Prime Minister Promises First Acre of Adjudicated Land in Barbuda to Former MP Arthur Nibbs


Prime Minister Gaston Browne Promises First Acre of Adjudicated Land in Barbuda to Former MP Arthur Nibbs

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced that the adjudication process in Barbuda is progressing smoothly, with land sales expected to commence in the next 30 to 45 days.

During a recent interview on Pointe FM, Browne highlighted the significance of this development and revealed a special plan for former Member of Parliament (MP) Arthur Nibbs.

Browne emphasized the government’s commitment to advancing the adjudication process, which is a crucial step in formalizing land ownership and facilitating economic development on the island.

He noted that the process is on track, and residents can anticipate the opportunity to purchase land soon.

In a notable gesture, Browne proposed that the first acre of adjudicated land on Barbuda be sold to Arthur Nibbs for just $1.

This symbolic sale aims to honor Nibbs’ contributions and recognize his role in the community.

Browne expressed his hope that Nibbs would accept this offer, adding a personal touch to the announcement by mentioning that he is confident Nibbs is listening.

A proposal will also go before Cabinet to name the new Barbuda Airport in hour of Nibbs.

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  1. Yes. Former MP Arthur Nibbs has served his community well. Current MP Honourable Trevor Walker is serving his community also. There are some anomalies. The current MP owns the only gas station on island? The current MP also supports the notion that Antiguans cannot own lands on Barbuda despite the fact that our country is a twin island state and he apparently owns property in Antigua. Tò many Antiguans and Barbudans this is contradictory in nature.

  2. Since when does any prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda have to right to give away any lands at will? Is there an existing law that specifically states any current serving Prime Minister has the authority to give away crown lands just like that?

    If not, your dictator PM is showing their true colours. He thinks all the crown lands are his to do as he likes including selling an acre of land for one blasted dollar. Gaston showing once again it all about him and his cronies. A person who really needs that land can’t even afford to get it but Gaston the modern Hitler can give it away to one of his ass kissing brown lipped servant.

    But don’t worry people, you get who and what you voted for. You can’t blame anyone else but you for “voting” them in or giving away your vote for that chicken, turkey, microwave, ham, fridge, stove and even driver’s license. All this is the result of you firstly allowing blatant bribes to be made instead of calling them out about it and 2ndly making them the country’s “leaders”. All they in it for is self gratification and as Gaston himself said, “creative enrichment”. That’s what your vote has done.

    Be happy and be proud of where your country is going.

  3. The thing about Barbuda is life to them is just a lackadaisical kind away, good credit, credit cards and having the opportunity for a bank loan is furthest from their mind, correction belongs only to a few, plus even though we gain independence as a twin island, I truly believe they continue think that England is still in full control and will only listen and abide by what Buckingham say.
    Be mindful that this is 2024 and they still depend on Big brother for everything and I always say you babysit someone for too long the comfort will eventually kick in and real life as it should be will prove difficult to come by.

  4. It was never babysitting, it’s all about child abuse and statutory rape. Over many decades, several ALP Parliamentarians took it upon themselves to mine and export sand from Barbuda and amassed well over U.S $ mil 300 while the island was offered crumbs. The present leader was a juvenile then,now he’s joins the organization and and heads directly for the barbudans’ lands. Arthur Nibbs was the orchestrator of a movement to rebel against any form of so-called development; he even spearheaded the destruction of a shipping container that contained millions of dollars of equipment. He was the most ferocious opponent of the Bird regime and eventually became a giddy lamb after a red money bag was dangled in front of him like a pendulum and now he’s been rewarded with the same loot that he fought so hard to protect.

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