Police Welfare Association Chair details officers’ struggles for basic tools – including proper uniforms and cleaning supplies


REAL NEWS-Police officers continue to struggle as they wait to be equipped with the proper tools to perform their duties – including basic things like uniforms.

The Police Welfare Association (PWA) Chairman, Corporal Marilyn Harris, says only some officers are able to receive uniforms, while others in need have to continue wearing their less-than-perfect police gear.

Harris says that officers expect to be allotted two uniforms annually; but, over the past decade, this has become an issue. She says her executive has received information that the non-availability of uniforms has to do with the non-payment of vendors.

Further, even cleaning and hygiene supplies for police officers are scarce, at times, Harris reports.

The PWA Chair says she is hoping that, before year-end, officers will be in a better position and a more secure place, since her executive is not going to give up its fight for better working conditions.

In the meantime, and in spite of their challenges, Harris says officers will not be daunted and will continue to protect the Nation.

The PWA Chair notes that an unsafe work environment is also a danger to the general public, since persons visit the stations to make reports and can be exposed to hazards.

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  1. Miss Harris, you need fu tek off that damned wig. You look like a blasted clown. Who go take you seriously with that look?

    • @Mr Carter, I think the wig looks very nice on the lady. But what you are saying that the authorities are so shallow that they would look at the appearance of someone instead of their complaints.
      No wonder things are so messed up in Antigua

    • @ Carter

      You are despicable- address the woman’s issues and your government’s incompetence, USEFUL IDIOT

  2. If things are so wonderful in Antigua , why are so many segments of the population unhappy.
    Police officers
    Clare Vu workers
    Fiennes employees
    Solid Waste workers
    LIAT workers
    Jolly Beach workers

    • @ HORACE J Simon

      Because they are not.

      Things are rotten in ANTIGUA.

      THE GOVERNMENT IS SO BROKE…ANTIGUA NEEDS A RESET- A CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT so the country can attract fresh capital, whether loan or equity for businesses.
      Antigua has gone to the dogs. The government cannot even pay solid waste to clean the rubbish, making the environment stink and unsightly, and when the opposition try to assist constituents in cleaning up their neighbourhoods they are scorned upon by the ABLP ELITIST!!!

  3. Security Officers that works for the Government that is located on the School Compound are treated horrible. Nowhere to shelter when rain is falling. No booth and no proper uniform. Salary 364.00 weekly. We are Crying out for some Mercy. HELP, HELP HELP

    • Think you mistake Baldwin Spencer for the World Boss
      Gaston Browne is the best Prime Minister Antigua and Barbuda will ever see

      • The upp 2nd term was worst than the 1st but under, Baldwin the nation get new schools, new airport, pensioners get a raise just to name a few, what the nation get under Gaston?….
        So far 11 loans to pay back and he open up businesses to compete with the local business men!!!! it’s time Antigua people stop loving party and people and love and look out for the Nation instead.

  4. Police and Firemen have been suffering much too long now. The authorities want the work done but nothing to do the work. No refund for Medical bills, no uniform, no proper housing etc. etc. It’s too much they are humans. All the money go in the second Treasury (NAMCO) and not the main Treausary on independance Drive and St. Mary’s st.that’s why workers are suffering. Time for this to stop.

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