Portion of CDB loan may be reserved for former LIAT workers, but there are conditions


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  1. Gaston, you have to put millions into social security because you did not make the required government contributions to the fund. You also withdrew funds that were there because I heard you say on this portal that statuary bodies didn’t need to have cash. It reminds me of what one of the original board members said that VC did not think public employees should contribute, but VC did not hesitate to try to take money from the fund. Those board members who opposed were dismissed. This is why social security is under your control, so you can take the money at will.
    I also wish you would not reply to everything people post about you on social media, as you are beginning to sound like a quarrelsome woman or an anti man.

  2. Mr PM you have it all wrong. If your government continues to mess around, then the LIAT staff and their families can vote you out of power.

  3. Its not that ppl want want 100% of their severance. Yes that would be nice but the reality is we know the governments have no legal oblifations to pay. You are offering 50%,why not vive us all cash? Tou offering cash,bonds and land. Bonds, really. Am i suppose to just have this piece of paper sitting in my house looking at me? Jobs are so hard to get these days. You sens out applications and dont even get an acknowlegdement. Have a heart, what we would really appreciate is 50% cash. A lot of people will have the world to say but put yourself in our shoes. Home for over a year with your bills piling up. The little money you have or did have you have to decide what bill is paid or how do you send the littlenthat you do have.

  4. JUST SAYING it is the first time I can say without hesitation that I agree with you completely. I must confess though, is this the real JUST SAYING or an imposter.

    • Mr. Tabor, usually you speak much sense. However, in this specific scenario, if you believe that the “Just saying” that wrote the above post is the same one who usually comments, I have an igloo in Antigua to sell you. This igloo has three rooms with all furniture built from material I harvested from the Kuiper Belt. I’m selling for the very low price of one quintillion bitcoins (usually it costs 18 quintillion bitcoins).

    • Tabor give a time line of the deductions due and the monies that was taken out of Social Security by a Gaston Browne Administration?
      I bet you cant
      You support frictional rants?

  5. Part of the CDB Loan “may be reserved for LIAT workers”. There are huge differences between “may be”,”will be” and or “would be”. There are no guarantees that LIAT workers would be getting one copper from the CDB LOAN. It is such bull dung.

  6. Comrade Prime Minister I fully support the union in requesting the full monies due to the LIAT workers. Government is continuous. Pay the workers the 50% of what is owed and the other 50% when things get better. The Prime Minister wouldn’t like to know that he or his children worked all their lives and their employer decided to pay him or them just 50% of what is due to them. That can never be right.
    The Union has to stand strong. 50% now and 50 later.

  7. Melford Nicholas said that you will use some of the money borrowed from CDB to pay social security, and they would meet to decide what to do with the rest. Like your University.
    You didn’t know how much WE needed before you pulled the figure for the loan out of your…well, behind? Is there no definite accounting of how the figure was arrived at to get the loan? Didn’t you consult with the bright people in Finance to reach that sum? Or is all the “figuring” done only by you because you have a MASTERS IN FINANCE”?
    Do you know who would have to pay it back? We know.
    Have you figured out as yet how much of it will be stashed away for the upcoming elections? (Well, yes. That I know is done).
    Are we the enemy that we do not know and don’t seem to have a right to know, what our Government, no, our Prime Minister, is borrowing on our behalf? And why would the CDB lend Gaston Browne money after that roads loan balls-up?
    Here’s my suggestion. Please, Gaston. Please have a heart. Don’t hurt us anymore. Who knows? Maybe somebody for you might get caught in the backwater. You never know.
    Just take some of what you have in the Middle East (you will still have plenty more left) to fund your re-election and ease up on arwe.

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