Power Hungry: PM dismisses suggestion by Trevor Walker

PM Gaston Browne and Barbuda MP Trevor Walker

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has paralyzed a suggestion by Barbuda Member of Parliament Trevor Walker for Antigua and Barbuda to consider the St. Kitts and Nevis federation system.

Browne said on Pointe FM over the weekend that he is not willing to meet with Walker who has opposed every single development proposed for the sister-isle.

Browne said while Walker is seeking more autonomy by making reference to the Nevis situation, he has not yet acknowledged that the island is not solely dependent on S. Kitts.

“If indeed you would have a situation in which Barbuda presides over its own economic affairs, how will they feed themselves,” the prime minister asked.

“Because practically every cent that is spent in Barbuda right now comes from the Antiguan treasury,” he said.

Based on this, the prime minister concluded that “Barbuda is not in a position to consider such a system.”

The Prime Minister further dismissed the suggestion as a bid for even more political power by Walker.

“It is evident that what Trevor is interested in is more power, he and a handful of people. They feel that Barbuda belongs to them and the truth is Barbuda belongs to all of us,” Browne told radio listeners.

He added “what they really want is power and power at the expense of the Barbudan people.”

Browne challenged Walker to “tell the nation, what have you and your council have done for the Barbudan people since the last general elections.”

“I suspect he’s under pressure so he’s now trying to suggest that we ought to look at a new construct.”

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  1. Why is this nonsense from the PM even printed. Trevor is being constructive in the face of continuing disrespect from the PM and his minions. Certainly federation is an option to consider. To say that all development is being resisted is an obvious lie. Power hungry Gaston? If the cap fit.

    • TrevorWalker bamboozled some of the people of Barbuda and got them all “hyped up” to talk about DIVORCING Antigua. Now he has no legit PLAN OF ACTION. What a pointless fart of a leader he is showing himself to be. He is the sole gas station owner and his children get the best. Wake up cult members. Your leader is hoodwinking you.

      • What has mr Browne or any other Antiguan government done for Barbuda accept selling off its land and fishing rights. Barbuda never wanted to be joined to Antigua but was forced into it by the British government maybe if they had full independence then at least every mistake would be of our own doing and not that of a man who still won’t say what happened to all the money that was donated to the recovery of Barbuda

  2. Mr. PM do not even give them a thought. They are not worth it. Let them drown in their own you know what.
    These are real bad minded people.
    They mean nothing good to you or Antigua.

  3. Trevor Walker don’t care about Barbuda. He own the only Gas Station , The Supermarket .
    Barbuda wake up…Trevor Walker do not want to see the improvement of Barbuda. This Guy is SELFISH,Only care about Himself and His Family. Do not want to see Barbuuda improve.
    Hon.Gaston Browne stand your GROUNDS. Trevor Walker will lose His seat next ELECTION.

  4. Wow I truly wish some of you with these fed. comments would visit Barbuda. We will not starve we are survivors.

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