Pregnant woman and small-business owners are among visitors who ‘missed’ return flight to Nigeria, sources confirm


REAL NEWS:Residents are asking about the benefits of last week’s inaugural direct flight from Nigeria, since recent reports indicate that many of the visitors have no intention of returning.

While reports say that “over 100” visitors arrived here from the African continent, no specific number has been disclosed, to date, by Immigration authorities or the Cabinet.

However, Airport sources have said that only 38 passengers left on Sunday’s return flight to Lagos.

Where the balance of passengers have disappeared to remains a mystery to most people. But a known associate of Antigua Airways has claimed that some of the visitors went on to other Caribbean destinations, including St. Kitts, while unconfirmed reports allege that others were denied entry to Grenada.

What has been confirmed, however, is that one remaining female visitor is pregnant with an imminent delivery date.

Hospital sources tell REAL News the woman went to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre seeking attention, but she was deterred by the cost of a certain test and therefore left the hospital.

Upon learning of the impending birth, several locals are expressing surprise that the young woman was allowed to take a transatlantic flight so close to her delivery date.

They note, too, that the birth will likely take place within the 30-day period of the visa granted on the woman’s arrival here. And they ask whether the child’s place of birth will confer residency rights on the mother.

Meanwhile, an Antiguan national reports that he befriended a pair of the Africans who apparently have moved into his neighbourhood. In the course of getting to know them, the local man – a civil servant – says he was told that the two are expecting to set up businesses here after their belongings arrive by ship.

According to the man, the Africans claim their equipment and inventory were packed into a container for shipping to Antigua and Barbuda, and they will be seeking clients as soon as these things are landed.

The amazed resident says this indicates that the flight was never about a visitor experience; rather, he says, it was an opportunity for persons to come here to live and work – and compete with locals in an already tight economy.

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    • @george
      You think any self respecting neurosurgeon gonna try come here to live and wrk? Health care workers in this country are disrespected. The system is designed for people to get frustrated. All Antigua doctors laugh at the nonsense ministry of health and the various councils and associations are not worth their salt.

  1. This is why we as black people will never move forward. I do agree immigration laws should be enforce but what about all those Syrians and Chinese who come here and park up there shops at nearly every street corner in Antigua?! We support all these people who doesn’t give 2 shit about us…. Yet we find time to bet up on our own black people who comes from the mother land!! U don’t find this backward thinking with other races cause they look out for their own…. no matter how we turn it we are still mentally enslaved and its sad!!

  2. If it was Jamaican or Guyanese they would not have landed they would have them in holding at the airport and then transfer to the holding cell awaiting deportation.
    I would want to believe that I can go to their country n do the same.
    There is an African here for over 30yrs with no paper workes for Antigua 🇦🇬 not even a social or medical benefit card but yet still he worked here n send his son to medical school in the USA but if it was our CARICOM brothers and sisters.

    I speak my observation.

  3. I hear no similar sentiments expressed about the growing Middle eastern and Chinese communities.
    Black ppl always have TRANG for each other.

    • I think you got your ears plugged. You need to have them checked or you’re going blind. The sentiments are there son!!

  4. They are legally here. They have a 1month visa. I have been to 6 African countries and they are wealthier than Antigua and way more advanced and beautiful (do your research) we treat them like this because the media makes us think Africans are poor. Visit Ghana for example or south Africa and forever remain shocked.

    Use google and see how beautiful it is. Black people are not good to their own people. Pure wickedness. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery!!

  5. Will we be seeing some of the Africans on the street selling fake designer handbags as they do all over Europe? The continent of Africa is rich. Why are so many of its people leaving? I tell you why. The black leaders are rich and most of the people are poor. Sounds familiar?

  6. Why are most of the commentators on here missing the point on why this collaboration between Nigeria and Antigua has been a utter and total disaster?

    It has nothing to do with the wealth of Africans or Antiguans; the beauty of both countries, or whether or not the Middle Eastern and Asiatic countries are building their fortunes here; or even the possible rejection of Jamaican and Guyanese citizens to come and live here in Antigua.


    The Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda and a handful of his cabinet ministers, tried to hoodwink the Antiguan electorate by informing them – before calling the next General Election -, that this collaboration with Nigeria was a legitimate one, well planned out and above board for the benefit of both countries/parties.


    A half empty airplane lands with students and non-paying guests, arriving in a country with virtually no accommodation; no money and roaming the streets; and the Immigration Department not doing their due diligence to find out if these fake visitors would be over-staying their welcome in Antigua.

    Please do not forget the people behind this utter farce. Gaston Browne, Chet Greene, Max Fernández and Colin James (the latter 3 people were all in that infamous photo opp at the airport recently) from the ABLP government.

    Furthermore, the head of the Immigration Department isn’t innocent in all of this and should also be held to account.

