Primary schools which were open must now close their doors and revert to remote learning


Cabinet Notes:

The Director of Education and the Chief Medical Officer were invited to Cabinet to discuss the policy affecting the opening of schools and to provide advice.


The Cabinet determined, after consultations, that all Secondary School students eligible for the Pfizer vaccine, or of ages 12 to 18 years, and all secondary school-teachers and ancillary staff who have received at least one dose of any two-dose vaccine, are to return to face-to-face classrooms commencing Monday, 4 October 2021.


The opening of the government secondary schools will be phased, as determined by the Ministry of Education.


The training of temporary teachers has begun, and will continue until the trainees reach sufficient competency levels, should they be required.


All Primary Schools will close immediately, despite the Regulations which allowed for them to open on the condition that all teachers and staff are vaccinated; an opening date is not yet determined but the decision will be examined again in two weeks.


The decision today was based upon the number of unvaccinated people and the number of Covid-19 infected people in the wider population; fearing that those below 12 years-old may come into contact with infected persons and in turn bring the infection into the classroom, compelled the decision.


Those below 12 years are not eligible for any of the available vaccines. Teaching by distance learning is to continue for these students, both public and private.

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  1. Thanks to the selfish anti vax, unvax, complotist , freedom fighters, etc….The kids just want to go to school, learn, see their friends, play, but because of stupid, uneducated people, those kids are most proberly drop out of school, be left behind, and will struggle in the futur!!!

    • Don’t forget the super spreader at Royalton. I wonder how many employees took it home to their families. What about the investigation into the incident?

    • Please tell me which country that has higher vaccinated than unvaccinated citizens has opened for business as usual without covid?

      • so the myopic focus on vaccination here in Antigua makes zero sense

        Well, I guess it distracts from the fact that the government is 100% responsible for this outbreak and all of these deaths because they failed to protect the citizens and instead let in any and all potential disease carrying tourists without quarantine or testing on arrival.

        Unvaccinated people make a good scapegoat to focus on instead of the public focusing on the failed government policies that are driving this outbreak and these deaths.

        To sum it up, even if every man, woman, and child in Antigua was vaccinated it would do little to end the pandemic and the deaths because these vaccines have not been able to end the pandemic or stop deaths anywhere else on earth.

  2. Just learned that Supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh of the US has COVID..and he’s fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, the government naively believes that vaccination is going to prevent infection spreading in reopened high schools. Some hard lessons are about to be learned…pun absolutely intended.

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