Post-mortem examination on Jane Finch concludes


As the investigations into the alleged murder of 66yr old Jane Finch of Piccadilly continues, a post-mortem examination conducted on Tuesday 26th October disclosed that the cause of her death is consistent with the injuries she sustained on the night of the incident.

Finch’s body was discovered inside her home on October 4th with injuries to her head.

A female suspect was taken into custody in connection with ongoing investigation.

The police have yet to charge anyone for the murder of Jane Finch who was found dead in her Piccadilly home on October 4th.

The woman suspected of her murder, 21-year-old Brittany Jno-Baptiste, was charged for burglarizing the home of the 66-year-old woman with the intent to commit a felony.

It is alleged that Jno-Baptiste broke into Finch’s home and stabbed her to death.

Minutes before the incident occurred Finch called the Dockyard Police Station to report that an intruder was in the process of breaking into her.



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    • Antiguan lady I myself am asking myself the very thing.
      How long before they have sufficient evidence to press charges, by the time there ready to do so the ark the pastor in Jamaica mentioned will come and go and will be coming again and they still nah guh press charges yet hehehehe ! They take so long to do everything, like they powered by snail juice.

    • Because the young lady is allegedly mentally I’ll and has to under go psychiatric evaluation before she can be charged.

  1. Sad how this woman died though, this is sad.
    Justice must be served, nobody deserves to die so, so inhumane.
    This little island is getting out of control now man, you work so hard and cant enjoy your latter days any longer in peace.

  2. Babylonian system this be and justice will forever be unfair as long as we are under this system. any one of them in power its the same result, the system wont change a thing, same injustice.
    The judge of all judges soon come again though, don’t watch no face, we jut need be be alert and and ready for anything when such people try to take your life, always be ready to defend yourself and whats worth fighting for. If Babylon dem find a few on the other side of the grass when dem try dem stunts then we the intended victim will be locked away, suh the system design but I will go down fighting, mek dem try wen dem ready.

  3. This is where Good is evil and evil is Good. And for these people who has not charge this young lady they all have blood on their hands, but it is ok to arrest a pensioner for food. These people make me sick, Mr Gaston what are you going to do about this, where is your backbone bone. The Blood of Jesus in this land

    • @Jelly2020 – It actually disgust me when you make comments like this. Why are you asking the Prime Minister to interven into a police matter. The juriscial system should be independent of the political executives. The police are going through their process and and court will determine whatever the outcome. We should not want the court system to fall under the PM, you are then asking for corruption!!!!!!

      In the meantime, I am saddenly by the even of how this lady lost her life. My she rest in peace.

  4. I wish Jane could have barricaded herself in the bathroom until the police got there.

    It’s just so hard to accept something like this happening.

    It’s so senseless.

  5. Rumors are that Jane knew this girl. They say that sharing a man was the motive, jealousy drove the girl to commit this crime. Hence, Jane knowing her would explain why she didn’t try to escape.
    Just rumors, I guess.

  6. This is why you need to own weapons in your home. Cricket bats, baseball bats, cutlass, fork stick(hold the perp man or woman place when U a murdah dem rass).

    Guns if you are trained and can own them legally!

    Kill your attacker such as this one!

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