Polls show ABLP winning the next general election, Browne says


Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party leader Gaston Browne says recent polls conducted in several constituencies see the ABLP holding on to the reigns of power.

Listen to him here:

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  1. This clown needs to shut up. Left up to Antiguans alone he and his uncaring government would be kicked out of power. They know that hence the reason they ass-kissing to other nationalities and offering all sorts of goodies. But be aware because the same stick that beat the wild goat gonna beat the tame one!

  2. Not according to Peter Wickham your pollster.

    He has predicted a total wipe out of at least 7 constituencies currently under the ABLP’s control.

    That’s why the elections has not yet been called. They are scared to lose power.
    People nar fooly

      • Interestingly the same pollster was absolutely correct in the last two elections and you hypocrites was saying the same thing. Wow.. You guys are incredulous ignorant. Instead of focusing on being positive with your plans, instead you UPPITES spouts ignorance, lies, lies, lies, diatribes and evilness. I guess that is you’ll favorite play book. The way you UPPITES are going you will certainly be getting a drubbing when the elections are called. All you continue to cuss others cause you’ll think all Wadadlians are idiots.

  3. You and your government sent out pollsters to do the polls and now you say you won. What would anyone expect you to say?
    Get an independent poll and we may know what is really the truth. Where was the poll conducted?

  4. PM you didn’t have to do any polling we know that hands down. Those #UPPNEARGA will be kept at bay.

    • U a ine a them dat love see ugly n love how f#%k up the country running. U probably the one getting some token from them

  5. The poll he is talking about must be the one in his head. It is a figment of his distorted imagination. Was the poll done by CADRES which is run by your pollster Peter Wickham? If it was done by CADRES why wasn’t that mentioned and the time the poll was conducted? The constituencies that were polled could have been mentioned as well. I would say that the results of this so-called poll is as ridiculous as that of ERIC (THE RED) that was always printed here on ANR.

    • Charles, remember the 2018 polls that the UPP did. They were saying that they would win the election. But when it was all done UPP barely held on to one seat. Single Pringle.
      You may not be that lucky this time around. Watch it.

      • Yep their friend Winter. I hear his team tended to fill in the forms themselves to ensure results that would make Linley and those who paid him happy. They don’t like truth ( as evidenced by their responses to Cadres)


      Hon. GASTON BROWNE … latest Poll for ELECTION 2023.

      ABLP. 17. Seats



      BARBUDA. 00. SEAT


      • ERIC (THE RED) Gaston announcement about the results of a poll is nothing but a big LIE. He made the announcement without giving any details of poll such as who did it and the number of constituencies polled. After being challenged on social media about the lack of information presented about the so-called poll, he further admitted that the poll was done by CADRES and Peter Wickham. Now ERIC (THE RED), Peter Wickham was asked by Daren Matthew Ward about three weeks ago if he has done any recent polling in Antigua and his answer was no. ERIC (THE RED) just like your ridiculous poll results, the announcement by Gaston of poll results is a figment of his delusional mind and just as ridiculous. And by the way, if the polls are indicating that the ALP is in a strong position to win the next general election why doesn’t Gaston call the election as soon as possible. Truth be told, Gaston knows that the tide has turned against him and his failed government and he is afraid to call the election. Anyway, whether it is called now or June 2023 (i.e., 3 months after the constitutionally due date), the result will be the same with the ALP kicked out of government.

  6. Nothing last forever, there is a season for everything. Time is up ! I am disappointed in this administration I supported in the past. I have alot of family members who was sent home for a vaccine mandate.
    Too much strikes are happening, people are owed monies for a long period of time and no dialogue with the people the government don’t care. Time for a change for a government who is concerned about the people and not just concerned about self enrichment and different levels of corruption.

    • @ SMH Lol this is ANR favorite Smh ? welcome back we look forward to your posting not that other Smh that regurgitate the same nonsense over and over .

  7. So Adolf,if you are so confident. You are going to win the next Election.Call the Election now,set the date.Or if you do not just shut your damn big mouth.Today was the day your hero died in 1945 in Berlin,Germany.

  8. well well. he spend bout 28 seconds talking bout de poll. no detail. how much constituency dem go win? and ah which ones dem be. nothing but hot air. he can’t gi any detail bout de poll a tall. he tink people c
    stupid. you time up gaston.

  9. Is this the same poll where the persons collecting data were only paid their $25 if the answered favoured ABLP winning the next election? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Very, very skewed result you idiot because as a data collector I would have only collected data that favoured your party because I want to get paid. You have taught us enough to creatively enrich ourselves. You are such a fool and very forward to think that we are all fools like you. Next election we voting UPP so poll that.

  10. UPP DONE / FINISHED. Listened to POINTE FM on Saturday and Prime Minister revealed a polling. All seats will be ABLP. Also just read ERIC ( THE RED ) polling .ABLP will win all 17 SEATS. WOW WOW.

  11. Who the Hell is this ERIC ( THE RED )…Is Eric a POLLSTER in Antigua ? I have been reading His polls over the months. Let’s hope He is wrong. If Eric is correct,UPP SARL. SARL. No OPPOSITION in Parliament ?????

  12. You can tell a person character from what comes outta his/her mouth. No need for political foolishness. Like the gentleman or not he isn’t Adolf Hitler. You can disagree strongly with the PM but demonstrating signs of a Nincompoop shows that you lacks credibility and integrity. Anyways, when you infected by UPPITES viruses you are prone to say the worst thing about anyone who disagree with you’ll continuous insanity. Most UPPITES are famous for deceptions and spouting ignorance and nonsense on daily basis. You guys must have an incredible life.

  13. We don’t care what any poll says or does not say. Your government is not good for the development of Antigua and the people of Antigua. Many of our civil servants make less than $2500 a month after over 20 years of employment and don’t even qualify for one of your unfinished houses. You don’t pay Antiguans, whether civil servants or contractors what’s owed to them because you care little for black Antiguans. St. John’s is a nasty ghetto and your government has done nothing about it. Guess you don’t know the conditions because you don’t drive through there but I am sure you occasionally go to Pointe. Fifty years from now under a labour government, Antigua will look the same because once you and your family can grab all for yourselves, Antigua in your view is a prosperous place.
    We in Antigua and Barbuda are being deprived of our best lands. You don’t appear to hesitate giving it to foreigners once someone around you can get a commission. You seem to find money to talk about one grandiose project after another when Antiguans pockets empty. You are a great leader for you, family and government ministers, because you are the only ones getting rich and can afford smoke trout for breakfast while most Antiguans don’t know what that is and can’t afford to buy salt fish and shad.
    Gaston, Antigua has no visible signs of development except the mansions being built on the hills by politicians.
    With a labour government in office, fifty years from now, Antigua will be the same rubbish heap, because you don’t think the government should prioritize infrastructure.
    If Antiguans vote for labour again, they deserve what they won’t get.
    At this point, we don’t care whether you call the opposition Neophytes or what ever, we must vote for change.
    And I hope your supporters don’t call us jealous, as most of you and your family’s wealth. were acquired because you are the leader of this country.

    • Note: “… if Antiguans vote for labour again, they deserve what they won’t get …”

      I could not have put it better myself @ Neophyte for change 👏👏👏

  14. You all will take that in you all nennen once again.
    Watch that when the time comes. Make sure you have your pills at hand. You all will need it. LBMC will be crowded. And it won’t be Covid.

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