Prime Minister Gaston Browne Defends Fuel Price Increases


**Prime Minister Gaston Browne Defends Fuel Price Increases in Parliament**

Prime Minister Gaston Browne justified the government’s decision to increase gasoline prices, citing improved economic conditions and reduced vulnerability among the population.

Browne emphasized that Antigua and Barbuda’s economic progress and decreased unemployment rates warranted the adjustment in fuel pricing policies.

“Antigua and Barbuda has the lowest fuel prices in the Caribbean, perhaps barring Jamaica and Guyana,” Prime Minister Browne stated.

He further noted that fuel prices in the region were on average $1 higher than in Antigua and Barbuda, highlighting the discrepancy that necessitated a reevaluation of the country’s fuel pricing mechanisms.

“Our people are doing significantly better,” stated Prime Minister Browne, highlighting success stories shared by individuals, including taxi operators who reported substantial earnings and financial stability. These positive economic indicators, coupled with lower unemployment rates, led the government to reconsider its approach to fuel subsidies and pricing.

Browne explained that historically, the government had subsidized fuel price increases, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, to alleviate financial pressures on citizens. However, with the economy performing well and unemployment rates decreasing, the government believes that consumers can now afford the nominal increase in fuel prices.

“The government’s decisions are aimed at striking a balance between supporting the economy, meeting fiscal responsibilities, and ensuring that citizens benefit from relatively affordable fuel prices compared to neighboring countries,” Browne emphasized. He reassured the public that the government would continue to monitor fuel price fluctuations closely and implement measures to cap increases to avoid excessive burdens on consumers.

Watch the Q&A from Parliament here:

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  1. If the economy is doing so well as the Prime Minister says, then it’s the time to ease the squeeze. Time to share some of the good times with the citizens. Times are good so Gaston sock it to the country’s poor people.

    This Dunce thinks that because Antigua fuel prices are lower than that of our neighbors, then it’s a discrepancy. Discrepancies are oversights or mistakes.

    It’s no mistake we have a special relationship with Venezuela. We bulk and distribute petroleum. It makes every sense in the world for fuel to be cheaper in Antigua and Barbuda.

    Are these the same taxi operators who reported substantial earnings and financial stability according to Gaston. A re these the same Taxi people who were in Cabinet last week begging for help. They are doing so well but they reach all the way to Cabinet seeking help.

    I don’t recall UPP Member of Parliament response to this nonsense.

  2. I would also defend it.If I did not have to spend my personal money to pay for it.He ia doing very,very,well,at the expense of all taxpayers.

  3. What a economic dunce we have here. This got to be a bloody joke? Does this man actually go on radio with this blasphemy?
    He must have a twin to rarse, because any competent leader would not go on public radio, or anywhere for that matter, and spue this total crap out their mouth..smdh.

    Four more years of this guy, really? @Brix. You told me the other day to have some faith in time, and that better will soon come when this man is removed from office, but got damn man, this is just beyond me my friend.

    Again, I do not hate this man, but when you see and hear the blatant destruction this man is forcing on the people, it’s just hard to sit back and keep quiet to backside.. If a country is doing well Gatson, (according to you) the objective should be to let the poorer people of the country get a break, and ease the burden on those people, that’s what smart leaders do, if not, you come across like a pompous bastard, but I guess you have no conscience left anymore in that big head of yours..oh I forgot, conscience comes from the heart..

    Where is your heart Gatson?

    • To tell you the truth @ Islanman26, people like Gaston Browne fascinate me. Simply because I’ve seen politicians around the globe with a lot less baggage than him pay the political price for poor leadership and negligence of their economy.

      Whose fault is it that someone like Browne is still in charge of the country after two terms?

      Is it the closeness and togetherness of those around him that protects him come what may?

      Is litigation his – tried and trusted weapon – against those who can I’ll afford to pay if they lose?

      And how about those who continually stay silent when they know that the country cries out for transparency.

      Or simply are we to blame for our own self-flagellation by continuing to vote him into power?

      My own positivity comes from the fact that the ABLP just scrapped by in at the last General Election, and there is no way in hell that Antiguans will EVER put this narcissistic out of touch man in power again.

      I HOPE HE STAYS UNTIL 2028 …


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