Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne tests positive for COVID-19 (+AUDIO)

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne today (April 9) confirmed his testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Browne, appearing virtually on local radio station Pointe FM 99.1 on Saturday, said he received his diagnosis yesterday and was ‘feeling fine’. He only complained of a little nasal congestion.

“Notwithstanding the fact that I tested positive for COVID yesterday, I’m doing fine. I’m taking decongestants but other than that, I think I’m doing well,” he explained.

The prime minister seemed to credit his outlook on his diagnosis to the fact that he is fully vaccinated against the infectious disease and urged more Antiguans to do the same.

Browne also conceded that he understood that he would always be at high risk of contracting the virus being a public figure.

“So, the job is such [that] I’m always exposed, which is why I took the opportunity to get vaccinated quickly. Other than this I’m in good health. My oxygen levels [are] fine. I’m feeling well; I don’t have any loss of appetite, no loss of taste. No fever. No headaches. So, I’m doing good,” said Browne.

The most recent public appearance of the Antiguan leader, 55, was on April 7, when he presided over the official opening ceremony of the Villa Polyclinic in the capital St John’s.

Listen to Browne here make the announcement:



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  1. …#Fake Knews!
    …#Fake News!

    …According to well placed sources, …even though, he’s got all the resources
    …he took #da Booster!
    …and, that was undercover
    …In The Heat of The Night
    …but not the #Vaccine!
    …so, this don’t need Mr. Decipher
    …if, you know what I mean
    …‘cause, the People have proclaim …he’s a reincarnation of Adolph Hitler!
    …Mr. Prime Minister!
    …let’s hope, that this don’t affect your brains further
    …as, a COVIDIOT long hauler!

    • How heartless some persons can one be to say it is fake news….. Do you have the facts? Remember every dog have its day. TODAY IS HIS… TOMORROW WILL BE YOURS….. So RAAAAAAS SMOOTH just becareful with your thoughts & yours actions….!!

      • @Bluddy Bloke…you can trust me on this one.
        At any crossroad, that I come to, I dig three(3) graves, not two(2). The one closest to me, is for me. The one next to that one, is for my “Jumbee”(Spirit).
        The one furthest from me, is for my #Frenemy or enemy.
        The reason is, I am always willing and is not afraid, not even of Death, to pay for my actions, of which I am fully aware breathes and equal and opposite reaction. At times instantaneously or over time. But rest assured, nature will manifest its balance.

        Now to this issue, of Gaston Browne, PM contracting the virus. Nature and karma have shown up at Gaston’s door, and if your memory serves you correct, the actions of the PM regarding this virus and it affect on HUEmanity have left many unanswered questions…

        A…his alleged taking of a vaccine which was only made available, to a selected few in the Nation. A whole episode can be produced from this.

        B…the draconian policy’s put in place to control the people and not the mutating virus. Because, as you are aware, by now the narrative around this epidemic changed faster than a bullet leaving a gun.

        C…the TEAR GASSING of innocent people, because they were standing up for their RIGHT peacefully which turned out to be correct because, even the learned professionals have since, agreed with what they were standing up for.

        Therefore, BLUDDY BLOKE, if you think, that my facetious comment, of which I am entitled to, has touched or torched some of your nerve cells, causing you to have a schizophrenic moment, and you would like to reenact, a #Will Smith or #Chris Rock Oscar moment, I’ll be Chris Rock, but my re-ligious belief does not dictate that I turn, the other cheek.

        BTW – many of you are reacting like PM Gaston Browne is god. Sorry to disappoint you, he’s not mine. And, I even crack jokes about god too!

  2. Stop giving the impression that wearing a mask can protect you from covid 19…….neither mask nor vaccine can protect you from covid 19. Stop the bullshit now .

    • Mr. Pelle you seem to be missing the point…. No one said that wearing a mask can stop you from getting Covid. What the mask does it minimizes the transmission of the virus Sir!! Research has proven it to be a fact. Anyway I know you are on the same train with us to wish the PM get well greetings

  3. Such is the risk when you have the interest of the nation at heart. For a man who is prepared to put his own life at risk for the nation shows the metal of the man. Sir I wished I could have given you my non compromised immune system so that you can continue the nation’s work speedily. My family wish you a speedy recovery.

    • He has the interest of the nation at heart when he was seen strutting in Dubai without a mass? All the people he was in contact with had better get tested. He is now trying to blame his visit to Barbuda.

  4. Gaston probably had covid a long time ago. Didn’t someone say that he didn’t look well and should look after himself?

  5. Our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers are with Comrade Prime Minister. Your leadership has made us proud again. May God give you long life and at least 20 more years in the leadership of the nation.

  6. Do not look my way,for I have no empathy for you. I as an individual do not wallow in the pity of others. However,there is always an exception to that rule with me,you. For over the past 2 years,I have heard you laugh at others with Covid-19.I have also heard you ridicule the citizenry who have a disagreement with your decisions making. I have always told you,when you spit into the air. Chances are it would fall back into your face. What goes around comes around and bite you in the arse when you least expect it. I hope that you have learned sometime wise from this. Treating others as you would like them to treat you,with RESPECT.

