Port Manager urges Dominicans living in Antigua to collaborate with relief

Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority Manager, Darwin Telemaque

Port Manager Darwin Telemaque says a combined effort to get relief supplies into Dominica is the best approach at this time rather than individual endeavours.

Telemaque said the situation on the ground in the hurricane-ravaged island is catastrophic, and the country’s prime minister has declared a state of emergency there.

While there are reports coming out of Dominica that some people have not been getting relief supplies, which has resulted in looting, the port manager said the individualistic approach to the nation cannot exist at this point.

He said what is needed is a “collaborative, communal response where we act as one”.

According to Telemaque, it is very challenging to get food and water into Dominica because the infrastructure has been decimated.

He said based on several logistical issues, and to ensure that the 72,000 people resident on Dominica are fed, people should send their supplies through the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) here.

All packages received will be combined, taken to Dominica and distributed. Telemaque said sending items for individuals further exacerbates the challenges being faced.

“Whatever you have, let’s follow the lead and request of the prime minister. Let us take the goods that we have, bring it to NODS, we will consolidate it, we will put it in the package, we will send it to Dominica, it will go to the relief centre and we will trust in the goodness of the people there to distribute that in the right way.

“We need food in Dominica. It does us no good for individuals here to shop and hold back the food waiting to send it to the person you want to send it to. Send it, just keep sending it, it will get to someone eventually because next week when you can’t send, someone else will help the person, so let’s all send,” Telemaque advised while speaking on ZDK this morning.

Goods were reportedly sent down to Dominica on a war ship and those items are headed for the relief centre for distribution to as many Dominicans as can be provided for.

The port manager is, however, concerned because having had discussions with members on the ship, he was told the supplies are not plentiful.

He said things would get better once people work together, adding that it will take some time.

Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also said the country does not have the capacity or manpower to isolate boxes and deliver them to individuals in any specified area.

The PM has advised that all packages and supplies be sent to the Government Relief Centre.

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  1. Hope Darwin will be this “Yes man” until his children reach adulthood. As he is persisting I’m letting the haves continue to have while the unfortunate continue to suffer.

    • God bless you. I hope that you will donate if you have not already done so. Postive mind, Positive vibes, Positive life. Again, God bless you.

  2. Mr Darwin we know you don’t have the man power yet alone a building to facilitate storage of individual boxes. Hence the reason for the past couple days we been trying and begging for clearance here to take supplies to the isolated people. You know how the country is situtated and you and I both know that when the helicopters get to the village plenty persons still won’t get food. For one communication isn’t available across country as yet. This leaving the person’s that live along the main roads instead of in the village won’t know the days supplies will be dropped off. As I been saying all along these people don’t stand a fair chance of ever getting relief and they may be dependant on family members that know their situation to bring them food.

    The supplies are not being distributed fairly we both know that from the pictures we’ve received and the video proof.
    People have already started getting sick from drinking unclean water and it hurts to know that kids have to be placed on drips in hospital to stay hydrated waiting to get food since Thursday….why are you Mr. Darwin and skeritt making it so hard for us. We don’t intend to go down and be a burden to anyone we just want to ensure our families get the much needed food.

    This is as real as it gets we need to be able to leave to take care or our families. You need to understand we know the country bounced back quickly after Erica but the harsh reality here is that Maria left us in a drastic situation. If as able bodied individuals we’re willing to go and assist those that aren’t I don’t think you should deny us the right to do so.

    I’m sure the port minister has his immediate family with him and he’s made way for extended family members. Why are you killing us as well as our families by denying us the right to go and help. Killing someone doesn’t have to be physical you’re killing us mentally as we’re here getting messages from our families of them being hungry and we can’t get nothing to them cause we’re being denied a stamp to leave to go and help.

  3. Every thing is political in dominican some are getting some are not so if persons choose to take care of their families directly its their choice they should not be stopped this is no time to sugar coat anything people are hungry even today persons were standing in hot sun trying to get relief let people help their families not all villages are treated fairly u no that u honestly do

  4. Darwin’s words on ABS, you cannot go to Dominica. However if you really want to go, you can fly to St. Lucia, then take the ferry into Dominica. Why should we pay liat ec$1305.00 and then pay the French Ferry about ec$300.00 to go to Dominica when we have a Dominican owned ferry sitting here that is willing to take us to Dominica for one day to see our people and bring whatever we have and return the same day?
    It is not all about Darwin but, he is a catalyst to the problem. Both governments have pumped in millions of dollars into liat and allowing this vessel to make such a voyage will kill liat and so they are trying to stop this voyage at all cost. That is the real issue.
    The French ferry has a schedule to make two trips into Dominica daily as off next week. So this little Dominican who owns this ferry must continue to suffer. May God be with you Darwin.

  5. I have lived in Dominica and know it’s only certain people who already have it will receive the supplies. The real poor won’t receive it. We have experienced it
    So let the people from outside help their families and others. My people are starving.

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