Popular Mobile Game Genres You Need to Try


Mobile games have become a significant part of the lives of people around the world. They consume much of our time, closely following the time spent on social media. Most US adults are avid mobile game players, and they play mobile games whenever they get the opportunity to do so. As the world is heading towards a mobile-centric trend, the games geared for mobile phones and devices have also proliferated exponentially, giving rise to various game genres. 

We have different preferences when it comes to mobile games, but it helps to know the different genres. Here, we’ll explore the popular mobile game genres that you need to try.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have become a popular genre among mobile phone users. They are effective forms of entertainment to keep players occupied and alert while passing the time waiting at queues, waiting for appointments, or any activity involving long idle times. One of the most popular games in this genre is Candy Crush, which is known to both young and adult players alike.

Casino Games

One mobile game genre that has leaped out of the shadows is the casino game genre. Whether it is the free or real money version, more and more people are enjoying the games offered in mobile casino apps. The level of excitement and anticipation in mobile casino games can be comparable to the online and land-based casino experience. In countries where online and mobile casino games are gaining popularity such as Indonesia, online judi (casino) games, particularly judi slot games are a hit among young professionals and adult players. The game developers are making innovative themes, game designs, and gameplay variations that make them fun, entertaining, and engaging. Also, the prizes and bonuses are just too irresistible to pass up, which is why online slot games don’t go out of style even with the younger generation of players.


Action Games

This broad genre encompasses various sub-genres (shooting, fighting, survival, etc.) of games that have action-oriented themes. What makes the action genre’s popularity spill into the mobile game dimension is due to the tendency of people to go for games that keep their blood and adrenaline pumping. Games following the premises of confrontations, duels, completing missions, or surviving dangers keep players on their toes and fully engaged in the gameplay.



Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) are popular among the younger generations of online and mobile players. The cooperative and diverse nature of the game allows for a different kind of virtual freedom to develop their communities, characters, worlds, etc. Various interactions with other players, non-playable characters, and the game environment make this game greatly immersive and captivating.



The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre is another genre that made a surprisingly phenomenal jump to popularity from its relative obscurity. Cooperative battles and teamwork make it easy to get hooked on MOBA games. Taking on the role of a hero and battling other heroes from the opposing side and capturing or destroying the opponent’s base can be fun to play alone but playing it with friends makes it even more exciting.


Battle Royale

This game genre has become an international hit due to the ultimate bragging rights and sense of achievement it provides. Many players get excited with games that involve duking it out with other players until only one player remains and becomes the sole survivor and the game’s winner. A common misconception about this genre is that it is male-dominated, but many female players are avid players of battle royale games.


Mobile games are fast becoming the main source of entertainment in modern society. The portability of mobile devices makes them easy to carry around and readily available for accessing and playing at any time or place people want. The game genres have expanded significantly to cater to the different gaming needs and preferences of mobile users. Whatever your mobile game preference may be, there is something you can find and like.


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