PRESS RELEASE: Asot and family denied withdrawal of personal funds at CUB

Michael outside CUB

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  1. Personally, I don’t think this has anything to do with insolvency (but I could be wrong though), however, I believe that the decision to not allow Asot Michael access to his OWN money and political funds, has everything to do with trying to de-rail his campaign in St Peters.

    It’s no coincidence that this has happened just days before the General Election. Come on!

    I know we’ll hear more about this in the coming days, but don’t be surprised if you find that a very high ranking government official 🥸 *cough cough* is involved with the Caribbean Union Bank (CUB) to try and KIBOSH Mr Michael’s strategic and winning campaign to beat Rawdon Turner on the 18th of January.

    If you haven’t already seen George Wehner’s interview with Asot Michael outside the CUB, then check it out on YouTube under the title:

    ‘MP Asot Michael Demands His Money …’


    George Wehner gets to the heart of this matter – top journalism again sir 👍

    • @Brix … Man u are really sick… Who are u really loyal to .. u just ride on any train .. name for u is political prostitute.. u are sickening now

      • I see you’ve watched the Asot Michael YouTube video @ Curious … 😂😂😂

        Hehehe mi rib ah hurt mi (again)!

  2. This bank might be insolvent. I’m willing to bet, that depositors monies were use in the FTX ponzi scheme. Certain shareholders may have thought they could make some quick cash in crypto and gambled with people’s cash, just like the crypto crook SBF did. I believe there’s something nefarious happening here. If it’s just a political prank, then it’s really an egregious abuse of power — as it affects not only Asot.

  3. To the Asot Michael Family
    The Gassy Clown came to St. Peter and was campaigning about YOU.
    And how your father Patrick didnt leave NO MONEY.
    So now your cheques BOUNCING, it going to look as if, what the Clown said was true.
    But ST. PETER STILL LOVE YOU. that’s what vex them.

  4. If that gets to the big news networks that could be very damaging to Antigua. I wouldn’t feel safe as a tourist going to an island where the PM wears a red dictator uniform and has the power to deny people making withdrawals from a bank regardless of their shareholder stake. You should change your name to Gaston Clinton. BTW you just lost the Election.

  5. CUB: Pay the man his damn money. Are you a Piggy of a Bank like Swiss American Bank? What do they have in common, Gaston Browne.

  6. Was his account frozen due to a court order or DPP? This sound scary because if it can happen to him then it can happen to us. The majority of banks are now locally owned which can easily be influence by the government. I which the canadian banks were still here. This motivate me to support decentralized currency from now on because they can never be control by the government.

  7. I remember when Bank of Antigua had a run on the bank, management said there was no issue with solvency but they weren’t telling the truth. Think about it, if CUB is having difficulty would they state that, no, absolutely not. GET YOUR MONEY OUT

  8. Everybody knows CUB is Gaston’s bank. What else could this be but a political move? We not stupid…and that cryptic statement by the bank, lacking any useful details doesn’t help either.

  9. CUB may have just engineered its own demise if it is not there already. If they will not or can’t pay Asot his money which they received a week ago or are influenced by a government official, why would anyone want to put money there. If I had money there I would be withdrawing it. Trust me, there is more to come.

  10. If CUB was the only Bank in Antigua. I would put my money under a mattress like in the old time days,inna Antigua. At least it would be safe there under my watchful eyes. Not in a Laundromat,that also acts as a Bank in my opinion.

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