Prime Minister Browne Approves 14% Pay Raise for Public Sector in Antigua


Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Hon. Gaston Browne, has officially approved a substantial 14% salary increase for all public sector workers, set to be implemented in the upcoming budget cycle next year.

Prime Minister Browne made this announcement during an interview with journalists on Friday, solidifying the wage boost that will benefit public employees across the board.

This significant salary raise marks a positive development for the country’s public sector, demonstrating the government’s commitment to enhancing the financial well-being of its workforce in the coming fiscal year.



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  1. The Prime Minister had to, the pressure and criticism was mounting against him, regarding the high cost of living for Antiguans.

    Next, tackle crime, complete the water and road infrastructures, and we’ll know you are – at last – looking out for improvements to the country as well.


    • You’re the greatest spinner ever. Didn’t expected this at all. Thought you would be hiding for a while. Anyway this is the uncaring Prime Minister. Who don’t like poor people. Gaston is the people’s man. First he dealt with the teachers, then the Nurses, now the public servants as a whole, and soon the Port Workers. ABWU must be biting teeth not to have reasons to call strikes.

      • There would be no such of an increase.Those are mere sweet sounding nothings,mere words.It is a distraction.We the people cannot be and should not be fooled again.The bull chit is over,done with.

  2. Avatar photo Taxes and COST OF LIVING WILL RISE RIGHT AFTER THE BY-ELECTION, MARK MY WORD. Antigua and Barbuda done under Gaston Brown

    Election gimmickry


  4. Government needs to stop spending money like it’s rich. That means just like you and me. Don’t spend wha u don’t half. Let’s get rid of the overly big departments , pay people better but have less of them. Let the private sector employ the rest. If they don’t get employed maybe is because they
    Lack something . Let them go get educated it start their own business so they can participate in the economy and not complain about it.

    • Your comment is so ridiculous and dunce. Do that and see a crime wave. So it’s better to get rid of people and have them suffer and then tell them it’s because you lack skills or education smh, see how heartless and dunce you are. They work for private sector who then raise prices on items and place a burden on the public and when the public is not purchasing the high price items what the private owners tell their employees “oh we are sorry we have to lay you off” so those people youths suffer smh. I’m glad you don’t run the country or Antigua finance. Every person serve a purpose, i’m sure you not going to do the dutty work some of these people do. You know how much some of these public sector workers get paid monthly, some get 800EC to 2000 and you think that is suffice to support their children or a household when gas and food cost sky rocket smh. Some public sector workers have been working for decades without a raise and many are hard working skilled people and you don’t need a college degree to contribute to society growth.

  5. @sideline,always knew you were an ass, incapable of logical reasoning. Did not this idiot promise civil servants raises and back pay last year, then pulled it back saying civil servants will not be getting raises anytime soon? Seniors were also promised raises. Where is it? How quickly we forget. This incompetent, failed experiment of a PM and finance minister has done absolutely NOTHING for poor people in 10 years and never will. All of this is a part of his pre-election gimmick.
    Why next year or whatever the hell he promised. He lies because he is desperate and knows the end looms. Rave on Gaston Browne. Break out the promises and lies. The only people you’re fooling are idiots like @Sideline.

  6. In typical Gaston style. Just ignore all the broken promises and make some new ones. Take the fool a little further. Civil servants don’t get too excited. Is Gaston Browne we talking.

    • @ Gaston the Crook
      I agree. Another election gimmick and after the by-election, his promise of the 14% increase will thrown under the table. What will you say then Gaston Browne, “ha ha ha, me fool them again?” Enquiring minds would like to know.

  7. All talk and no action just like it has been the whole time. What about all the back pay and pensioners who still haven’t gotten paid?

    You voted for your Porkston Browne and all she does is take advantage of your votes and puts our country in a state of undesirable living conditions.

    Please keep on voting her in. Your Porkston Browne thanks all her ass kissers and slaves on this forum.

  8. Prime Minister Browne Approves 14% Pay Raise for Public Sector in Antigua!!!


    I thought it would have been the cabinet. Anyways, dem cabinet members have absolutely no shame and they are mostly wimps……

    • @We ready.
      I always thought Gaston Browne makes all the decisions in Cabinet and the other members have no choice but to agree and say yes sir. Isn’t that so? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  9. I’m thinking what new tax will come, so you don’t see that increase?

