Prime Minister Browne says opposition defections demonstrate the strength and appeal of the ABLP


Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda addressed the ongoing trend of individuals leaving the main opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) to join the ruling Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) that he leads.

Prime Minister Browne highlighted these defections as a demonstration of the strength and appeal of the ABLP.

“​The consistent movement of members from the UPP to the ABLP is a testament to our party’s strength and influence,” said Prime Minister Browne.

Reflecting on the movement of individuals from the UPP to the ABLP, Prime Minister Browne acknowledged that such transitions have been occurring for years and continue to do so.

He noted that the consistent flow of members from the opposition to the ruling party reflects positively on the ABLP’s position and influence within Antigua and Barbuda’s political landscape.

Prime Minister Browne emphasized that the ABLP remains a mature and cohesive institution despite the influx of new members. He expressed confidence in the party’s ability to integrate new members while maintaining unity and focus on its goals.

Highlighting the contributions of individuals who had previously aligned with other parties but later joined the ABLP, Prime Minister Browne cited examples such as Lamin and Senator and Tanny Rose.

He noted that many of these individuals had become loyal and influential members within the ABLP, further bolstering the party’s strength.

“​Our party has welcomed these individuals with open arms, and their dedication has only served to strengthen our ranks,” remarked Prime Minister Browne.

Responding to criticisms aimed at new members benefiting without adequate contribution, Prime Minister Browne acknowledged the sentiment but argued that entitlement issues were not unique to the ABLP.

He stressed the importance of meritocracy and active participation within the party, ensuring that members earn their positions through dedication and service.

He characterized the ongoing defections from the opposition as a validation of the ABLP’s vision and leadership, further solidifying its standing within the country’s political landscape.

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  1. No! Not true. It reflects the greed of the defectors and their desire to enrich themselves at the moment expense of the state. The saying,, “birds of a feather flock together” is more than apt here.

  2. If I were a “Bowels” labourite” I would be utterly offended by all these rejects that Gaston once said should die politically, being resurrected, sanitized and placed in prominence in the party.
    Gaston is either being deliberately lying or delusional because he knows the real reasons these people are coming to ABLP. One said he had last dollar, another, he tired get his light cut, another, he wants to be a millionaire and so on. By the way, most have been coming from DNA and not UPP as seems to suggest. And, you should welcome them because we’re it not for them, ABLP would be out of office today

  3. The three defectors pictured above only came to Labour after they failed to make it in the other parties and so came to Labour as a last resort. Labour was the only choice left if they wanted to remain in politics. Their defections do not show the strength of Labour but the fact that Labour was the last stop saloon. Their last choice when there was nothing else.

  4. No Gaston. You not fooling anybody but yourself. It just demonstrates that the ABLP is a scavenger party. Recycling is not always a bad thing. But recycling does not automatically demonstrate strength. Where do they plan to place Trevor Young? Will he have a show? Chaneil Imhoff and Trevor Young are on their 3rd rodeo. Let’s see how they are received by the Labourites.

  5. In Antigua and Barbuda, people are afraid of victimization when they speak up publicly. Effectively they no longer live in a democracy.
    Those who should be protecting this victimized society are “THE ECUMINICALS ARE IN BED WITH THE ABLP.”
    Sure the “Spin Master on the Beltway”, has provided Gaston with a theme for a pep chat with the ABLP faithful, and a sales pitch for other political whores/prostitutes who may be thinking about jumping ship.
    For these individuals it’s like changing jobs or changing careers where the opportunity is to get ones hands in the pork barrel.
    Long time ABLP supporters are concerned that they are being passed over for the pork barrel benefits while Political Whores and Flip Floppers are rewarded with Upper House senator positions, and placed in civil service jobs. By jumping ship one can get two or more paychecks as a reward.
    Gaston glows as he expects more individuals switching to the ALBP. I am not surprised if this continues; for “THE ECUMINICALS ARE IN BED WITH THE ABLP.”
    Antiguans and Barbudans need to examine and compare India and Pakistan. Two countries partitioned by the British and until 40 years ago were on par.
    They are mortal enemies today even though they are family, and neighbors who share ethnicity and culture.
    Unlike India; Pakistan has been effectively ruled by its military, while India has had the largest democracy in the world.
    Pakistan is a member of the nuclear club but is also an economic basket case as India’s economy soars. Its companies are traded on the Hong Kong, New York, and London exchanges.
    For a Pakistani joining the corrupt military is one of the few methods of rising out of poverty. Joining the ALBP seems to be the same while THE ECUMINICALS ARE IN BED WITH THE ABLP.”


