to being summoned to an emergency meeting of parliament three days before and then get the Bill 24 hours before.





  1. Make sense…get these politicians off the board and have a clear litmus test for such appointments.

  2. This is so true.There should be no Politicians on any Boards in Antigua and Barbuda.With all of their responsibilities as Cabinet Members.Why do they need to be on Boards.Money,and or the love of money.We need to get them off NYAMCO BOARD,LIAT BOARD,WEST INDIES OIL BOARD,STATE INSURANCE BOARD,AMONG OTHERS.

  3. Poor Pringle. He was not able to read through a small document in 24 hours in order to make his contribution. I wonder why you pay your research officer for. You mean she who is well learned could not go through the document and the leader Harold a trained lawyer. None of them could put together a summary for you and the right questions to ask and the right concerns to raise. And then in order to sound intelligent you suggest for LIAT to try and work with AMAZON and get in the freight business. I mean has he never heard of LIAT Cargo and LIAT Quick Pack. What a disaster this young man is to young people in this country. When you have a large document to peruse in short space of time, even in the USA they let their staff do that. Senators and or Congressmen never ever read the entire document themselves. Sometimes they don’t know what is in the bill. Therefore Pringle you should utilize your research officer for this and don’t complain about not having enough time. It shows you guys are just not ready yet to perform on this level. You guys are just a set of lazy bum. A little hard work won’t kill you.

    • Sidelines:Why do they get a bill.The day before it is to be debated in the Parliament.It ought to be given within a reasonable time.For all Members of Parliament to peruse before the debate.Is it being done intentionally.Is it being done to embarrass the Opposition in Parliament.Are the Labor Party Parliamentarians getting the Bills at the same time as the Opposition Members.I would say absolutely not.

      • You know sometime in class the teacher would come and without notice would give a surprise test. And only those who did read their books would do well.
        Listen this was an abnormal situation. It has been said time and time before. Holding Parliament on Saturday is nothing normal. Some of the Parliamentarians are Adventist and had to struggle with their religious believes. But the came because of the urgency of the matter. PM Browne didn’t give them an option. This bill was not drafted in secrecy. Even the workers union was part of the drafting bill. The problem with the UPP is that they are lazy and don’t want any responsibility as an opposition party. When they were ask to be part of the ERC they found all sorts of reasons why they wouldn’t. The PM ask them if they wanted a public apology and they still refuse to be part. But thereafter they feel they can criticize the PM and say how they would have done things differently. Well sorry they had a change to be part of the solution, but they chose to be part of the problem. As I said this situations happens all the time in the USA when senators and congressmen are given bill with little time to read, yet they have to come and vote on it. And they use their staff to go through it in record time and give them pointers. And that is exactly what Pringle had to do. use your research officers and others in the party to assist you. If you had six persons reading a particular section of the bill it would have spread the burden and he would have gotten a summary of the entire bill in no time. That is called teamwork

  4. What else could we, would we expect of Pringle?? This is the obvious and only catch phrase that he could find, to bring out the passions of the excitable onlookers. When LIAT flounders it is to the government of the day that everyone turns to. It is these gevernments staffed by politicians, that have to go the electorate, the citizens to request that sacrifices have to be made on behalf of LIAT. Keep politicians out of their board rooms? Utter childish foolishness from a non-thinker.

  5. PRINGLE just recite what Harold and the MAN COW push down His throat. No One take Pringle serious. All Saints East and St. Lukes will be ABLP seat next election. Pringle will definitely lose His seat. He does not care of His CONSTITUENCY. ABLP will win all 17 seats including Barbuda.

  6. I agree with Pringle. Now time to call for the REMOVAL OF GISELE & LOVELL FROM THE UPP in order to save the party.

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