Press Release on the injury to Prime Minister Dr Hon Ralph Gonsalves


On Thursday 5th August, at approximately 5:15pm, the Honourable Ralph E. Gonsalves, duly elected Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, was physically assaulted and wounded by Opposition demonstrators while attempting to enter the House of Assembly.

Approximately 200 demonstrators, responding to a call to action from the Leader of the Opposition, picketed the Parliament and blocked the entrance to building. When the crowd prevented the vehicle carrying the Honourable Prime Minister from driving through the gate of the Parliament, he alighted the vehicle and attempted to enter on foot.

An Opposition demonstrator then hurled a projectile at the Prime Minister, which struck him in the head, inches above the temple. The Prime Minister, bleeding profusely, was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital by his security detail, where he was met by his wife.

The Prime Minister is now recuperating under the care of Hospital staff. He will remain at the Hospital overnight for observation. He has informed his colleagues that his is recovering, and reaffirmed that no lawless mob will prevent him from doing the people’s business in the seat of our democracy.

Further, the Prime Minister strongly reiterated his belief in the solemnity of the vote as a cornerstone of parliamentary democracy and basis of governmental legitimacy. In spite of his injuries, the Prime Minister welcomed all peaceful demonstration as a fundamental right enshrined in our Constitution, but cautioned that legitimate peaceful demonstration should in no way impede parliamentarians’ rights of entrance and egress from the House of Assembly.

Moreover, the use of violence in pursuit of political purposes is entirely unacceptable. We expect that the perpetrator of the actual act of violence will be brought to justice.

Such an act is to be unequivocally condemned. Equally to be condemned are the instigators and back-room authors of this kind of violence.




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  1. Whilst I agree that violence should not be the first option for citizens standing up for their democratic rights, in the last two years there has been an increase in authoritarianism and peoples fundamental human rights have been trodden on by the officials elected to be a servant of the people. Employers have been given the green light to take away people’s right in relation to covid JAB. Governments want to make covid passports compulsory. Citizens around the world have a right to stand up to protect their rights as brother Malcolm X said “by anny means necessary”

    • No. He was elected by the people. If you dont like him vote him out. Violence is not the answer. Should I use any means necessary to get red of you because I don’t approve of your response. Continue like that and very soon it will be the most violent thug running the show.

  2. ‘Opposition demonstrators’??? What does that mean? That the amendment would only affect citizens of the opposition? These are the types of statements that keep people divided and, whilst the descendants of slaves fight among themselves, others are becoming richer off us. And then we have “sensible’ comments referencing Harold Lovel. It is so assisine.

  3. Our opposition leaders need to be alot more responsible. Great leaders do not need to resort to violence to be successful. They should take a page from the book of Dr. Martin Luther King. Sometimes what theses opposition leaders say or what they do cause their supporters to get violent. For eg statements like ” chop up the tax collectors when they come infront of your door ” should be condemned & dealt with by the law. Thank God Antiguans are passive people.

  4. All members of his security detail should resign, that could have been an assassins bullet, and the individual who hurled that missile missed their calling as a fast bowler for West Indies.

  5. I don’t condone violence but i hope that this serves as a lesson to all these Caribbean Leader’s who think they can do as they like and the people have to take it i guess the comrade know now exactly how some Vincys feel about him TODAY COULD BE A FUNNY NIGHT.

    • Let who without vaccines 💉 cast the first stone and the head of government shall receive it 😂🤣😂🤣. Gaston remember Antigua is 80% foreigners and 20% Antiguans, the Hispanic already attacked police 👮‍♀️ Bus with stone. Antiguans just talk for a week and then silence but them foreigners nah play. I hope you embrace the stones they throw. You know whats funny our PM head so big that no helmet can fit him.

  6. In my opinion,Ralph Gonsalves made a big mistake. When he got out of that car and tried to walk into the Parliament. He had to go through the crowd. That was a grave error in judgment. We sometimes think we are macho men. However,good judgments, common sense and individual responsibilities usually prevails. I would not condone. What was done to him. Sometimes that is what it takes to open the minds,ears and eyes of some in Leadership.

  7. Violence is the answer no matter what the circumstance. What could’ve possessed with woman to pick up a stone and hit the man….PM or not. What if he died? Now she wants to apologize? People need to think before they act.

    What happens tomorrow if someone wheel a stone in her child’s head (if she has one)?

  8. It is sad , how things escalated . condone violence but the people are frustrated, upset , feels betrayed and are being oppressed.this sought behavior by the Government WILL NOT be tolerated!!. Why should the people suffer in order for the rich to get richer. Vincentians WILL NOT take this lying down. They have my support. I will fight , I must fight, the Workd Leaders have an AGENDA and we know what it is. This must end or WE ALL will be in serious trouble.

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