Prices at the pump to be reviewed in 30 days



Cabinet was assured that the current prices at the pump are to be reviewed in 30 days or in mid-April and the amounts which the Government collects in consumption tax may be lowered at that time.

The Cabinet notes that there was no global crisis in 2014 and the incumbent UPP administration raised the consumption tax in order to increase tax yield from the sale of gasoline and diesel.

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  1. That is a LIE, Lionel! The UPP did NOT raise gas prices in 2014. Another figment of your overworked imagination.

    If you’re walking back the hike, just do so with some dignity and sense of responsibility, nah, and hold the lies….

    • they sure did. also raised the price of LPG cooking gas. The little tank was $21.00 and UPP raised it to $32.00

      also the price of the 100lb cylinder.

      • Cabinet is really making itself a Big Joke. Petrol price was raised from $12.50 to $15.70 without any increase in the cost of supplies since WIOC is not affected by the $136 per barrel as yet. Now, oil price is dropping and is now $100 per barrel and Cabinet is declaring that they will review the price at the pump in 30 days or by mid-April. Many times I shudder with the nonsense that emanates from the Cabinet. The brains of the members of Cabinet must be made from the same wood that joiners use to make kitchen cabinets.

        • Cabinet must stop its knee jerk reactions and act on the basis of solid, empirical evidence when it makes decisions. Stop acting like a JOKER.

        • I can appreciate your sentiments but to have them replaced UPP jokers is certainly not the best solution…. The ABLP heads are filled with sawdust but the heads for the UPP candidates are literally empty…. Each one have an empty skull on their shoulders and a vocal trunk that is uttering political diarrhea

  2. I need more beer, 🍺 popcorn 🍿 and some comfy seating, 💺 because Gassy and his cabinet’s u-turns are getting more ridiculous by the day 😂

    He’s desperately trying to find a window of opportunity to call an election – but can’t find one yet.


    • come on Damani
      u waiting for lovell to get his finall beating so the elitist elements can exit with him and u and ricahrd can try to salvage the UPP.

    • If the labour government thinks the price of gas should be up why are they reviewing after 30 days? Do what is right for the country. You can’t do anything because you afraid the people will use it to dump you in the election. I thought the people loved you no matter what.

  3. Budget statement 2014, Harold Lovell:

    ” The US Energy Information Administration release dated January 7,
    2014 forecasts Brent crude oil spot prices to average US$105 per barrel, while West
    Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil spot prices are projected to average between US$90
    and $93 per barrel….In the absence of these subsidies, the price for gasoline with the full pass-through would have been $15.90 (NB the price at the pump for gas was 14.99 some 71 cents less than now). In 2014 we will review the application of the pass-through mechanism, taking into account the potential impact of any fuel price changes on the public and on overall fiscal stability.”

    Interesting some 8 years later, facing higher oil costs and also increased transportation (shipping) and refinery costs, the UPP argues that fuel prices should not have been increased. There are some who argue that the ABLP never passed on some of the decreased in prices yet when the UPP left office we were paying 14.99 per gallon.

    • Are you want to call an election but events are overtaking you. Now you are backpedaling on gas prices. You fixing roads. You trying to supply additional water. Keep hoping for an opening. How is your government going to survive with no CIP money? The country is already broke, meaning its obligations far exceeds its revenue. Stop talking about UPP. Talk about what labour has done. They are now the government.

      • Guy how was the UPP going to survive without same? By the way CIP accounts for some 10 percent of our revenue, around 100 million. Contrary to the hope of some CIP will continue. Government will continue to grow the economy, mostly though tourism, construction and some new areas currently being developed (marijuana, Stem cells, crypto). If you don’t the accomplishments of the current admin, is simply because you are in denial. AS far as elections goes, if you are honest you would see its the UPP who has been losing ground. Telling thing is ABLP is yet to start the campaign. Try not to hurt yourself on election day. Note (take solace) , ABLP welcomes all

    • @ tenman, are you a paid-up member of the ABLP? Or an apologist for them? Or both?

      You never seem to find any faults with them; whereas I criticise the UPP on their controversial ‘Green’ policies.

      No political party is perfect (and you well and know this), but you seem to think that the ABLP are.


      • Though I realize your post was more a statement than a question: Agreed no party or person is perfect. Unlike you I have no need (in general) to be critical of my party in public, since there are better (provides resolutions) avenues to register the disagreement. I have found the GB admin, always willing to listen. However, I must tell you there has been a few times I have used the online newspaper medium to register my disagreement (eg 1. disagreed with them backtracking on putting in place a cip board Note they have since put one in place 2. Disagreed with them regarding setting up a forensic lab. This needs to be a regional effort.

        Must tell you though that you fool yourself if you think only your opinion matters. Whether I support ABLP or whatever party, I make it my duty to ensure that whatever I state is truthful. I notice most persons tend to react by getting personal

    • Tenman: Why the price increase of petrol was not review with the people before that increase. Why Gaston Browne did not get feedback from the Public at large. Before he made that decision on his radio station. From that station is where I heard it first,not ABS the Non-Nation Station. He goes on that station every Saturday and speak on matters of Governance. Some of those issues are not discussed with Cabinet in advanced. I know that for a fact.

  4. Upp Promise to IMF during their last consult (22 Mar 2013 published)

    We reiterate our commitment to put in place the fiscal measures necessary to reach
    our fiscal targets in 2013. We have identified measures that could yield a primary surplus of up to
    4 percent of GDP if necessary, including:
     An increase in the specific consumption tax on fuel by 20 cents per gallon (0.3 percent of GDP);
     An increase in the value added tax rate of up to 2 percent (from 15 percent to 17 percent) (0.9
    percent of GDP);
     A reduction in transfers to the airport authority based on the collection of new passenger fees
    (0.4 percent of GDP).

    Yes Folks UPP planned to increase not only gas prices but VAT

    • A country needs revenue to carry out its obligations to its citizens. If you don’t get it from taxes, where you go get it from. Selling off the only asset the people have, land, to foreigners or create more debt? The country cannot be run on hot air. Maybe you think so. CIP done.

  5. JUST SAYING and the ALP government has on several occasions copied the same pie in the sky policies if the UPP. Recent cases in point include the provision of water tanks and the industry wide work permit. I can go on to those policies of the UPP that were copied during the last election campaign but I believe you get the point. The behavior of the ALP is called cogging when we were in school. JUST SAYING I hope you were not a cogger in school as your party the ALP is doing now

  6. Sing Nine man Sing,I really meant to say,1.5 man. When your friend and bosom buddy,the TAP DAWG is booted out of office come next Election. What the hell are you going to do? Are you going to be crying like a Bitch? Bitch,a Female Dawg. All of your freebs would be garne a yard. You would be going into your pockets to pay for things,like GASOLINE and UTILITY BILLS.

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