Prime Minister Browne Advocates for Innovative Public-Private Partnerships at Global Business Network Forum 2024

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Browne Advocates for Innovative Public-Private Partnerships at SIDS Forum

Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne recently addressed the SIDS Global Business Network Forum 2024, emphasizing the need for innovative public-private partnerships to drive economic growth and sustainability in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Browne praised the forum’s engagement and the creative strategies discussed for expanding economies and increasing revenues in these vulnerable nations.

During his remarks, Browne highlighted the untapped potential in sports tourism and the orange economy, stressing the importance of a public-private partnership model where the public sector takes an equity stake in large businesses.

He noted that this approach would prevent significant profits from being repatriated to the global North, ensuring that more capital remains within domestic economies to fuel growth and development.

“In small economies, capital formation is often insufficient for the domestic private sector to pursue large business opportunities,” Browne explained. “By having public-private partnerships for profits, investments that the private sector cannot pursue on their own can be achieved in partnership with the public sector.

This model retains more profits within the domestic economy, fostering growth and development.”

Browne challenged the conventional notion that governments should not be involved in business, arguing that in small states with limited resources, such collaborations are essential to exploiting economic opportunities. He commended the forum’s focus on private sector-tailored support for SIDS, highlighting its potential to ignite economies and create a ripple effect of growth and development.

Reflecting on the tourism sector, Browne described it as a lifeline for many SIDS, providing jobs, fostering cultural exchange, and driving economic growth.

He praised tourism as a shining example of how private sector support can transform economies, enabling SIDS to showcase their natural beauty and rich heritage to the world.

“The tourism sector’s sustainable development demonstrates what can be achieved when the private sector steps in with tailored support,” Browne stated. “This sector has allowed us to build infrastructure, support local businesses, and create sustainable livelihoods.”

Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s transformation into a global economic powerhouse, Browne called for strategic planning, relentless innovation, and a commitment to diversification.

He expressed his vision for transforming Antigua and Barbuda into an economic powerhouse, a goal he hopes will be realized by future generations.

Browne also announced the establishment of the SIDS Center of Excellence, set to launch this Thursday.

This initiative will provide an opportunity for the private sector to engage fully with SIDS, bringing tailored investment portfolios and exploring new areas of economic development.

“As we move from SIDS GBN to SIDS4 and the SIDS Center of Excellence, I urge each of you to keep the momentum going,” Browne concluded.

“Remember to think smart, think environment, think sustainability, and think about sustainable profits for the benefit of all. Our journey does not end here; it begins anew with every innovative idea, partnership, and step towards a sustainable future.”

The SIDS Global Business Network Forum 2024, held on May 25-26, connects the SIDS private sector for impactful partnerships, ensuring their voices are heard globally.

This year’s forum explored themes like blue-green growth, community empowerment, and investment opportunities, setting the stage for the upcoming UN SIDS4 Conference.

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  1. Did pm Browne said he is against wealth extraction to foreign? What of PLH and his economic zones hundred years tax break, not tax from PLH property sales, I am confused about his rationale .

  2. That is so dishonest. I offered the my endeavor as a partner to the current political Administration (ABLP) in Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 and was ignored and not only that the PM Brown stated he is not able to assist in anyway (simply needed him to encourage the national and international importance of my endeavor/business).

    This endeavor would substantially increase the amount of tourist from the US to Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 and ensure their safety and access to resources not available in Antigua and Barbuda in the event they become victims to qualifying crimes as has been happening to tourist. Crimes like robbery, burglary, and other part 1 crimes (inherently dangerous and vicious crimes).

    Taking all reasonable, and in this case, also free, steps to provide adequate assurance of safety to guest and assistance to victims is a vitally important step nationally and for international relationships/foreign affairs.

    The fact that practically all politicians (ABLP) ignored my urgent call to recognize this endeavor that literally taps into billions of dollars of US crime, abuse and terrorism victim funds that can bring in revenue to Antigua and Barbuda to better serve locals and visitors is baffling to me.

    For instance a US victim that is visiting Antigua and Barbuda can start counseling in Antigua or in Barbuda and the US crime victim fund could pay for that local counseling (jobs, developed industry, and foreign money);

    The victim may need to stay longer to cooperate with law enforcement and legal proceedings, the crime victim fund could pay for that (jobs, foreign money, crime deterrence since tourist tend to leave to avoid paying housing beyond what they booked).

    The victim staying longer locally will miss work in their US state. The crime victim fund may pay for loss of earnings (in some cases, up to $120,000.00) which means victims are able to buy and spend in Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 uninterrupted as incoming is still coming in.

    The victim may need medical care. The crime victim funds pays medical care and could be billed for care given to them by Antigua and Barbuda medical practitioners, including from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Hospital. Revenue coming in to help advance that medical institution that will also be beneficial to locals.

    The ABLP government could not see the importance of my endeavor but I hope they do or for another political party that will see the importance nationally and internationally come into leadership.

    I cannot believe any statement the PM of Antigua and Barbuda makes here. Remember I wasn’t asking for money or any other assets for free. I simply wanted the endeavor to be treated as nationally important (the same way the US treats it for providing the same benefits for People visiting the US, people like Antiguans and Barbudans).

  3. Parties & Perdiem, that is the bone that the UN tosses to appease the yapping of the small dawgs (SIDS) at the heels of monied power.
    Can you imagine if our PM was to us what he pretends to the microphone!

  4. Revealing statement…
    “Such collaborations are essential to exploiting economic opportunities”
    Which ties in perfectly with the PM’s clearly stated in Parliament, encouragement to Politicians to ‘ENRICH’ yourselves.

    EXPLOITATION of the environment and the indigenous people who rely on that environment in their homeland
    Is sadly what many projects deliver to SIDS & their enrichment leaning politicians.

    Howabout the talkshop tackle that truth?

  5. To encourage such partnership Mr PM, private business owners must feel safe, safe Mr PM, “Safe”.

    You can’t even get your police units, headed by your lazy Commish, and your inept ” Sir” Knighted AG to respond promptly to the robberies of private businesses all across the island, and here you are talking about encouraging private callabaration.

    A waste of a damn fork tongue PM we have here. All talk and no show.

    People need to feel safe in their own country first Mr PM.
    Tackle the out of control robberies and crime, first, then come back and run your damn mouth in front of these leaders.

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