Prime Minister Gaston Browne New Year’s Day Address to the nation 2022

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne

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  1. I guess most politicians take credit for things they did not do. The new terminal building was a UPP project. The previous terminal building was also an opposition project financed by the Canadian government. The beautiful government buildings on Queen Elizabeth High Way, who built them? Check further down the road and see the buildings Labour built. The three roads being repaired, whose money is being spent, certainly not the your government. When has the labour government spent any money on any project to beautify Antigua for Antiguans? And by the way where are all the investments you are suppose to be bringing to Antigua, even the recent one you mentioned of 300million US dollars? Do you care to tell us who this investor is and the nature of his investment and when he wii start his project. You say investors want to invest immediately and not sit on their money.
    Have a healthy new year.

    • Says the hater who did not want UWI down at Five Islands who say we can’t afford it haters will always be haters

      • @Badmiinded
        Dispute what I wrote. You can’t, so you resort to a simpleton response. Did I mention UWI? This government can’t build anything to benefit Antiguans. But they are good at huffing what UPP built. When are the people in the grey green community going to get their sports complex that the UPP government had built for them. And by the way the students in Five Island are still without a proper school.

        • Who built Heritage Quay, vendors mall public market west bus station terminal deep water harbor mount st john’s public library …. Upp right ya badminded hypocrite

  2. @ JACKIE
    If UPP was so good why the hell are They out of office with only one seat in PARLIAMENT. Jackie you sound like a FOOL.

    • @Pete
      You should ask why Antiguans are so docile that they think labour is the best they can have for a government. I pity my people as all the free education they have access to, a free turkey and ham at Christmas and forgiveness of a couple months of utilities are all it takes to vote a government in office. I really cannot fathom how people like you can write such crap. You either have to be paid to write what you write or a docile Antiguan or maybe both.

  3. “… No bona fide investors sits idly on money, all investors want to see their money work …”

    Lies, half-truths and MORE misinformation from Gaston Browne.

    When he first came into office (and I was one of his biggest supporter’s at that time), I witnessed first hand when he appealed to Antiguans living abroad to invest in the country.

    Many of us took him on his word and invested (some quite heavily), in businesses; homes; land, and not forgetting those students who are – paying the big bucks – studying abroad as well; only for Gaston Browne to exile and abandon us during this pandemic.


    In office, the Prime Minister is pulling all the strings for now, but when he’s OUT OF OFFICE, I hope and pray that all the diaspora exiled by Gaston Browne’s disproportionate actions, that we will all come together and start some sort of ‘class action’ suit against him for the return of our investments, any losses, and the return of our tax payments WHILST IN EXILE.


  4. That’s some Jumbie Economics. Four percent growth in 2021? Call Barnes for he. Barnes can even bury Jumbie!!

  5. By the way. A lying tongue leads to a dry mouth. Which leads to frequent licking of the lips. A glass of water should have been provided while giving this covid infected speech.

  6. What happens if GB loses the election but keeps his seat and becomes Leader of the Opposition? How will he manage that and how will he spend his money amassed. Will he still expect to fly around on the private jets and yachts? Where will he live, now his house is Imperially occupied? How will he protect Calvin in Antigua and PLH in Barbuda? Where will YIDA go to cry?
    And what about the Chinese expansion will they continue to take over our country? Will the Chinese Headquarters of the Caribbean open to seize dissidents, distribute counter-intelligence in the region and control more islands?
    Will the millions borrowed from China and Dubai cause us to lose control of our country?

  7. A man that sell out his country bring shame and poverty for the majority while enriching himself is not fit to govern.

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