Poll says ABLP would win if elections were called now

Browne embraces his wife Maria after his 2014 election victory

Thirty-six percent (36%) of Antiguans polled would have voted for
the ABLP in elections were called now.

The information is contained in a new poll by pollster Peter Wickham done between February 2-5.

It revealed that only 24% would have opted for the UPP and 5% for the DNA.

Cumulatively some 35% of respondents opted not to answer the question and were classified as “Uncertain Voters”.

The comparative with 2016 is also interesting here since in that poll some 35% of Antiguans opted for the ABLP, while 28% preferred the UPP, suggesting that both the ABLP and UPP have strengthened marginally, with the UPP growing its support by 4% and the ABLP by 1%.

“The fact that these changes fall within the margin of error of the poll suggest that since 2016 there has effectively been no significant
change in either party support or the support for the Prime Ministerial candidates for either party,” Wickham said.

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  1. Its quite coincidental that Peter Wickham who is on the ABLP’s payroll should put out a poll saying the opposite of what the Free and Fair Election League mock election results revealed, that the UPP would win the next elections? Back in 2014, the mock elections said the ABLP would win, the ABLP lapped it up as being gospel. Now that the tables have turned and people are ready to turf them out of office for their dismal failure, they have asked Wickham to put out his paid-for-poll showing a win for them. I do not believe any political party should rest on their laurels and rely on any poll or mock election. They both have to work hard. But I find it passing strange this ABLP-Wickham poll given the widespread discontent, disatisfaction, unease, and disappointment across the country. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    • @Serious fakery. Are you serious? Are you trying to compare what the free and fair election league had with all UPP people excited to go vote with the Cadres pole? You are cleverlyDunce. Furthermore i do not think it needs a pole to tell us that the UPP will not win the next elections,if you ask me they will end up with less seats than they now have. You people are dam delusional.

  2. Interesting that 35% say either “don’t know”, “won’t say” or “Won’t vote.” That’s an eye opener…actually the largest block of voters!

  3. If the ABLP believed this to be true why didn’t embrace the chance to have it two for two as was the case in 2014.
    I guess they can manipulate one poll. Just saying

  4. There you go again my dearest Ms, B… goodness ….gracious, stop it… ABLP seems to be heading to another land slide victory. No need to cast aspirations of manipulation…. Your party will spilt the votes…

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