Pringle Believes Government’s Decision Against A Stimulus Package Is Unconscionable


Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle is calling for the Nation to take a stand against the Gaston Browne Administration because of its lack of empathy for those struggling during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Residents have been calling for a stimulus package to assist the needy and most vulnerable persons, many of whom have lost their jobs. But Browne says this will be considered only after the pandemic has cleared.

Accordingly, Pringle says the Government’s action is unconscionable.

Pringle says he believes the Government has enough finances to assist, but is refusing to spend it to ease the burden on the people.

While some citizens have declared the Government is broke, others say it is not possible.

They point to the revenues brought in by the Citizenship by Investment program; the resources that NAMCO has accrued; and the fact that Government has completed no major project in six years, and speculate that the Browne Administration is simply hoarding public funds for other purposes.

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  1. Pringle what have you done to assist anyone during this time especially the area where you were raised up? Why don’t you get together with your business associates and offer at least 1500 packages and show them that you’re really that guy?? Driving around tooting your horn in your fancy benz jeep and asking how everyone’s is doing acting like you care is not enough. Being involved in politics just seems to be just another hustle for you. You want to criticize and blame the government for everything show them what you can do and stop run your mouth.

    • If this government was smart, they would start a special new COVID-19 CIP citizenship option, perhaps at a lower cost or more attractive for young single successful millenials looking for a new country to call home. Although current Antigua CIP law forces a Antigua CIP citizen to pay an extra $75,000 simply if they get married in the future. Well, maybe the government will change and make things cheaper and more attractive to the under-30 global crowd. This will help our budget.

  2. PRINGLE why don’t you offer a STIMULUS to one of your Constituents. You should give one of your Constituents Gisel Isaac Research Officer Position to Someone in your Constituency. You talk and talk without acting. What the Hell you know about Stimulus.You just repeat what your COACHES in the UPP place in your BRAIN.Think for yourself Pringle. You are just a Messenger for UPP.

  3. @Fedup the ACTIVE administration is who owes you, they are the ones who have been collecting your tax both directly and indirectly so na ask Pringle because he doesn’t owe you shit. Tired of Antiguans and their misdirected anger/frustration. Antigua had surplus in different entities that would have served well in cushioning many in this horrible ride BUT guess what?? The administration in power with ALL THE BRIGHTEST BULBS thought that shouldn’t be and they took, took and took NOW look at us. Barely a month of lock down and we have to risk it all because the economy went belly up. Shame on them AND SHAME ON YOU FOR TRYING TO LOUD UP PRINGLE. PUT YA PASSION WEY IT TRULY BELONG MAN

    You are just an example as your name. You are totally MISDIRECTED as PRINGLE. You cannot see why Pringle could not give the RESEARCH OFFICER position to One of His Constituents ????Something is wrong with You . Stop Complaining and show action. You Guys just have BIG FAT CHAT !!!!

  5. Pringle and his party have to make up their minds as to whether or not the government is broke. The article states, “Pringle says he believes the Government has enough finances to assist, but is refusing to spend it to ease the burden on the people.” However, just last week, Lovell was on Observer saying that the government was broke.

    I think most of us would agree that the government has no money to meet its recurring expenses. Where would they get the funds for this stimulus package? The government has raided every statutory body in search of funds. Institutions like Social Security and MBS, traditional cash cows, are now hand to mouth and not even that.

  6. I don’t agree with Pringle, but at last he is showing some leadership as THE LEADER of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. If he could dump the party bosses and simply represent his constituency, he’ll be okay. He’s the one who was elected, not those other guys.

