Pressure mounts on APUA to deliver water to residents



The Cabinet invited the General Manager of APUA, the Water Manager, and two other APUA Supervisors, who manage the distribution of 7 million gallons of potable reverse osmosis water daily, to report.

Communities complain that water is sometimes denied them for several days at a time, when the APUA indicates that no community should go without piped water for no longer than two days.

The APUA has pledged to put systems in place that would more closely monitor the communities which are supplied or deprived of water. Several men and women were employed and trained to open and close the valves which supply or divert water to and from different communities.

Those APUA employees are required to share their daily findings by written submission of a daily report.

There were clearly differences between what was reported to the APUA Management and what was reported to the Parliamentary Representatives.

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  1. Unless you make an example out of some of these guys, nothing will happen. Fire them. They cannot manage their staff and do the job. You have provided them with all the tools they requested and yet people have issues getting water. This is unacceptable. And heads should roll. Simple as that. Whether it will cost you to pay for unfair dismissal. So be it. But they got to go home. The Cabinet cannot personally go and manage the APUA. And that brings me to the failed business model of having a board, being paid for every month to do what? If the board cannot function, dissolve the board and management already seem to report to cabinet so what is the problem.

    • SIDELINE before you fire my fellow staff members.
      Fire these guys for non performance.
      Gaston Browne
      Robin Yearwood
      Maria Browne
      Cutie Benjamin
      Molwyn Joseph
      Melford Nicholas
      Samantha Marshall
      Michael Browne
      Max Fernandez
      Dean Jonas
      Luther Lee

      Dismantle the boards.

  2. The problem I am having is having to pay every month for a service that I am not getting when I do get All I need is some milk to complete a chocolate tea that water cannot be used for a long long time and when it’s ready to use it is no more around so I am paying for a service that I’m not using

    • I thought water is paid for by how much you consume. So how can you be paying for something you do not get?
      It beats be. But then again you guys will say anything. Whether it makes logic sense or not

      • @From The Sideline…since, you spoke of logic, here are a few questions which would dispel your ‘logic…’

        A…what if the service which your paying for, in this case water is contaminated?

        B…would you or do you drink the tap water which is discoloured and has a metallic door at times due to the corrosion(s) in the delivery system?

        C…would you do your laundry or bath in the same discoloured and smelly water?

        One of Our Nations biggest problem is HYPOCRISY. How can you on one hand wants some of those individuals charged with managing the system “fired,” yet, question what many consumers have being complaining about for decades? As, in Piss Poor Management and Piss Poor Service?


  3. APUA staff stop the Sabotage.
    My government is running out if time.
    Please the election haffu call

  4. Calling on fellow comrades. It’s time to picket APUA for the continuous sabotage of utilities services.
    PM doesn’t feel comfortable calling the election until services move to another level.

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