Prime Minister Browne statement on murder of Neltah Telemaque

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

All of Antigua and Barbuda continues to experience trauma and pain upon learning of the gruesome murder of another of their youthful and vibrant citizens.

Neltah Telemaque is in the prime of her youth at age 25 years; engaged to be married later this month; trusting and magnanimous in the face of trouble; and, made to be the victim of calculatingly evil hands and murderous thoughts.

On behalf of the Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda,” the Prime Minister wrote from the airport in Dubai, “I express the heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Neltah Telemaque, who was brutally murdered sometime on the weekend.”

The Prime Minister has signaled to the Cabinet and the Commissioner of Police that no stone is to be left unturned, in order to gather the evidence necessary to bring to justice the criminal who is responsible for this murderous act.

The pain which this act has inflicted on the loved-ones, and the strangers who feel impacted by this killing, cannot be detached from our national consciousness, the Prime Minister indicated.

May God safeguard her soul,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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  1. Why you were not so quick to make a statement in the Murders of the Customs Officers? The Customs lost 2 Officers to Murder in a matter of a month. Where were your statements then? By the way,what is going on with the matter of that Customs Broker. The one whom you did say forge your signature and robbed millions of the people monies. Let Law Enforcement do their works. Bring the murderers of this young lady and the Customs Officers to Justice. Also bring that Customs Broker to Justice. Regardless if he is a Comrade and or a Charade.

    • Look “Bum”, the PM didn’t mentioned anything about politics or political affiliation. Why must you put a political slant of EVERYTHING. You need to get a life! We should be focusing on putting an end to these killings (all of them), and we could begin with the judges sentencing ever killer to death by hanging. Nothing less will work. There are just too many violent minded idiots amongt us, potential killers everywhere. It’s time an eye or an eye, a life for a life, kind of justice to end this chaos. Besides, we simply don’t have any more space for murderers in 1735.

      • @Betty’s Hopeless: I love women, very,very much.I do not hit women,NEVER.I do have a very good life and enjoying it to the fullest.Just “hope-ing” you are doing the same.Note how hoping is spelt.

      • @Betty’S Hope…
        …the chickens are coming home to roost.
        …I can’t wait for those gun assembly and manufacturing plants to start distribution of their products, right there in Our communities. We will get a real taste, of what serious crimes are. Don’t get me wrong, these present murders and other criminal activities whether they’re white collar or blue collar crimes MUST be addressed from all angles, and find workable solutions for them.
        This present crime wave, uptick in crimes of a more heinous nature is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s gonna get worst before it gets any better.

    • Beach Bum,

      While I was reading, I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for asking the questions that need answers. As for Betty’s Hope, I will not waste my precious time replying. However, if anyone is making it political it would be Betty’s Hope because those are very fair questions and one’s that need answers immediately. Gaston Browne, if you were smart, you would’ve responded the same way for the custom officers. Complicity is silence.

      • @ Betty’s Hope you can’t help it always the hopeless crap that drools out of your mouth uncontrollably .
        Nothing sensible to say, know what they say don’t say nothing.
        Since you and him is in the mood to talk about women is there anything thing about not BEATING OR PUTTING YOUR HANDS ON YOUR WIFE .
        Talk is cheap I know people and is family to folks VERY CLOSE TO FIRE Hmmm .

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