  7. This is clearly another example of either Pringle being ignorant of deliberately trying to cause problems. The PM spoke about a economic stimulus not a relief program. In SLU the PM there made clear “Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has said the relief package which he presented earlier this week was not an economic stimulus but a social stabilization plan” see “A stimulus package? PM Chastanet says he hasn’t delivered one as yet” By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online, April 11, 2020. In SLU along with stakeholders they are currently working on said economic stimulus plan. Their opposition recently pulled out from the committee setup to create such (see St Lucia opposition withdraws from committee finalizing economic stimulus plan, May 22, 268 Today). A&B social stabilization plan includes:

    1. food baskets being delivered to those negatively impacted by Covid 19
    2. Electricity and other utility relief to those affected
    3. Facilitating the increase in local food production in case there is a problem with imports (free seeds, free equipment to help build ponds and dams, allowing debt suspension to farmers for electricity)
    4. Increasing health system capacity to deal with Covid (infectious disease center created, added ventilators, facilitation of local testing)
    5. Facilitating teachers being able to offer online learning
    6. Working with credit unions and banks so they can provide debt relief tp persons negatively impacted
    7. Providing for the delivery of medication for those in need
    8. Providing free covid tests for symptomatic patients
    9. Providing and facilitating the provision of scarce PPE to persons on the front line.
    10. Removal of VAT on hygiene items, multivitamins and vitamin C

    • Now you see why Pringle doesn’t want to be part of the economic recovery team. He wants to stay at the sideline and throw mud and hope it sticks. But everyone can see that the UPP has no plan and no thinkers outside the box. They hear about other Islands providing some stimulus packages but have not investigated or research how that works and if that could be applied in Antigua. Don’t know why they don’t recommend government not paying everyone to stay home as long as it takes. And they don’t tell you where the money has to come from. As far as they concern that is not their headache. I mean this young man was ask to participate in a national forum and he refused. But now he wants to let his voice be heard. And some of the media houses facilitate him with that. The man just has no brain whatsoever. And rather than to keep his mouth shut and let us guess he opens it and reveals himself as a dunce. When you are a public figure you need to think before you speak.

  8. Does the One Single Pringle truly believe his own words or is he merely being dictated to by his “Research Officer” and other puppet master?

    It is my understanding that, according to Baldwin Spencer, Pringle owns a business. Why not set aside $x to give back to his constituents who elected him? And is there any update (confirmation or denial) regarding the UPP receiving a donation from WIOC to go towards care packages for the people? Other than criticize and make predictions about Barnes and Straffie, what has the party done to help during the covid19 situation?

    • Remember Baldwin Spencer used to say, you have to wait for the right phycological moment to do something.

  9. They are waiting to see when it really becomes necessary to so do. Then only then they would open their bank accounts and pour out their thousands of dollars of donated monies

  10. Clearly the LO/OL is not fit for the job but as our constitution dictate he got the job by default. He is a waste of time and money. Not verse on the constitution…..Why the Barbuda MP could not be named/appointed OL/LO? He would be a much better LO/OL than the current. Hopefully some time in 2021 we will see the rear end of him.



  13. Still no help with grammar, reading, comprehension, subject-verb agreement or public speaking skills from his party or his HIGHLY PAID RESEARCH OFFICER???? What a pity!! They have him running up and down like a loose goat. Time to reach out to Ishawna. She sat proudly by your side at Government House during your swearing in ceremony. Time to seek help boss.

  14. Pringle ,keep on speaking.It is causing “them” boys heartaches and misery.Tenman,Sidelines you guys earned your paychecks this month of May.As a matter of fact.I am going to check with Gaston to give you a bonus.Instead of a pair of knee pads.

    • That’s a great compliment coming from you. Thanks. My old knee pads are worn out anyway. Been doing gardening with the madam lately

    • The things you wish for show you are sick. You know I hear you all the time claim you are independent. What’s clear is you are highly biased and don’t even see it. The latter part is sad since it means you don’t know you need to make adjustments. While persons like you enjoy bashing A&B, let me point you to our infant mortality rate which as of the end of 2018 is 5 per 1000K (World bank data see ). Take the time to do the same for the US and its 5.8 per 1000K. Filter that down to African Americans and its double that. Kudos to the health officials and all those who have made this a reality. I pray the figures will continue to improve as they have since 1985 when it was 32.5 per 1000 (2003 it was 11.3, 2013: 6.3). Bugsy as much as you wish, the sky is not falling

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