Politician allegedly found in the company of men with drugs


REAL NEWS: Three out of four men are in custody, assisting the Police with investigations into an alleged drug offence, while the fourth man – said to be a Minister of Government – has not been detained.


A Police source tells REAL News that the four were playing dominoes in a St. Paul location, on Saturday night, when officers from the Liberta Police Station turned up and began a search.


It is alleged that a bag containing a significant amount of cannabis was discovered under the table where the four men were seated at their game.


As a consequence of the find, three of the men were taken away, along with the drug, while the Member of Parliament was not, the Police source claims.


Our News Room was told that the Police are considering bringing charges against the three detainees, including possession of a controlled substance and, possibly, possession with intent to transfer.


The failure to hold the law-maker for similar questioning has caused some resentment and murmuring among other police officers, the source adds. They complain that it supports the public’s criticism that all persons are not equal before the law.


Only last Friday, on the eve of the first anniversary of the killing of Customs Officer Nigel Christian, his relatives and members of the Concerned Citizens group posed a question to the Police Force: “What about the fourth suspect?”


They were referring to the arrest of three men in connection with Christian’s abduction and murder, reported to have been carried out by four bandits.


One critic points out that, to date, not even a Wanted Bulletin has been issued by the Police for the fourth man; neither has his identity been disclosed so that the public can assist in his capture.


“Police lock up who they want to lock up; not who guilty,” says a City South woman. “But people know; they know….”

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  1. IF there really was a “lawmaker” in that bunch, he must be arrested. People already fed up with politicians, particularly those who are two-faced. If he guilty, kick his ass out of the party into the sea. Give him a one way pass to Redonda. If he innocent, the people want to know also. No more stupidness, please.

  2. You bettys hope needs to shut yo ass.If you dont know the morale of the true story do not speak nor write.Many of you have a tendancy and a fast pace in bringing down who ever you is mentioned in the news cast.Some individuals would have been spending time behind bars who are really innocent.Why? Because the systems and laws here are full of shit.They need hi tech systems in the police force.Too many times they are no evidence but still you have them behind bars.Some young girls call rape on men that are not even true.But because she is a minor or under age you dont wanna ask further questions but rather just go straight into it and just charge the man.Some of these girls would have started having sex from a early age because of their mother(parent) broughtupcy.What we need is a better hi tech system here in Antigua.We the laws but still we dont abide by them.Because police feel they in authority they can do as they please.Just like parking on a yellow line.You wouldnt ticket a police who is not in uniform but you will ticket another man.I rest my case.

    • You sound rapie, rapie boss. Under 16 a rape whether she started at 10 doesn’t give you the ok to ride the under 16. There’s laws to protect all and sundry, the police just needs to enforce them.

  3. What are you saying, Jack, that politicians should not be arrested or charged???? You chatting like a parrot. What is the “morale” of the true story? Was the politician who was alleged to be there an undercover agent? Tell us since you seem to know so much. What next!!!!

  4. The media is also complicit for not naming the politician.
    If the report is accurate, name the politician.

  5. You cannot name anyone unless that person has been charge. How did the Police know to go and search that game. If indeed there were 4 playing the game of domino. Drugs was found under the table. All sitting at that table should have been taken into custody. Not three and one walks freely because of his position. A Minister in the current Administration.

  6. They must check for finger prints on the packages. The owner of the property should be held accountable until a thorough investigation is done. This could just be a set up to entrap the politician. Do police always search under tables for people playing dominoes? What made them just show up?

    • Think about it, please think before you write, just think about it. The owner of the property should be held accountable until a thorough investigation is done. This could be a setup to trap the politician. SMFH why why why.

      • @Someone Cares
        Why are you repeating what I have written? If police come to your house and find drugs or find drugs in your car, who are they going to arrest or charge?

        • If it’s I alone, they will hold me. if it’s you and I then guess what, then it’s
          the both of us.

  7. And the blatant corruption and nepotism continues.

    We the people need to take back our nation from these criminals in charge.

    Up to know they don’t want to tell us who killed Nigel Christian.

  8. Well considering that the drugs was green before it was dried and the police took it, they let the politician go. Only in Antigua!

  9. Life has a way to fk us over, so y’all better damn well be very careful what y’all wish for others.. while i agree that everyone who was at the table deserve the same treatment, I must let y’all know that it could’ve happened to ANYBODY…

  10. @Cool Ruler: You must be Inspector Clouseau. Perhaps those three would sing to the Media like Turtle Doves.

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