Port not generating enough revenue to service Chinese Loan, PM Browne confirms

Port of St. John's

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  1. What is the difference between a loan from Chinese, a loan from Saudi Arabia, a loan from Venezuela, a loan from Africa in relation to one loan from IMF?

    For those who cannot comprehend well. What is the difference if you take out 5 different loans in relation to one?

    • Gassy, the unaccountable NAMCO and CIP funds should take care of it.


      Can’t ABLP find a better leader? Mercy!

    • The difference is, none of those 5 loan holders gets to dictate how many government workers should be laid off and how the government should cut back in running the country. IMF controls what you do when you borrow from them. They control who you can do business with, which means many people would be unemployed as a result of borrowing from them. When you look at the countries that borrow from them, they’re worse off.

  2. Carry down the docking charges for ships bringing goods to the country, then you would attract more shipping lines to come to your port. They are complaining, am just pasting on the message

  3. Every government department in Antigua are short of funds, unbelievable.. isn’t this man the finance minister?

    Not a good signal to be sending any investor sir..I guess that’s why so many wouldn’t touch Antigua right now with a long pole, except for the so-called ” business Nigerians” you’re bringing in. Smdh.

  4. The chinese get very funny about collecting debts. I hope you folks don’t end up on the sharp end of a chinese debt collection (read armed overthrow).

  5. That is what happens when the government
    leaves a UPP employed egotistical Port Manager who decides not to hold any consultations with the Primary Users of the Port. Telemaque must be laughing at his dunce bosses. He has made his penny and could not give a damn. Look into his past. He will walk away when he is ready. He still carries a US passport.

  6. Chinese will take over the port operations soon lol just like how they take over many African nations port until the loan is paid off lol. Oh these politicians already got their money in their pocket to sell out to the Chinese. How can these politicians say they love Antigua when they love money more than their birth country smh true shame. Antigua don’t even produce enough revenue to pay their workers and Hadeed and Syrians have to pay salaries so how in the world they were expected to pay off hundreds of millions back to them evil Chinese lol. If people in Antigua think times hard just wait, because America about to deal with a recession and hardship everybody know when Amerikkka catch a cold everybody get sick.

    • Well your mouth done put curse pan de country. Everytime you all open you all mouth and chat garbage it’s curse you all putting on the country.
      You all think is by mistake or its the government that have all these negative cloud over Antigua?
      It’s you all mouth and all these bad things you all keep saying because of politics that have the country like this.
      Life and death in the power of the tongue.

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