Prime Minister Fears Losing CIP Revenue Will Lead To Downsizing Of Public Sector


As countries of interest, United States and Canada, are changing their travel and immigration policies, Prime Minister Gaston Browne shared that an unsustainable Citizeship by Investment Programme (CIP) could lead to the downsizing of public sector.

“I do accept that if we lose the revenue, it will create some difficulties. And, maybe under those circumstances, we will be forced to maybe downsize,” said Browne.

The change in policies is as a result of the growing number of persons gaining citizenship as a result of the Caribbean programme.

The government has made a forecast that CIP revenues in 2019 could stand at $132 million, however, now more than ever there is uncertainty as to the viability of the CIP/CBI industry in the Caribbean in the coming years.

Browne assures that if the CIP revenue remains consistent then it will be used to cover expenditure.

“Provided that those revenues remain viable and consistent, we’re going to utilise them to cover our expenditure,” Browne explained.

Salaries, wages and debt repayments account for 115 percent of total tax revenues collected, according to the finance minister.

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    An early warning.’

    The ‘…US and Canadian Immigration Policies,’ are to be likened to ‘…bombs dropped to wipe out the enemy, but also wiped out the innocent people.’

    In war, there is no way of ‘…protecting innocent civilians or avoiding casualties.’

    Harbor no illusions.

    As long as the ‘…United States’ is prepared to launch ‘…Preemptive Military Strikes’ against Middle Eastern countries, their ‘…wealthy nationals’ of whom are ‘…targeted by indigent countries’ for the ‘…Economic Programme’ (CIP), then expect ‘…Collateral Damage’ to such Programme.

    That speaks to the harsh realities of War.

    • …all by “design,” since, the FLAVIANS, the Caesars, the Romans re- aligned their LEGIONS, into present day RE-Ligious Orders, Millitary Legions, Platoons and Forces!
      Nothing, as in No-thing is the only thing which happens, by mistake, every other thing, to include WARS, are by design!

  2. Antigua has way to many government employees, compared to other caribbean island
    No wonder we are in dept that much

  3. The PM is a master tactician, one of the reason’s why, he came out PUBLICLY, against the attack on the US Embassy in Iraq.
    He knows, that CIP(everyday, de bucket go a well, one day, de bottom will drop out, by design no doubt), the PM knows, that the CIP program will run its course, and the “trickle down” effect will slow to a “drip-drip, drip-drop, drrrriiiippp drrroooopppp, until it finally STOP.

    The Art Of War, is shadowed by The Art Of Deception…what’s on the Chinese Menu today?
    …25 acres of Crown lands
    …front row seat in Parliament.
    …Sea Port/Customs
    …no taxes, no duties, no social security contributions!

  4. Antigua’s CIP program needs to be updated and legally modernised. Here are the two biggest problems with the CIP program right now:

    1. Potential applicants are scared that their citizenship will be revoked by our government after it is granted. They worry that at any point in the future should they be falsely accused of crimes in any country the world, our government will just strip it away. Who wants to become a citizen of a country where citizenship can be stripped away so easily merely due to allegations?

    2. If a single Antigua CIP citizen gets married or has a kid in the future, they have to pay huge further government fees to have their future wife or kid become a citizen of Antigua. These huge fees are much more than other countries. In fact, future 2nd generation children of CIP citizens should be treated as full natural born citizens just like every other Antiguan.

    Until these two issues above are directly addressed, the Antigua CIP program won’t achieve its full potential compared to places like St Kitts, etc.

    Also, the Antigua CIU website sucks, take a look at how much nicer Dominica’s is.

    • 1. Not possible unless they lied in the application. Trail citizenship cannot be revoked unless you do not meet the agreed conditions.
      2. You mean if they are born outside A&B. Note also that after 5 years, and you have met the conditions, its my understanding that children born after connditional citizenship, are citizens. This was stated in a Observer article CIP FREE AFTER FIVE YEARS Article Published: January 13, 2016 . By the way it is my understanding that in most jurisdictions what you claimed exist in A&B is the reality see The Cost of Granting Citizenship to Newborns When the Rest of the Family Already Have It, ImDaily

      Please send your queries/concerns to the CIP Unit

  5. If we have to sell passports to pay wages and salaries, clearly these are signs of a failed state.too much borrowings, too much debt. Banana Republic????? Only innovative minds can pull us out of this shit hole, not a 2billion Chinese investment without any spill off to the economy.

  6. It is imperative that the government find ways to build a sustainable economy. The CIP program is about to dry up and our economy will take a dive in the deep if our government cannot come up with alternatives to increase revenue. Doesn’t matter which political party one supports, at the end of the day they all keep borrowing to pay expenditures and we the “out of government” citizenry will feel the brunt of a depression/recession as the politicians and most of their cronies are making sure their finances are stacked to withstand such an occurrence. We are in deep deep crap if our government allow this to happen. When investors comes to our shores to open businesses our government should make sure they have the funds necessary to invest and Antiguans & Barbudans are given first right to employment especially jobs that we know our brothers are easily qualified to do. No labour authorization should be issued to non immigrants unless there are NO qualified Antiguans & Barbudans to fill that position.

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