  7. JUST SAYING your hyperbole is absolutely astounding. What risk is the Prime Minister taking for the Nation that is putting his life in harm’s way? Have you forgotten he is fully vaccinated and is also boosted? He was the first to be vaccinated in this country and also the first to be boosted. Please tell me what risk are you talking about. The Prime Minister himself stated that he might have caught the virus dining at a restaurant in Barbuda or Miami. The risk he is exposed to is the same risk we are all exposed to with the only difference being that many of us do not get the opportunity to be dining in London, Paris, New York, Dubai, Milan and Nice at the click of the finger. Please stop being so dramatic.


      TABOR….You can wish the Prime Minister a SPEEDY RECOVERY without bringing politics into the situation. Everyone can catch COVID.

      • RUPERT MANN I did not bring politics into this matter. I was just countering your comrade JUST SAYING ridiculous notion that the Prime Minister caught covid while risking his life for us. How did he risk his life for us? He got his two shots of the MODERNA vaccine and he also got his booster shot. The point I wished to make is that you guys must stop spinning everything to make the Prime Minister look like some SUPER HERO. I dear say it is that attitude by you and all the other comrades that cause you to politicize the simplest and most insignificant actions of the Prime Minister.

        • @ Charles Tabor; “Just Saying” as usual pretty much not saying much.
          Hopeless Betty well that speaks itself.
          Crazy Kristi well oh Lord.
          You see my point Mr Tabor.
          Have a nice cup of tea and enjoy.
          your comment was well recieved and understood the first.
          Lol some just completely ignore your point made.

  8. All you idiots go ahead playing with Jah. The Master don’t love ugliness coming from the mouths of idiots. There is a old saying, when you dig a pit for someone else, you best dig 2. Karma have a way to deal idiots. All you gwarn. The fire is hotter for those who wished others badd due to their filthy duttie political foolishness. Please no need to rejoiced and spout your usual insanity.

  9. Actually Mr.PM, this infection will allow you to develop long lasting memory B and T cells as well as mucosal IgA antibodies in your upper respiratory tract.
    So kudos to naturally acquired immunity.

      • @Wharf Rat, yes kudos. Because when you become infected naturally, you develop the antibodies in your upper airways that’s required to block future infections.
        If you have evidence that naturally immune persons have been reinfected multiple times , bring it.

        • @Sugarapple: A person fully Vaccinated could get Covid-19 more than once,ask Jen Psaki. You could be re-infected more than once,with Covid-19.Do your searches,see and read for yourself.

          • @WharfRat, do you understand what naturally immune means? It means people who got the virus and recoved. My comment is about people who develop immunity from infection not from vaccination.
            Getting infected with the virus causes your body to develop antibodies in your upper airway, which is what the vaccines couldn’t do. The upper airway antibodies can prevent future infections.The vaccines only allowed people to develop antibodies in their blood, that’s why they don’t work to prevent reinfection. Stop being an idiot.

  10. Just goes to show that politicians can no longer assume they will have long political careers regardless of their tricks and antics. A few weeks ago he would have been his political future was assured. Now instead of a long political career he could easily end up with long COVID and no long term political future. This is the new reality.

  11. The prayers of all normal people are with you, wishing you a speedy recovery in the service of the Nation. You make us proud.

  12. All dem f he use to talk bout and he catch it. When u vaccinated for a virus u dont show signs if your body comes in contact with the virus. When one get vaccinted for the pox do they still itch and bumps pop uo on the skin if the virus gets presented to their system think not.

  13. “… The Prime Minister seemed to credit his outlook on his diagnosis to the fact that he is fully vaccinated against the infectious disease and urged more Antiguans to do the same …”


    For the PM to use his Covid status as a propaganda tool is so wrong on so many levels, and continues to mislea the populous.

    I’m still unvaccinated and had also contracted Covid. I made a full recovery in days, by allowing my – God given – immune system to work against the virus (as many eminent medical experts and virologist have regularly mentioned); with supplements, vitamins and regular exercise.


    • That’s correct, however, our PM must stop the misinformation and misleading the public
      – Antiguans are not fools!!!


      • Honestly you are biggest idiot of the bunch.Man get a life and spouting some much ignorance and nonsense. You are really pathetic and ignorant.

        • Hey Colombo, it’s nice to know that I’ve now got a permanent parking space INSIDE OF YOUR HEAD – LOVELY!!!

          Again, as I said before, learn to debate well and it won’t highlight your lack of ANY EDUCATION …

  14. Gaston! Stone, you expect me to believe that you contracted Covid!!! Your a master of seeking sympathy. Nutten tarl go so. As another blogger emphatically said. Fake News!!!!!

  15. There’s a old saying..if you have nothing good to say.. say nothing..
    I’m going to take my own advice
    and say nothing🤔

  16. Go to NIH [dot] GOV and type in Ivermectin and Cancer into their search box.
    Better be sitting down when you read what comes up!

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