Popular wine bar waitresses protest

C&C Wine Bar

Three waitress on duty at popular C & C Wine Bar are refusing work over what they claim is the management’s poor treatment of them.

The trio is staging a sit-in over alleged victimisation by the owner. One employee said the staff is often fired when standing up for their rights under the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Code.

The action is expected to affect customer service since Thursday’s are a popular night at the Redcliffe Quay restaurant.

They accuse the owner of using abusive language including calling them “fat” and advising them to lose weight.

Management could not be reached at the time of this publication to respond to the allegations.

Shop steward for the workers Yvonne Ambrose said the owner of the establishment has also refused to meet with the union to discuss the concerns of staff.


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  1. Say what am I living in Antigua . people used to hear rumors , but didn’t believe them. I thought things change since since slavery was abolish..Workers stand firm for your right.Never let anyone talk down to you you deserve the same respect you give to your employer .Thumbs up,stand firm.Labour Dept come in please..

  2. IF the are being verbally abused, I can only imagine the pay they receive. May justice be executed swiftly and fairly in this situation

  3. What fat have to do with work, once the tasks are done well. Look around asshole, almost everyone in this world right now look pleasantly plump.

    If you want skinny workers, find a new destination.

    Forward and out a place self, ’bout FAT!!

  4. It appears that some people who are employees do not know how to deal with their staff. Those derogerative statement should not be a part of the work force. It is my opinion that too many abuse is taking place in the work force, and it seems as if the unions are falling down on the job. Let the Union be the union, and deal with every matter that concerns workers, and their rights. Whether they are your friends, family, they give you money hands outs or even pay for your car loan, or free food, do your job union members, we put you there to serve us. Kudos to those ladies, stand up, and stand strong

  5. It’s about time that the workers stand up for their rights. The owner is a known racist and has no regard for the workers and most customers. The food is mediocre and the place is rat infested. People need to speak with their pocket books and not support this establishment.

  6. Known racist ? I thought the owner was a Local woman of color who was married to another
    women. they broke up and the other women now runs napoleons

    • LMAO!! Can always count on Antigua people to give you the “added extra juicy details” not covered by the journalists. Can one conclude that lesbians make horrible bosses??

    • The local lady opened Cutie’s where Napoleon used to be- her name is Cutie.
      Her partner was Claudine the white lady who runs the business now.

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