    Never ever forget, that this was an electioneering gimmick that TOTALLY backfired on the ABLP government!!!


    • Speak the FACTS Brixtonian! You can’t change them. They(the hoodwinkers) will only try to manipulate them. They are very skillful at doing that.

      Listen to the misinformation narrative that will follow. Nothing against Africanas. Beautiful place to visit and live. The optics of this whole political performance. Has left me wondering. What’s next?

  7. Well ah now the cookie ah crumble in ah Antigua from school days 1981 to now me watch each other fight down each other in school sports and in society now we are intelligent I suppose but don’t support each other well now the foreigner ahead of the pack now we vex shame on all you Antiguan cause y’all vote with your head in you all ass! Act with you all head in you all ass dont want to learn nothing new to elevate prefer to beg rather than have your own skill so this is the result of the actions from the past..

  8. This is a classic case of HUMAN SMUGGLING. The people that went to other destinations will end up in the USA. I wonder what they were charged to get on that flight?

  9. What I find strange is the callousness of the ABLP. The ABLP brought our brothers and sisters here for an election trick. The election trick was a complete disaster. These people can be seen walking the streets. Why don’t ABLP members look after them.


  10. We are mentally enslaved for life. Other races of people setup shop here and send for their families. We must this Crabb in barrel nonsense, it is 2022. Emancipation was since 1833.

    • Nobody stop Antiguans from making up shops an selling on the streets etc lot a Antiguan dnt like work they complain complain everywhere they work,an rather stay home

  11. “Sources”? Name them or else this is made up gibberish. I’ve seen a couple going to Saint Lucia myself with no intention to return. People fly to hubs to connect to other destinations. It’s how it is. Some might have decided to extend their stay and go elsewhere. What’s the issue? God what a load of misinformation spewing this whole “newsroom” is proving itself every passing day.

  12. I must admit that even though some of the logistics were not appropriately handled, the flight arrived on time and safely.

    I am of the view however, that the organizers ought to have reached out to Tourism Authority for guidance and support.

    The spokesperson, Mr. Alabanjo, though well intentioned, might not have possess the requisite skills manage such an operation.

    Nevertheless, the flight came and left and can now be properly promoted while they seek a permanent route via the FAA.

    I want to hopeful that this inaugural flight can lead to successful distal future for Antigua and Barbuda and the rest of the Caribbean region.

    Connecting directly to the Mother Land is long overdue. I see this venture as a start to something this is positively progressive.

    • I admire your defence of the ABLP government on this particular issue @Dave Ray, but let’s be real honest here, can you imagine if the UPP was behind this farcical airline collaboration with Nigeria, you guys would be having an absolute field day.

      People like Harold Lovell and Jamale Pringle would have been lambasted from pillar to post – and rightly so as well!

      As a former ABLP supporter (until I saw through all Gaston Browne’s broken promises) I’m so fascinated by this – continuing – defence of the indefensible, by so many of the Prime Minister’s supporters.

      Is it just simply a case of Mass Formation Psychosis (MFP)?


      Again Dave, your defence is admirable … 👍

      • I don’t see myself as necessarily defending but my aim in life is to find the good in every situation. My view of the PM is that his ambition is greater than the logistics in Antigua and Barbuda can handle. He himself becomes frustrated when projects don’t go the way he expects.
        Although his response is not always exemplary, I am convinced that in his heart, he wants to believe that our country is capable of better, imaginingly faster than is the sad reality.
        Criticizing every venture or project with a mean spirit does no good to make things better.
        Constructive criticism can be helpful if it is not always politicized.

        • Nice riposte Dave, 👏

          We may not agree on how both our political parties are conducting themselves, but I do enjoy finding out how ABLP supporters react coherently to Gaston Browne’s policies and nany broken promises.

          You are one of the few ABLP supporters that I can take serious note of on these ANR threads 👍

          If only the other ABLP supporters could be as cogent …

    • The FAA is an American Agency that regulates flights into the United States of America and its territories.

      This route will need the regulatory approval of The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority.

      If this flight intends to continue on to Canada. It will need approval of the Canadian authorities.

  13. Son of Mami _Wata and Papa_Elegbe, CHRISTened, #Jumbee_Picknee at the #CROSSroad of life known as SWASTIKA & SQUARE says, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

    Have Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, the Ellis Island of the Caribbean?

    The idea of inter travel between the Caribbean and the African Continent is nothing new. It’s being happening for Centuries. It’s the vital link in the Triangular Trade.

    Marcus Garvey has the Black Starliner. The Pipers out of Montserrat got involved with the LAND GRANT given to anyone of African descent, who were desirous of returning to Africa to live. This LAND GRANT was given by Emperor Haile Selassie I, to the Ethiopian World Foundation. Many in the Rastafarian Community’s helped to develop this LAND GRANT, as Sheshemane.