      Correct for 10 points

  6. No Clown
    Its because they’re opportunist, greedy and shameless. How can you disagree with a political party views and then join them? That shows how low they will stoop or should I say bend over.
    They never loved country it has always been about what they’re going to get and Gaston Clown will give them what belongs to the nation if they keep bending and stooping.
    As old people would say LOW LIFE

  7. This man is not only a dunce, he is delusional. He has now surrounded himself with flip-floppers, traitors, Judas’s, political prostitutes, really the lowest of the low. Any rational thinking individual, not blinded by color or the red cool aid, must be viewing this with adject disgust. Who, including Gaston Browne and his band of hoodlums, among the shifters, is really EVER going to be credible or trustworthy?
    Pssst! Gaston Browne! They are not joining ALP because of you or some delusional ALP “appeal,’ they are following the MONEY. As goes the leader, so goes the country. This current ALP administration, led by the DAWG has embarked on a self-enrichment scheme heralded by the DAWG himself, and country be damned. The SHIFTERS see people who, a short time ago, were irrelevant, struggling, like most of us, overnight driving high-end vehicles (Dwayne George comes to mind), getting two, three or four paychecks, on all kinds of boards most of us never even heard about, suddenly living large. THAT IS THE APPEAL. GREED.
    I mean, these people have the gall to actually place themselves on a ticket? Any ticket? What the hell are they going to campaign on? Lies? Deceit? Treachery? Greed?
    No DAWG. The only appeal you now have to anyone in their right mind, is DIGUST.

  8. Gaston clown remember ONDCP was investigating one of the three, u said it , and u know deep down inside that you’re dealing with 3 scavengers but u pretending to embrace them toake the other parties look bad but that will not work because it’s you who said before that they’re loosers so how come all of a sudden they so good?

  9. Lamin Chaniel Trevor are as plain Loosers who joined LABOR for its enrichment program….. GASTON everyone sees right they them and you……
    Theses 3 losers told voters how corrupted labor is and turn around and join labor bcos they want to be a member of the enrichment program being offered by LABOR

    The proved that they are financial opportunists. They couldn’t even get 100 votes prior when they ran ….so when Gaston gives them monies to campaign aka buy votes they are still gonnaLOSE they are just LOSERS ….. they have proven themselves to cannot be trusted fake and misleading.

  10. And with all the embarrassing words sent their way at their weekly meetings, they say not a word.

    Who are they? School children say Hugh Marshall Senior and John E. St. Luce daughters.

    Well if this is what educated look like…………………

  11. I going whay de mo money dey.

    I am going where the the money is or located.
    I am going where the money is or where I can enrich myself personally!!
    These people have zero shame!!
    Like no shame..
    Political prostitutes!! Smh.

  12. The evil of Gaston Browne has no boundaries.

    He knows what he is doing by the recruiting former UPP members … Judas’ the lot of them!

    The despicable Browne is pushing for a ONE party state, which is not only dangerous for our country, but sinister in its concept for democracy.

    Remember, this same said man has made many derogatory statements against Lamin, Senator and Tanny Rose when they were members of the UPP
    – don’t take my word, go back a few years and check for yourselves.

    The net is closing in on him (and he knows it), and he is reverting to tactics that will keep him in power!

    The devil has definitely got a hold on the Prime Minister’s soul …


  13. The only thing it demonstrates gassy, is that these loses who could not win in any election, is going where they think the money is to eat from the trauf.
    Was it not you gassy that said “when a party get rid of people, they should die politically” it seem all you have proven is that these jokers like lazymin, the mental lady,the fence man, joke young, driftwood and the flip flop pancake stand for nothing and have no principles, after all the nasty things they have said about you and Maria

  14. Gaston Browne,strength and appeal of the ABLP you say.I say not so at all.Those who switched from the UPP and DNA are selfish and greedy.They are all looking for several paychecks.They would want to be on several Statutory Boards.Many of them are getting multiple paychecks.While most persons are hungry and starving daily.Here are a few names.Lamen,Collin,Biltmore Hotel,Fence Man,Drifted Wood,Chaneil, are all getting multiple checks monthly for kissing where Gaston sits.I am wondering how do they feel.Then again,they have no feelings.ALL OF SELF AND TO HELL WITH ALL ELSE.

  15. Simple Mr PM, these so call UPP defectors are rejects and opportunists from the UPP and other parties who are seeking to elevate and enrich themselves and the only thing on their minds are their self interest and not Antigua and Barbuda. So Mr PM don’t fool yourself a leopard simply cannot change his spot. These people will be the same whether with the ABPLP or not. If they cannot have their way then it’s good bye once again. By the way Mr PM weren’t you the one who said that if a candidate has left his party to join another, that candidate should be sanitized by the other party or die a political death? Look at the comparison with the genuine UPP Member of Parliament or would be prospective candidates. These individuals are people who put Anitgua and Barbuda first rather their own self interest. Just look at the track record of the UPP government for the ten years whilst in office. New airport, Five Islands Secondary School, new Treasury building, sevearal new hotels built, the ADOMS building, the Cancer Centre, new Fisheries Complexes, the Grays Farm Community Centre now turned into St Johns Magistrate’s Court, completion of the Mount St Johns a Medical Centre etc. One can go on and on. Don’t forget the social programs such as School meals, school uniforms, Petro Caribe APUA vouchers, the Senior Citizen CMC Food vouchers. We were number one in IT technology under the tenure of Dr Edmund Msnsoor. I can go on and on. The UPP’s motto is “People First.” Now compare the ABPLP track record for the past ten years they have been in office. It’s like chalk to cheese. Be honest yourselves people. Who do you think is fit and better to run this country?

  16. Also don’t forget the Car Park. Had the UPP remain in office it would have been completed and up and running today.

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