Prime Minister Browne concludes successful negotiations with the President of the Dominican Republic  


Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne held bilateral discussions with the President of the Dominican Republic, His Excellency Luis Abinader in relation to deepening the cooperation between both countries given their strong historical and economic ties.

During the dialogue, which took place at the Mission of the Dominican Republic in New York, Prime Minister Browne laid out a clear plan of engagement that would be pursued on a two-tiered basis.

For the first level, which deals with global issues, Prime Minister Browne presented an official invitation to President Abinader to attend the 4th UN Conference on Small Island States that will take place in May 2024.

Additionally Prime Minister Browne also encouraged the Dominican Republic to formally join  the Commission of Small Island States on Climate Change and International Law (COSIS).  Formed in 2021, its mandate is to assist small states in defining and developing international law on the rules associated with climate change. This allowed for COSIS to recently pursue a ground-breaking matter before the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea.

On bilateral matters, President Abinader indicated to Prime Minister Browne that his government will move swiftly with the allocation of funds regarding the construction of a school in Barbuda and will also support Antiguans and Barbudans to attend baseball training camps given the increased interest in the sport on island.

Prime Minster Browne thanked President Abinader for his generous offer and reiterated the government offer of lands to build an Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Antigua. Prime Minister Browne also proposed increased airlink between both countries that will facilitate trade and tourism between their two countries.

President Abinader shared his enthusiasm about Prime Minister’s Browne proposal and in return committed his government to working on a new cooperation agreement with Antigua and Barbuda whereby these areas of cooperation will be enhanced.

Both Prime Minister Browne and President Abinader concluded the bilateral meeting by agreeing to increase the exchange of official state visits between their countries.






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  1. They’re still lynching black people in the DR in broad daylight and this buffoon is talking about “deepening cooperation”. We need a new government now. And why are these bird people so eager to give away our land to these foreigners?

    • Dem can carry away land? All these armchairs critics just chat like parrots. Some of ya’ll don’t know diddly and that’s why it’s so easy to talk nonsense. So tired of my people. We complain too much about everything single thing, especially when our party is not in governance. If they were, we woulda find a reason of some sort to say why it would have been OK.
      When they do is an issue and when they don’t do, it’s still an issue. Come on people. Let’s be fair. It’s just as if all the government can do is wrong. Tired a aryou backside now. COUNTRY FIRST FOR MY BELOVED ANTIGUA. 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬

    • They are not lynching their own black people. They themselves are BLACK. About 90% of Santo Dimingans are black and black mixed people. It’s Haitians who they despise. The same way Antiguans despise Guyanese and Jamaicans

  2. How many parcels of Antigua and Barbuda lands does Gaston pack in his luggage when he travels?
    This sucker keeps on giving away lands that’s not his. The people should sue him.

  3. The president of the DR is probably the most corrupt leader in the entire Caribbean and Latin America. He covered up one of the biggest drug bust at punta Cana airport that was discovered by the crew of Canadian charter flight that had a street value of over 200mil, then turn around and blamed the crew that they were the traffickers and held them in the country for 7mth.
    There were videos that should someone in a airport issued vehicle loading the drugs on the plane(8 duffle bags) the night before the flight back to Canada, but yet still the prosecutor buried that evidence because they didn’t want there drug operation to stop and was trying to punish the Canadian crew for discovering the drugs when they were doing their flight and safety checks.
    Some 8 month later, all charges were myteriously dropped and the crew was allowed to go back home to their families. What became of the drugs and who load them into the charter flight, well that’s another mystery and was investigated by an independent news journerlist that the drug rong had serious ties to top government officials.

    That’s the corruption in the Caribbean and this government in the DR has major ties to the massive amount of drugs coming out of Columbia.
    Just Google the news article about the drug bust on the Canadian charter flight, and anyone can read or watch for themselves.

    I’ve had many opportunities to go to hati and the DR over the years, even to play golf there because I’m a avid golfer, and have refused because I know how corrupt these Latin countries are and would not touch foot in these countries. They target Americans and Canadians and many times set them up to cover up their corrupt practices .

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