Political hopeful Chaneil Imhoff participates in clean-up campaign

Today, political hopeful, Chaneil Imhoff, and a small team of young volunteers assisted the Fitches Creek Residents Association (FCRA) in their clean-up campaign initiative. Imhoff, a resident of Gunthorpes, has pledged to support the association’s activities for the remainder of the year, through 2021 and beyond. The clean-up campaign is just one of the initiatives that the Fitches Creek Residents Association (FCRA) is spearheading. The FCRA has also announced its Eco-Christmas Decoration Initiative that has been supported by  residents inside and outside of Fitches Creek, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and private sector.
“The Fitches Creek Community has a model that should be adopted across the St. Peter Constituency,” Imhoff noted, “I hope to be instrumental in emulating it in the surrounding communities to foster a deeper sense of pride, camaraderie and sustainable development in our communities.” Imhoff added that today’s activities are just the beginning of a close relationship with the FCRA and the people of Fitches Creek. “After today, I would love to meet the FCRA Management via Zoom to discuss how we can work together and how I can lend my voice, hands and platform to the community. It is important, especially in these times of uncertainty that we remain as self sufficient as possible and the Fitches Creek Community has shown their resilience and resourcefulness in the level of cooperation and the creative activities that they have spearheaded.”
Later today, residents of Fitches Creek will be able to view and download a short set of sustainable development plans that Imhoff is proposing for the coastal community. Following this, other plans for infrastructure, recreation, education and awareness will be released on Imhoff’s social media channels (@chaneilimhoff on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and on her website at www.chaneilimhoff.com.
Mrs. Imhoff and her team are looking forward to working with the FRCA and the Fitches Creek Community this Christmas to spread a message of hope, love, and cheer for the season.

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  1. Antigua News Room, just so you know, Mrs Imhoff is the the only polical hopeful who participated in the clean up campaign. Mr. Tevaugn “Peter Redz” Harriette and Mr Algernon “Serpent” Watts were very much involved. I thought it was very good teamwork, and not no personal recognition.

    • The snake couldn’t hijack the spotlight this time like he did with the fans. This young lady is no pushover and is a force to be reckoned with.

      What has become of The Movement?

  2. Hope this ” clean up exercise ” will be an ongoing exercise and a project that is on Serpant’s & Ms. Imhoff’s ” calendar of events ” that will be continued throughout the year rather than a one time exercise just to seek political recognition……

  3. Is she the same young lady who resigned the day after the primary in St. Peter? Which party she with now or is she an independent canididate?

  4. Careful, Mrs Imhoff, your desperation is showing. Why a young person like you is exhibiting this level of hurry-up is puzzling. You have to be careful that you do not mess up your political resume beyond repair. You have gone in about 3 months from the UPP, to the DNA, to flirting with the Labour Party.
    It is possible that you are overvaluing your stock in ways not supported by the public. Slow your roll! Meantime, you might want to take a course in humility and how to serve the community selflessly. Even a political party. You did not do a good job of that in the UPP.

  5. Some say she gonna join ABLP and run for them, putting an end to all of Asot’s nonsense. She gonna replace him as the next candidate. Hmmm. Anybody know if there is any truth to this???

  6. Well well well. Desperate times for desperate people. All jump on the bandwagon of community involvement. At least Gaston has brought out something good out of them. Because usually they would sit back and be very lazy thinking they only need to show their face during election time. Keep it up guys. Election is a long time away, but be ready for when it is called.

  7. Sometimes it is best to shut your cake hole and say nothing.You would need to get up off your fat backsides and exercise daily.

  8. Too many nasty people living on this island. They need to be fined heavily.

    Start out with public shaming and make them walk along the roads picking up garbage. Non nationals living here throwing their garbage wherever should be deported right away.

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