    Ghana for over a Century have being welcoming Africans from the Diaspora who were desirous of returning, to help build their families and Africa.

    So, there is nothing new about connecting with the African Continent or even trading , with it. By the way, the Middle East is on the African soil.

    While the collaboration of Our Government and the people of Nigeria is a great thing, the spirits rising up with this venture has to be dealt with meticulously and seriously. This is because of those crooks(politicians) #Who’re in charge of this business venture.

    I’m quite sure, just like with the Construction(now controlled by the Middle Easterners) Industry, the Hotel(controlled by Europeans, Americans. Canadians, Russians, Middle Easterners) Industry, the Agricultural(controlled by the Chinese, Americans, Canadians, Europeans with the marijuana) Industry, whatever Industry(s) the Nigerians and Our Government is collaborating, or will collaborate on they will get the PERKS and INCENTIVES which local ANTIGUANS, BARBUDANS are denied.

    Just so you know, this practice comes directly from the PARLIAMENT, regardless, of which color or Political Party is the Ruling Arm.

    Once, we fix the ACCOUNTABILITY PROCESS which seems to be non-existing in the Parliament, then many of us could careless as to whether or not ANTIGUA, BARBUDA & REDONDA is the new #Ellis_Island of the Western Hemisphere.

    #Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    #Dutty_Foot: Vere C. Edwards

  14. To err is human but to forgive and forget is asinine. The next election is your chance to change the trajectory of things in Antigua. So, go out and cast your ballot and don’t forget be careful what you ask for.

    • @Antigua Bill…I read you loud and clear. However, to progress in this HUEman World ✝️✝️✝️I find, #forgiving plavs a significant role, as a balance is lived by my being. It frees up space in my though processes to be more creative and productive in the real, true HUEman world. I, can’t automatically dislike someone, initially, #just_because of whatever!

      On the other hand, #forget!
      Forget, forgetfulness, forgetting are all parts, of the HUEman psyche both learned and natural. Again, whatever has to do with the verb ‘forget’ is both natural and habitual(learned) aspects, of the HUEman existence, levity, whatever.
      I can choose to forget, that governments of religious and political orders have being screwing HUEmanity for eons, and keep having them do it, simply because they tell me some god gave them the inherent right to do so. No sir, this aspect of the verb “forget”(forgetfulness) is your “asinine” vibe, to me. This to me is where the “trajectory” needs changing. This is not, an easy #force☠️☠️☠️🔄♾to contend with. But, #fear is never the option, it’s the catalyst or as many would say, “the thrill of the hunt.”

      Now, the #Natual part of the verb “forget” is, “Damn! Where did I put those keys? Did you see my glasses? Shit, I forgot my appointment?

      So, those things which we must not “forget,” I’m hoping your speaking to, the HUEman sacrifices made in our Nation(charity begins at home), and the rewards for those sacrifices. Our rewards have long lagged, behind our sacrifices. It’s time to accelerate the rewards to try and catch up, to the sacrifice made. This is the “TRAJECTORY” which the Nation must be guide by and powered by.

      Easier, said than done.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole #Peg_Foot – Vere C. Edwards.

  15. Why the UPP don’ t focus on the many non- nationals living here who’ll vote against them rather than tracking where these Nigerians are like dem name Immigration?

    • Native Antiguans have lost their country. In which other Caribbean country can non nationals determine the government? Many of These people only care about making money to send home and when things get bad, they will pack up and leave. The labour government will sell their mother just to stay in power. They care nothing for native Antiguans.

  16. Well said Brixtonian in your first post. Constructive criticism, no politics just the glaringly obvious facts about the flight. It was the pm who set the expectations for the airline after all. Absolutely nothing was delivered! Dave Ray, please pull your head out of the sand and admit that this was a disaster all around! An utter embarrassment to our country. As Brixtonian said, if the opposition had done this they would have been dragged from pillar to post – and rightly so! For shame, I expected you to call a spade a spade. Contrary to what you’ve said, you don’t “try to see the good in every situation.” In fact you have been ‘mean’ to others online so much so that others have had to come to the defense of the person that you are unfairly criticizing. I implore you to clean up your act because the world is watching.

  17. Latest lie told by Tabor this morning with Jacquie. The flight brought 114 people and over 100 still here. Means the flight left empty. What a joke. They don’t even care what they say. They lie so much it just doesn’t add up.

  18. From the Sideline, can you subtract? The flight was a joke! Where were the ‘high end investors?!’ This was an utter farce! Even you can’t possibly deny that!

  19. Dave Ray,
    it’s people like you who make Stupid people believe that they are intelligent!
    And it’s people like Gaston Browne who speed Rumors.
    So always remember this:
    Mr. Dave Ray,
    Rumors are:
    1. Carried by ……………….. HATERS
    2. Spread by ………………… FOOLS
    3. Accepted by …………….. IDIOTS

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