Prime Minister Browne Warns of Withdrawal of Compassionate Payment Offer to LIAT Workers Amid Contentious Situation


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the government has all rights to withdraw the compassionate payment offer to former LIAT workers if the situation remains contentious

The government had initially offered a 50 per cent compassionate payment offer which was not welcomed by the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union; who said they needed further clarity on the offer.

That offer has since been reduced to 32 per cent but the matter is still combative.

“I’m not going to dupe anybody. And it’s not because I’m harsh. I believe in standing on the truth. We said to the LIAT workers that if they did not accept the 50%, we will withdraw it…well, we haven’t withdrawn it as yet, but we’ve since reduced it to 32%. And it is within the right of the government to withdraw it completely because we have no legal liability to the workers of LIAT,” Prime Minister Browne said.

Browne continues to maintain his stance that it would be unreasonable to expect the government to pay 100 per cent severance which amounts to over $120 million

“How long are we going to hold out on this offer? And we made it abundantly clear from the beginning that this offer is not indefinite. And again, I’m not trying to be harsh here. I’m not being uncaring. In fact, I’m probably one of the most caring politicians you find anywhere in the world… But at the same time, as a prime minister, myself and my team, my ministers, we have a governance responsibility to the entire nation, not to a group of people called LIAT workers…And again, I say this with no ill will towards the LIAT…” Browne said

Adding, “I just hope that the reality has set in and that they will look at the offer seriously and not force us to take another position that will not necessarily be to their benefit”,

Meanwhile, since Browne made the compassionate payment offer to former LIAT workers, others who are owed severance from their former employees have come forward with demands

“The Stanford Workers who worked at Antigua Sun and some other entities within the Stanford Group recently approached the government for us to pay them the severance that was not paid by the Stanford Estate on the basis that we have no legal obligation to LIAT and we are paying the LIAT workers 32%.

They are saying that they should get paid too. So, you can see the dangerous precedent that we are setting here,” he said

The government has justified its decision to offer a compassionate payment to LIAT workers because of its shares in the entity.





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  1. Clearly every day an almost every speech or message you say out of your mouth Mr Pm,shows that you’re a certified LUNATIC

  2. Mr. PM…could you put that 32% in Social Security where you have a legal and moral responsibility to the people who have worked excess of forty years in this country now need to have a peaceful retirement. Seems like with the rate of death in Antigua…they want DEM WANT PEOPLE FU DEAD before collecting a red cent of their earned contribution.
    PM out the money in Social Security…let the Union fight that too…32% of WHAT…Social Security woes will forever be solved…
    And Remember you want five more years!

  3. A new day, another threat Gaston?? Why??? Yuh need the money to buy yourself a personality?
    Look man, go sit down and STFU

  4. Wow wow wow wow I have been following the Stanford Saga for a while and I’m confused with the entire justice system the ponsie scheme as stated by the US authority In order to run a bank they have to meet certain requirements first to start with and I think that he met and then he proceed with his plan around the world One of the most lucrative investment was the Stanford T20 in the world that is now run by the Indians to see where it started and due to short sightedness these Dumb Ass Caribbean Arse Whole Did Not See It Fit to Continue The Process Ask The Dumb Arse Administration Of West Indies Cricket Question to them were they approach first to be a part since they have already have the idea by the Indians what went wrong time to tell us Why the Indians went and consult with the Australian we will speak on that in time to come Let us get back to the R Allan I am not saying that you may not be paying your Taxes in the U S but perhaps that you may not be paying enough But I know that you could have paid all the depositers when you look at what the Indians could have payed the players from the inception some players from the New Zealand team was the first to receive those hefty funds up to a million dollars do the maths people Stanford TV Rights was huge across the world Asian European North America and the Caribbean are you see looking at the broader picture Let us go down to the final payment people check the website and see when the last Traunch Of Funds Was Paid To The Stanford Arbitration Committee It Was Just About Two Years Ago From the Swiss Bank Over One Hundred Seventy Million Dollars that was paid in from a Television Provider From Asia Past Employee Please Let Your Lawyer Check With The Ambassador Mr Boustany The Receiver For Stanford On the workers behalf more to come

  5. Once again, this website is carrying Gaston water. Let call it what it is: A Get Out of Here Payment offer. LIAT employees are partially responsible for LIATs demise.
    I challenge anyone who thinks differently. Waiting; but bring the facts….

  6. The LIAT workers perhaps forget what the older folks always say……. opportunities only passes by once & who can’t hear will feel!!!!!

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