Poorly drafted pleadings:’ Gov’t responds to Lovell lawsuit


Attorney General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin has acknowledged being served with papers in suits filed by UPP Leader Harold Lovell.


The legal action is over the Global Ports Holdings Inc deal for the 30-year management of Antigua’s cruise ports.


The Cabinet is accusing the UPP leader of utilizing the courts as a stick to attempt to delay and to retard progress made under the ABLP regime.


“Creating thousands of new jobs across many sectors of the economy frightens the UPP leader,” the Cabinet said.


It said on Wednesday that the complaints filed and the pleadings submitted lack substance and are very unspecific; the poorly-drafted pleadings, “for example, fail to point to the sections of the laws which the attorney claims to have been violated.”


“The lawsuits do not seek any injunctions but merely seek judicial review of the contracts and agreements between the government and the private enterprise,” the Cabinet noted.


An application filed in the country’s high court on Tuesday afternoon seeks to nullify the agreement signed between the Gaston Browne administration and Global Ports Holding.


The application filed by Lovell who is also Attorney at Law is in the name of three claimants, namely George Ryan, James Spencer and Clifton Chucky Colbert.

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  1. Well for the AG to say the document was poorly drafted Lovell that must have been real bad given the AG’s history!

  2. Would you realistically expect that Cutie Benjamin is going to say that the document is to the point and presents an excellent case? Only a person of integrity and self-respect would do that. He has to tow the same subservient line just like the rest of the impotent cabinet does.

  3. George Ryan????? Wow, I thought he was recently knighted by this ABLP government and If my memory serves me correctly, isn’t he on a few statutory boards as well???
    Asking for a friend!!!

    Not sorry at all for Gaston tho cause he likes to help UPP supporters too much and neglect his own die-hard soldiers.

    • In my humble opinion, he did NOT deserve no knighthood. I listened to the bio being read and basically he received a knighthood for CHARGING PEOPLE to build churches, homes and other buildings. It’s not like he built them free of cost and DONATED his time and talent to our society. But I guess if you have the ring with the compass and the square, you “done sort out” fram marnin.

      P.S. – what next will Lovell think of to try and remain relevant. He has really over-estimated his importance to in our current political landscape. Tourism, Romantic Rhythms, and the WPP put a nail in his political coffin.

    • I guess you do not understand how the honors committee woks. It’s not an ABLP thing, Every citizen can nominate a person. And the Opposition also can make nomination just as the ruling government. Gaston has nothing to do with it. Its the GG.

  4. If there are grounds for a judicial review then it’s all above board and in keeping with process.

  5. It is not poorly drafted. What is poorly drafted is the current state/structure of the UPP with Lovell at the helm.

    Joanne Massiah where are you? Sending out an SOS.

    “Time longer than rope”

  6. Poorly drafted?? Why didnt Harry Lovell ask his new “brother-comrade” VB III to assist him since VB III is a pratcing lawyer???

    • Lol. VB3 is not interested in law these days. His driving force is overthrowing the “False Labour party”

  7. Lovell and Vere Bird 111 will do anything to remain relevant. These two Guys will never ,ever win an election in Antigua . Gaston Browne try His very best to help UPP minions and They will turn against Him. This Judicial Review will go NO where. Lovell is trying to leave the UPP for His New Party The FAITHFUL DISTURBERS. He will try anything to remain relevant. I know Lovell very well. We attended the Antigua Grammar School. He was my classmate.

  8. The courts should be able to charge HEAVY fines to the complainant if they rule in the respondent favour when politicians file frivolous law suits against each other.

    • These cases are not free. You think Judges will do a judicial review for free. But George has plenty money to spent. He just rented out his close down hotel to a university for more then what he would ever make had it been open for business. I think Micheal Browne told us in Parliament the lease was for US$40K per month.
      Don’t know why they didn’t consider building their own building.

  9. George Ryan needs to go seek the Almighty,before his time on this earth expires. I mean we all need to,but when you have been blessed with those years,you should be giving God all the thanks and praises-instead of allowing greed to take hold of your heart..Don’t he have enough?? Why then,is he trying to stop the forward movement of this country? As for Clifton Colbert-AKA Charkie, how can he determine what is best for this country when he learned to spell his dam name as an adult.. Give me a brake.. Well-Harold Lovell,is just Harold Lovell-A total failure as a politician and suffering from an extreme thirst for power,which he will never see again..

  10. I once checked out the remuneration of the workers at each of George Ryan businesses and was quit surprise how low their salaries were and how little benefits they get. And that was about three years ago. And can you believe his workers do not even enjoy a Medical Insurance Plan or a Thrift Fund. No bonus pay whatsoever, And these are workers that has been with the company for many years. He pays the minimum salary necessary. This man has made millions with the help from his workers and how has he rewarded them. That is in my opinion a very greedy employer. My housekeeper is better off. Cause I will even pay all her contributions for her. Her Gross is her Net. And for Chirstmas she gets a bonus equal to one month pay. And the rest of my office staff the same.

    • Antigua Motors will not get one red cent from me going forward. Their prices are exorbitant and the woman that works in the parts department sounds, looks, and acts lazy over the phone and in person. You check the price of the same parts online and what a difference!!!

      • Not Antigua Motors alone, i am done with Plumbing & Hardware also,and also considering boycotting ” Home& Garden discount center”.. Cant see myself supporting someone who is trying to stifle progress in this country,preventing the poor ordinary man to be able to have a better standard of living. Totally unacceptable..

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