Prime Minister Gaston Browne in Los Angeles for The Summit of the Americas


Prime Minister Gaston Browne and CARICOM Colleagues, are currently in Los Angeles, USA, attending The Summit of the Americas.

The Summit will engage Hemisphere leaders discussing pertinent issues such as building a sustainable and resilient future along with democracy, technology and pandemic resilience.

PM Browne with CARICOM colleagues

Prime Minister The Hon. Gaston Browne and The Hon. Maria Browne greets US President Joseph Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the inaugural event of the IX Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California (Wednesday 8th June, 2022).

In Photos: Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne and the Hon.Maria Browne arrives at the inaugural event of the IX Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California (Wednesday 8th June, 2022).

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  1. Why does our Prime Minister always seem so starstruck and in awe at these gatherings and events?

    Now look at Mia Mottley’s stance and presence (I.e, strong, poised and in control, like she ah run tings!).


    She’s the total opposite to our leader, who look like he ah look freebies and gifts 🎁 🎁 🎁… again! 😄

    • Why do you hide behind your comments by using an alias? It always amazes me that you guys are always ready to praise others from countries where you don’t live and cry down your own, even on diplomatic trips.

      • Dave Ray shut up. You need to go hide period. You pretend that you know everything! Maybe you should hide behind a pseudonym for all the dumb partisan comments I see from you.

      • @DAVE RAY: He met with your Party Leader “Clueless” Biden. Remember you were with COMPUTER HILARY CAMPAIGN TEAM IN NEW YORK. Could that be the reason she got her arse kicked. Is she planning on running again? If so,the results would be the same. On a serious note. In those pictures above,Gaston is looking very tired to me. Could be the long flight from Antigua to the West Coast of the USA. Dave Ray,seeing that you are an insider to the GBLP( Gaston Browne Labor Party). Perhaps you should tell him to take a vacation. Go to the Beach daily and kick back,relax and enjoy what life has to offer. One of the worse things to do have much $$$ and lead an internal miserable life.

      • @ Dave and what amazes me is that you think because lol you put a name that it’s the said person.
        Your point is pointless and borderline silly at best.
        Gaston is not in Antigua as we speak you can come up now🐽 for fresh air
        And how exactly do we know this is the real Dave Ray.
        Must be a real slow day for you.
        Know what they say if you don’t nothing to say don’t say nothing.

      • Forgive them. They cannot help themselves.
        They are blinded by political hate.
        As the PM used to say they rather be King of the Ashes, than an ordinary citizen in a prosperous country.

  2. I tell you Antigua can never progress because there is always some negative person or persons who have issues with the Prime Minister. How he carries himself is what makes him a great leader. He should show people the real him and not be fake. Go Gaston Browne you make your country PROUD!!!!

    • So how can Antigua progress when the prime ministers goes on his radio station every week and disparage ordinary citizens? Does that not offend you too? Do you speak out against that?

      • I am not saying what he does on the radio is right , I’m just saying he is only human just like everyone else anybody cuss me me will cuss dem too. There is always two sides to a story. But when they are doing things to put Antigua in the lime light i believe its a good look.

      • He only does that to his opponent. And that is part of our political discourse. And he never ever has called them derogatory names. Just check your Webster Dictionary for each word he has ever called his opponent.

  3. Thought he said he wasn’t going if the president is going to be there.

    That poor soul don’t know what to do with himself.

    So much for standing up with our caricom neighbors……..

    • @ A+black+woman, however Gaston Browne supporters like Dave Ray and Justice choose to forget this fact. JOKERS!

      ‘Generational’ ABLP supporters … can’t see any wrong doing whatsoever.

      People going hungry, cost of living going through the roof and many pensioners and workers not receiving monies owed – BUT THIS IS OK ACCORDING TO BOTH OF THEM!

    • So sad to see how ill-informed you are. Don’ you see how many Caricom leaders are there?

  4. Los Angeles California produces some of the best porn films I have watched.

    Happy pride month. #LGBTQ

    • JUST SAYING since you are so into porn, I would suggest that you move to California. Hanging out in the red light district there you certainly will not miss Popeshead Street 😂

    • I’m betting this “just saying” imposter is vb 3rd the “social media psychopath ” the should be prisoner

  5. Dave Ray people hide behind names because of being afraid of victimization. They will go after your entire family. Your children or grandchildren will not get board of education assistance. Those whose party in power can sing openly. Independent voters also use aliases. Now – this is my reason for saying that the First Lady should not enter into elected politics. Traveling with and taking care of her husband should be the First Lady focus. She should be championing charitable organizations, fighting for women and girls etc.
    Mr.Pm you need to shut up , a few days ago you were all over the media saying you will not be attending because Cuba and Venezuela were not involved. There are two dictatorial government and you need to know who you represent ( Antigua ) who hired you Antiguans- so you are representing us and not your own Biases.

  6. Hope he discuss with them the money owed to us for the Internet gaming one time also , its long over due and the money will be used correctly and not corruptly

      • The DICTATOR is the “Electoral college” et al. You silly ppl in ‘meriKKKa don’t even get to ELECT your president. Thank God we have DEMOCRACY in Wadadli where it’s 1 man, 1 vote.

  7. Makes me very proud as Antiguan and Barbudan to our proudly our PM and his dear wife are representing us. I cannot remember the last time we had such a good representation of a husband and wife. Not even Spencer I can remember travelling with his wife. And I stand corrected.
    The PM is setting a very good example for future politicians. Be a good family man if you want to lead the country.

    • @From The Sidelines…Upper_Cut, the crew on Bakers_Corner and Red_SHUT in Point and Villa have a lot to say. It will be interesting to hear what they’re saying about Gaston today.
      Gaston strength in City West, now comes from those ‘sub-cultures’ within the Community, that were allowed to thrive on drugs, prostitution and other criminal activities which neither law enforcement nor the media pays and serious attention to.

      He was anle to cast Red_Shut aside but, the ☂️ Parasol_Ladies are not as easy to discard. They act in a cohesive manner.

      A good 1000 meter infrared zoom lens with night vision capability attached to some video/audio recording devices makes for great surveillance(s).

      The Nation need some good INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS and not, #Arm_Chair News REGURGITATORS.

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