Prime Minister Harris Announces Double Salary For Civil Servants


Civil servants across St. Kitts and Nevis received exciting news earlier today (Tuesday, December 14), as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris announced the payment of a double salary before the end of this month.

The surprising announcement, which was met with a resounding round of applause, was made during the 2022 Budget Address delivered by Prime Minister Harris during a Sitting of the National Assembly at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.

In making the announcement, Prime Minister Harris said, “Mr. Speaker, we do so for a number of reasons. But importantly, we are a compassionate Government. We understand that even as we speak or we meet here, thousands of persons are still suffering, thousands of persons are still not fully engaged in our hotels and our restaurants. We appreciate that, and they need some help. We appreciate that although we have been unique in protecting the jobs of nigh ten thousand people or the income—our civil servants, our GAE workers and our pensioners—protecting their flow by not laying off persons [because they have families] and many of our civil servants have now become the sole income earner in their families and extended families.”

The prime minister added that another reason behind his Government’s decision to pay this extra-month salary is that it will generate much needed economic activity and help the country’s economy get back on track.

“We are hoping that by this generosity, by putting more monies into circulation – some $35 million plus in circulation – that we will see the impact of this new wave of aggregate demand in the restaurants, in the supermarkets leading to higher demand for labour and for putting our people at work,” the Finance Minister said.

More than three thousand workers under the Skills Training Empowerment Programme (STEP) in St. Kitts and Nevis are also expected to benefit from the payment of the double salary this month.

Prime Minister Harris has also urged the Boards and Management of the Statutory Bodies, where they have the means to do so, to pay a double salary or bonuses to their staff.

This month’s payment of a double salary will mark the fifth such payment made by the Dr. Timothy Harris-led Team Unity Government since taking office in 2015.

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  1. What are the unions doing for us in ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA,the fee raised from $5:00 to $10:00, and yet still our salaries remain the same….

  2. Every year they put the economic powhouse to shame. Antiguans will get some Japanese used Vitz for election and some ham and turkey for Christmas, don’t worry.

  3. How are they able to do that coming out of a pandemic? Are we still the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean. In terms of management Dr. Harris is showing up our hot air balloon

  4. Its laugable to see the UPP supporters with this why don’t the government of Antigua do this. Why the hell didn’t y’all fearless leader Harold Lovell do this when he was the man with the purse. What was Harold Lovell excuse?

    • @Ameisa you know what happened to lot’s wife when she look back according to the Bible? Talk about the present and what your top dawg has done with the billions collected from CIP that the UPP did not have.

      • Lol look how a simple reminder that UPP was once upon a time in government got under your skin. Yet you fail to answer the question why didn’t Harold Lovell leader of UPP who was once the man with the purse why didn’t he pay double pay during his time answer that.

      • Harold Lovell was minister of Finance. He had ample opportunity to give double salaries he did not have a global pandemic to deal with what’s his excuse? Some of you really have selective memory.

  5. This is madness! This money would have been better spent on health related stuff during this pandemic. Instead giving it to people who will waste it away on rum, weed and other trivial pastimes. I am not impressed by this action.

    Hon. Gaston is much more prudent and will ensure that the government money goes towards productive activities especially in this pandemic.

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