    I’m not knocking taxes, but I want to see where my money goes.

    A pet peeve still exists. The city is still stink and dirty, and the roads are a disgrace..

    • Avatar photo Taxes and COST OF LIVING WILL RISE RIGHT AFTER THE BY-ELECTION, MARK MY WORD. Antigua and Barbuda done under Gaston Brown

      @ Wadadli Man

      They fool Antiguans so much that we start to believe the lies…..

      Remember he told the ABWU to back off of asking their members to request increases, but all of a sudden he can raise salaries by 14%!!!!
      LIAR LIAR, and cannot even service the AIR-CONDITIONERS at the Hospital

  10. The size of government is too big for our small population. Keeping them on the payroll only brings down the country. SLowly shrink and let the public sector pick them up …. Good people will find jobs. Lazy people will cry foul. IF your a good worker your employer should see it. if they dont, get a new employer. Start your own company and employ people. One thing Antiguans are good as it finding money when there is a reason to find it.. So invest in yourself and your society. There are always excuse makers … dont fall in that trap

  11. He already made it clear taxes will increase and everyone realized that would take place. You get 14% increase in pay and have 10% increase in tax lol so in actuality your pay increase is 4% lol. With taxes increasing also be prepared for food prices, rents and maybe even gas to go up.

  12. Workers still waiting on back pay
    Government workers who were sent home without pay for months, because of vaccine mandate are still waiting.
    You call that a caring Government , a government that desire to stay in power for self enrichment only, now for empowering the people

    • @Shm
      Well, we tried to get into the belly of the beast but he has no heart. Gaston Browne the beast. Where is your heart Gaston Browne? Was it sent to the bottomless pit? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  13. Actually doesn’t matter how much pay is increased for public sector, the entire public sector is free liabilities to the government, it costs zero to accommodate more employees under that sector because the money going straight back up them. Increasing pay means increased recollection taxes because government use PERCENTAGES!!!. So government basically increased their recollection rates to be faster for them. Electoral gimmick or action plan doesn’t matter, numbers are numbers and math is math. If Antiguans knew more math most argued points would be irrelevant. At the same time private sector will be there to mop up the mess public creates and cause another trickle down effect.

    Interference with private sector increases inflation because the owners are always gonna shift the costs to the consumers

    End of the day Government main concern is tax collection n hoewfast they accumulate more it’s all easy simple numbers game.

    The millions of operations the government shifts over to quote on a quote “INVESTTORS” is just shifting responsibility so all they have to do is sit and collect it’s a very lazy tactic the government lives by
    And has been living by and nobody bats and eye to this

    Hadeed powers Antigua
    Barette feeds Antigua

    They just need more investors to take the load off their hands n keep collecting tax

    All the government does is sit back n let them n others do their work
    Provide the employment n all the other stuff which is government responsibility to entire sector both public n private.

    Gaston isn’t really wicked or corrupt

    It’s just easier for him to do anything here because everyone just doesn’t kno any betterment everyone refuses to just put simply

    Learn better!!

    Never forget treasury empty and Antigua in debt since my great great great great grandfather up to this day same complaint still washing everyone over

    Why fix what no mash up?

    Not everyone can be business man or educated enough to run they own thing and we live in a capitalist and consumerist world so clearly what sense would it be if everyone sell

    Who is gonna buy???

    U don’t need a high level education to know your being robbed. U never see a gunman interview u before he rob u…. It’s called employment.

    Perhaps Gaston actually realized someone or something has been educating the ppl outside the provided education system n is tryna steer away from the idea of ppl who are understanding what going on. U don’t need a degree to learn how ur being robbed barefaced

    But when ppl like this brixton fella keep commenting two sided it’s like someone paying this person to create a farce ideology of ppl.

    Gaston is only king because the population is dunce n if they knew better a lot if drastic changes would been done long long long time.

    I guess the next generation will cut this notion because clearly the mindset already in place is a upcoming unfolding and unexpected issue that will arise for Antigua lmaooo

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