Postal Workers Withdraw Services, Demand Meeting with Prime Minister Over Poor Conditions

General Post Office

Employees at the General Post Office have withdrawn their services, demanding a meeting with Finance Minister and Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Represented by the Public Service Association (PSA) and the Antigua & Barbuda Trades & Labour Union (AT&LU), the workers were promised a move to the Sir Cuthwyn Lake Medical Centre by the end of May.


However, during a visit last Friday, they found the new facility unprepared to accommodate them.

The postal workers cite poor working conditions, including mold, leaking roofs, and foul odors, as reasons for their withdrawal.

They emphasize they are not on strike but will not return to work until they meet with the Prime Minister.





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  1. I guess the PS or the department head is doing their job. So they want to go all the way to the top. And then you will hear that the PM is micro-managing. When will we close that department anyway. They do not really serve a purpose in this day and age with internet and everything send via courier service. Any body else can sell stamps. Just let the supermarket and the Pharmacy’s sell that.

  2. You want to hear from the Top Dawg himself? Tune in to Pointe FM on a Saturday afternoon, you can even call in or Whatsapp
    Advice free of charge, I’m just helping struggling brothers and sisters

  3. You are in an abusive relationship for years now, the election came January gone to save you from blows, but you love been beaten so you stayed in the same place, when the same ALP can change that road that was west of post office into some monument of political achievement while the post office adjacent to it was in shambles showed their priority is not the people but grandstanding for fanaticism, but lest we forget that ALP had plan on selling the post office to Standford then, and wouldn’t surprise me that it’s still on the agenda why they would turn a road into a monument for molwyn ego instead of use those scarce monies to better the people infrastructure and working conditions, they instead like political optics, but you people had a chance to vote out the abusers but you didn’t and now complaining. And there is always someone among you who are into fanaticism why this continue, someone who is a Gaston supporter on those jobs that will sabotage the other workers from getting things done, and that atlu union won’t have teeth to help unless ALP lose power and then it have to act as an instrument against let say a upp government taking office, it would a rally those workers to more than strike but for now their boss Gaston send them for mitigation. A leopard don’t change its color, ALP still want to sell the post office building I conclude as they were to do with Standford, so they are creating the situation so you can accept their solutions by keeping the post office run down with faeces smell and all that to achieve their gold.

  4. Get back to work!. We love labour advantage some of us shouldn’t complain now, The choices we make can make a difference but we wanted the same beaten.
    Only If we had that unity during the mandate. Just get back to work and don’t complain, my party is in power mentality alot of you have

  5. @Eldread June 4, 2024 At 1:39 am
    “but lest we forget that ALP had plan on selling the post office to Standford then, and wouldn’t surprise me that it’s still on the agenda”
    You seem to either deliberately or in ignorance only mention this part of the proposal. Stanford who as we can see was a very aggressive developer in Antigua and Barbuda. The many properties he left behind speak for themselves. The entire airport surroundings are not what they used to be. And many when arriving at the VC Bird International Airport and for the first time set foot on Antigua are in awe of the development of the lands around the airport. Not to mention the development at Barnacle Pont with one of the Caribbean most prestigious hangar at Run Way 10. Given the enormity of his annual investment into this country one can therefore hardly call what he is accused of, a Ponzi Scheme.
    Anyway to come back to the Post Office proposal. Stanford was planning to have a more prestigous presence of his Bank of Antigua in St. John’s city. And wanted it to be right where the cruise ships come in. He first bough the properties belonging to Hall family, Anjo Insurance. Many may have forgotten the blue building that sold fishing gears. It now contains a parking lot. The foot print was not big enough for the building of the new BOA. He then approached Mr. Vernon Edwards. However Mr. Edwards wasn’t willing to sell to Mr. Stanford. The plan was to take up the entire block next to Barclays. But unless everyone was willing to sell this plan could not go through. That is when he looked at the post office and the old Admin Building, which now houses the Ministry of Health. And by the way, this happened under UPP government. And also note the UPP wanted to break down that building anyway. It was not occupied for years. Stanford proposal to the government was to switch property and build the government a new Post Office on the location where you now have the parking lot. And the government would also be give a couple of millions of dollars. Like always Baldwin Spencer could not make a decision as he was not sure how his base would react to Stanford getting the Post Office. The very post office we now see is in very bad conditions and may need more than a face lift. Just like what happened to the old Admin Building. So I hope I have put your story straight. The ALP was not in power and had no dealing with Stanford on this.
    Looking back I would say had the government taking this offer the post office workers would be much better of today. And the town would be much enhanced with these new buildings. For we know that whatever Stanford does, he does it in style. Actually the conceptual drawings look much like the Caribbean Alliance Insurance Building. When I therefore saw the building I though the architect may have either stolen them and sold them to this company. It cannot be such a coincident in my mind. But one can picture that building at the cruise port entry.


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