Prime Minister Browne to deliver Speech at Convocation Ceremony of Said Business School of the University of Oxford


Prime Minister Browne to deliver Speech at Convocation Ceremony of Said Business School of the University of Oxford

OXFORD, United Kingdom – 18th July 2023……Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne is today in the United Kingdom where he will deliver the feature address at the Convocation Ceremony of the Said Business School of the University of Oxford.

Said Business School of the University of Oxford was formally founded in 1996, through the generous donation from businessman and philanthropist, Wafic Said.

Today, the School offers 15 degree programmes, a full suite of in-person Open Enrolment courses, a wide range of online Open Enrolment courses, and work with a number of companies and governments around the world.

The school is a provider of management education and is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top business schools.

Prime Minister Browne was invited to give the feature address at the Convocation ceremony during a time when the School has invited its 2021 Diploma students, over 285 students,  who were hard hit by the Covid pandemic to return to Oxford for a week of networking, academic content and a celebration from the 18th too 21st July.

Over seventy percent of the students have travelled from around the world to Oxford and are drawn from all five of the College’s post-graduate diploma programmes in Artificial Intelligence for Business, Global Business, Financial Strategy, Organisational Leadership and Strategy and Innovation.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Browne headed Antigua and Barbuda’s delegation to the European Union – Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (EU-CELAC) summit in Brussels, Belgium.

The Other members of the Antigua and Barbuda delegation are Ambassador Colin Murdoch, Ambassador Boris Latour, Mr. Timothee Bauer, Mr. Khordane Ayoub and Olivier Van Herck.

The meeting, which is addressing a wide range of issues pertinent to Caribbean – EU relations is co-chaired by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel and Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who is the pro-tempore Presidency of CELAC.

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    • Perhaps you forgot when Gaston Browne wrote the letter to Harvard suggesting to them to consider some form of reparation for Antigua and Barbuda. You guys laughed then and called him all kinds of names. Today look at how many of our nationals are studying at Harvard through UWI FIC. All thanks to our Gaston Browne. And Paula Lee even told us that many of our EOCS nationals are now enrolling through UWI FIC at Harvard in order to get the special rates we get. Gaston has not only champion Antigua and Barbuda’s cause, but that of the entire Caribbean and the SIDS.

  1. Things must be rough at Oxford if they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a speaker. Note that these students are only “diploma” students. Lol.

  2. Who God bless none of you can curse. Leadership really matters.
    Only in Antigua the haters cannot give Jack his Jacket. But outside of this country the man is admired and loved. To be speaking ad Oxford is not something frivolous. You have to be of some intellectual standard to be invited to speak. Can anyone imagine Jamaal Pringle being invited to speak as such a prestigious University. Hell NO. That would be a big embarrassment for the entire country.
    So proud of my Prime Minister.

    • What you fail to understand about these invitations from prestigious colleges @ From The Sideline, they also intentionally invite ODDBALLS from all around the globe and DUBIOUS politicians with sometime sullied credentials.

      Here’s some of the ODDBALLS that have received invites:

      MC Hammer (a declared bankrupt)

      The Cheeky Girls (Romainian 🇷🇴 singing duo)

      Katie Hopkins (outspoken far-right speaker)

      Ron Jeremy (convicted adult porn star)

      OJ Simpson (need I say more)

      Jenna Jameson (adult porn actress)

      And finally …

      Kermit the frog (from the Muppet Show)

      Sounds about right to also send an invite to Gaston ‘The Clown’ 🤡 Browne.




  3. Big up ya self PM BROWNE. 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬 🇦🇬

    They would a never invite DEAD DARG PICK-UP-CORN PRINGLE

  4. If he wasn’t so corrupt he might be considered one of our best PM. Unfortunately for us he’s lost the respect of his own people. True honor and integrity he’s not known for.

    • And you have proof of any corrupt deal that he did? Why not name them and bring the proof

      • Unaccountability for NAMCO and CIPS to name just two Sidey; and if you don’t think Gaston has done nothing untoward, then why doesn’t he allow INDEPENDENT auditors to open up the books on these and let Antiguans know HOW and WHERE every penny cent was spent on them.

