Prime Minister Gaston Browne pleads case of island states during meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz


As chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne participated in an Open Exchange with the new German  Chancellor Olaf Scholz earlier today.

The meeting is only one of several bilateral and multilateral engagements that will hold the attention all the country’s Prime Minister on his visit to New York for the 77th United Nations General Assembly.

Prime Minister Browne was accompanied by Minister of Education the Hon. Daryll Matthew. Also in attendance were the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, the President of Suriname Chandrikapersad Santokhi and the Prime Minister of Tuvalu Kausea Natano.

Prime Minister Browne used the opportunity to plead the case of small island states who remain under the constant threat of extreme climatic conditions.

A major priority for Antigua and Barbuda as Chair of AOSIS at COP27 is the establishment of a funding facility to finance Loss and Damage.

“COP27 must show the political will to address the climate crisis like the crisis that it is, and the responses that we have seen for the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy security crises,” Prime Minister Browne stated.

Against this background, Prime Minister Browne urged for the inclusion of Loss and Damage as an item on the COP 27 agenda and ultimately for the establishment of such a funding arrangement by the end of the meeting, which will take place in Egypt later this year.

He also took Germany to task for reactivating coal plants even as the goal to stay below 1.5 remains under threat because of the hesitancy by industrialised nations to shift meaningfully away from their dependence on fossil fuels.

Prime Minister Browne also tabled several solutions for Germany’s consideration in supporting the needs of Small Island States (SIDS), one of which is the Multidimensional Vulnerabilty Index (MVI) where Prime Minister Browne is the Co-Chair of the UN Expert Panel on the MVI

Once agreed by UN Member States, the MVI  will take into account the unique vulnerabilities for island states as they seek to build resilience from climate change and other global shocks. The MVI will allow middle and high-income SIDS to gain access to concessional financing and other development support irrespective of their income status.

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  1. Now our Prime Minister is being more ministerial and using a firm hand in dealing with his fellow associates.

    Strong and assertive, and not acting overwhelmed and intimidated. Nice!

    Now show the same sort of vigor when you return home, and put in place your recovery program for the citizens and economy of Antigua & Barbuda … 🤜🤛

  2. From The Sideline, Dave Gay, Just Saying – Congratulations on your ascension to the throne. 👑 👑 👑 🙁

  3. Here we go again. Leadership really matters. Our Prime Minister shows again that he is at the top of his game when dealing with his contra parts at international events.
    Who would replace him should the UPP get into office? God forbid.

  4. Well well well. It shows again that leadership really matters. Once again, our Prime Minister, Gaston Browne shows how he is compitent to sit with his counterpart in any international forum and represent not only us, but the entire region well. Think of it if the UPP ever won the election. Who would represent us on these levels in international forums?

    • @Sideline
      You might think that Gaston is the only intelligent person in Antigua, but you are fooling yourself. There are many educated, brilliant Antiguans who can more than represent Antigua in any international forum. Think about it, Gaston is not god and will be replaced as prime minister. If he is so smart, why doesn’t he solve all the problems plaguing little dirty Antigua.

  5. From The Sideline, a mourn The man ah mourn?
    Congratulations on your ascension to the throne your majesty. Eh?
    How embarrassing? Save that compliment for another forum.
    Maybe your boy Gaston was thinking that he would never have another opportunity to sit with Charles.

    Charles was surprised to see him, knowing that the GG is there.
    BTW, the king was totally disappointed to see him as he was expecting to see Sir Master Blaster instead.

  6. Leadership, my big toe. He gone overseas again begging money. The solutions to our problems are not in New York or Germany; they are in Antigua.

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