        I can find many many more Sidey – just let me know boss!


        • If you read and know the Finance and Administration Act of 2006 you would know that ONLY the Director of Audit is authorized to audit Government Books. Except for Statutory or State-Owned Companies. And as far as I know, the books from NAMCO are audited by an independent auditor.

          • “…And as far as I know, the books from NAMCO are audited by an independent auditor”.

            Says the man who enjoys highlighting so-called facts, figures and data, and yet, now comes over as VAGUE when it comes to NAMCO (as well as other important issues that require further investigation)?


  5. It will be interesting to hear Gaston’s comments to the student in the business school. Dollars to donuts I suspect it will be the same old story, same old cry: “the impact of climate change and global warming on small and vulnerable states”
    That theme is well worn. It’s a call for debt forgiveness and those who hold the debt in not interested.
    Most developing countries debt like Antigua’s debt is held by foreign investors.
    Wall Street and the City/London investment houses has no interest. The UN has no authority in canceling sovereign debt

  6. Brixtonian. Do you know what an Asset Management Company is?
    It is a holding company. It holds assets. Shares in companies. And sofar the government has always indicated which shares they have placed in the Assets Management Company. Such as WIOC, SICL and others. So, any audit would only show the shareholding in the various entities. They do not run these companies. WIOC is not run by the government. SICL is not run by the government. Only the dividend earned comes back to NAMCO and then finds its way into the Treasury.
    Really don’t know what it is you expect to see from an audited report. The only bad thing that happened and was very risky, was when Mrs. Natalia Querard tried to have the court put a lien against the company’s assets.

    • Ok Sidey, as you CLAIM to know how NAMCO is audited. Here’s the next obvious question that the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda REALLY want to know:

      Can you enlighten all if us how the funds are used and distributed for the betterment of the country?

      And whilst you’re there, can you also inform us of the accountability and how the funding is used for CIP?


      I keep telling you, think before you write, because Brixtonian will pull you up on a WORD, a SENTENCE or even a PARAGRAPH – I’m one of the BEST grammarians in the business 😉

      • I keep telling you. It is hard to keep educating you and yours alike every time. I’m getting so tired and each time I say this is it, for the benefit of others I do it again. Do you know what dividend is? It is paid annually if the company makes money. How often has the Prime Minister not demonstrated on National TV when he received a divided check from WIOC or from SICL. Those checks go straight into the Treasury. They form part of the consolidated funds. And if you know how those monies are spent you have to read the Audited Financials of the Government which are laid down in Parliament. And with regards to the CIP monies, the government has to account for them every six months. These are also laid down in Parliament. Ask your UPP representative is you want to have a copy. Pringle by the way is the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. And under the Freedom of Information Act, he can request a copy. These things are not secret or confidential. PM Browne did what I would call the most prudent things when he placed all the Assets in one company and made sure no one minister is directly in charge of it. NAMCO is run by a Board. The FS is a member of the board and two ministers, and I forgot who the other person is. I would like him to also place APuA into NAMCO. When you want good governance, you must ensure that ministers are as far moved from the operations of some of these revenue earners. And also, when it comes to placing procurement, they should be nowhere in the line of being able to influence that. Take e.g. NSWM. If Sir Molwyn was directly involved, you think Pringle would have gotten such a sweetheart contract to move dead dogs at $500 a piece. Even I would want to have such a deal. I will just pay a chap $100.00 per dog and the rest is mine. Cause you don’t think Pringle does the work himself? And then when you see his invoices you smell a death rat immediately. Too bad politicians never ever would take each other to court. This only happened under the UPP when they tried to jail Asot and Lester because of the IHI scandal.
        Brix, let this be the last time I have to educate you on simple financial matters. An Asset Management Company holds investments in other companies. They do not operate the companies. The Profit and loss will have little operating expenses.

        • And by the way Brix the person the government has doing the books of NAMCO is as far as my investigation goes not even a qualified accountant. And the reason for that is they didn’t want to pay the high salary a qualified person would demand. I call that being penny wise and pond foolish. We used to have the same situation for years at the Treasury. That has been corrected.

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